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Hate Message Dominate Mosque Wall at Funeral for Slaughtered Children in Pakistan

At a funeral service for the children who died at great hands of the Taliban, a newly minted banner on the mosque wall has hate all over. It reads:

“The Blood of innocent children
will Allah-willing turn
India, America and Israel into dust.”

Source: Tarek Fatah

Why pretend to mourn children when the mourners themselves are hate mongers? Typical Muslims. Neither India, America nor Israel has anything to do with this mass murder of 130+ children and teachers burnt alive. Nor is any foreign country responsible for the 1,400-year jihad mentality that the Taliban operate under.


Taliban sign at funeral

7 thoughts on “Hate Message Dominate Mosque Wall at Funeral for Slaughtered Children in Pakistan

  1. Actually, the kids may be the lucky ones. They’ve escaped a live of misery under the horrors of Islam. Expecting that if they kill someone, they are to be praised. If they get raped, they will be stoned. If they tell the truth they will be executed.
    If they spend their life lying , cheating, looting, raping and slaughtering, it will considered normal.
    No wonder Islam turns out psychopaths by the million.


  2. What hypocricy. They don’t care about anything except killing and raping. This is just another propaganda picture to make some idiots think that they actually care about kids.
    The only thing they’re sorry about is they didn’t get the chance to rape the children before they died.

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  3. A textual compilement of insidious theatrics, I’d say.. A voluntering of extreme perceptions on the non negotiable part would be necessary, if any contrievance would come to be, the suggestions would be to the offended part..But there is all ways a need for a solutional alkahest..

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  4. It doesn’t even make sense. Has dementia become communicable? Are mosques spreading pathogenic brain infection? I’m pretty sure I’ve retained my wits. Locating theirs may be symptomatic.

    (FWIW, in medicine, the modifier “symptomatic” is ominous. Generally it means an affliction has become permanent, An example is emphysema: there are palliatives for impaired breathing, but no possible recovery of the damaged lung tissues. Treatment is therefore symptomatic.)

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