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The ‘Islamophobe’ responsible for killing two in Missouri was – Muslim

This is too funny…

Muslims are eager to immediately exploit their Islamophobia argument at any tiny window of opportunity. From the endless number of staged vandalism on mosques Muslims themselves plot (always containing the same Muslim slurs with swastika’s – common Muslim race crimes targeting jews) you kind of get tired of the sheer volume of propaganda these people are capable of. It’s endless 24/7/365 and its permeating into everything in society – which is simply one more reason Muslims need to be deported from the West.

The problem with their phony arguments are that they never investigate or research anything. Everything is fabricated and exaggerated by these slaves of Allah. You can’t trust them with anything. So you quickly see through the same copycat staged crimes.

Know thy enemy.

On December 5, 2014, a Somali teen and his father got killed when an SUV rammed into them. They had been rammed into by a Somali Muslim named Ahmed H. Aden, according to police reports. Muslims play on these incidents like a violin. And they play the police and media all the time.

Muslims at the local mosque quickly started to claim that the driver had been ‘threatening’ them in the past because they were Muslims. Co-incidentally, as with many staged hate crimes Muslims commit which are cartoon like in character, Muslims never reported AHMED Aden to the police when he supposedly ‘threatened’ them and posted threats against them ‘on social media’. Bet they can’t facilitate any evidence of it either.

Ahmed is an Arabic name and means, “The one much praised.” It’s one of many names attributed to the prophet Muhammad.

The local Muslims claim that Ahmed ‘targeted them because of their religion’ only came to surface after a crime happened. It’s also noteworthy that Aden’s SUV apparently had an ‘anti-Muslim slur’ (fact) scribbled in his rear view window (“Islam is worse than Ebola”). Now why would he have that? This kind of official and open marketing of anti-Islamic slogans are common with staged hate crimes by Muslims. Was the scribble inside the car’s rear window or outside? If it was outside it was clearly scribbled there as soon as the accident had happened to ride on the “Islamophobic hate crime” argument Muslims use at any opportunity they can.

If Ahmed had a real tense past within the Somali Muslim community and the crime was a real attack, it’s most likely related to money, or a revenge attack – common motives in Muslim on Muslim crimes.

Media and police need to understand that Muslims will play them if they’re not careful. These arguments are used to pressure policy and legal changes that ease the facilitation of Islam into society and creates Islamic enclaves, Muslim only no-go areas.

British Islamofascist apologist Mohammed Ansar, contributor to Huffington Post, has of course immediately pushed the Islamophobia argument before he bothered to check that the attacker was actually – another Somali Muslim. Never heard him complain of the hundreds of thousands of Christians who were hung on meat-hooks in human slaughterhouses in Syria. Can someone name even one Muslim charity who have collected funds and aid to help them?

But Mohammed Ansar is right: Muslim aggression, racism, bigotry and hatred is indeed – sickening.



Ahmed Aden - Kansas City Police

UDATE: The SUV driven by Somali Ahmed H. Aden, 34, when he struck and killed Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, 15, had a message reading “Islam is worse than Ebola” in the rear window. Was that “anti-Islamic” scribble written from the inside of the rear car window or from the outside? That would tell us a lot. Photo by Kansas police department.

Hate crime murder? Man intentionally drove SUV into KC Muslim teen, police say.

(Fox4) KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 15-year-old boy died after losing too much blood when his legs were severed in what police believe was an intentional attack outside the Somali Center of Kansas City Thursday evening.

He was rushed into surgery at Children’s Mercy Hospital, but did not survive.

The child was getting into a car outside the Somali Center when he was hit by a man driving an SUV near Admiral Boulevard and The Paseo at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

“It became pretty clear that this was not an accidental crash, there is a considerable amount of evidence that leads us to believe it was intentional,” Sergeant Bill Mahoney with KCPD said.

Mohammed Ansar (@MoAnsar) - Islamophobia claim in Missouri

According to some witnesses, the suspect is a man in his 30s and known to them. They say he is also from Somalia, but that he has a history of hating Muslims.

Family and people heavily involved with the Somali Center say a man had been threatening people in the Muslim community for months now on Facebook. Several others say that same man pointed a gun at them, threatening to kill them because of their Muslim religion.

Friday morning, Bridgett Patton, FBI Public Affairs Specialist, said the FBI has opened the case as a Federal Civil Rights investigation and potential Hate Crime violation.

“A month or two ago he came to the Somali mall, two blocks from here. Things got bad, they started arguing and he pulled a gun,” Abdul Mohamed, a man who knows the victim, said.

Family told FOX 4’s Megan Brilley at the crime scene that the teenage victim is the son of the Somali Center’s leader, and they were devastated by the events that happened Thursday night.

“Our family is very destroyed at what happened. He’s a sweet, loving kid. He doesn’t deserve this,” Khadra Dirir, the victim’s aunt, said. “I’m pretty sure it’s a hate crime from things I’ve been hearing. I hope that someone brings him to justice.”

“He tried to leave the scene but couldn’t get anywhere in the vehicle. He bailed out of it, started running eastbound and was apprehended by officers,” Sgt. Mahoney said.

“He can exercise his First Amendment, but him actually come and try to run over kids, that’s just ridiculous. Like who does that?” said Khadra Dirir.

A second person hurt reportedly didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

Friday is a worldwide day of congregational prayer for Muslims and some were out early Friday morning at Admiral Blvd and the Paseo, where the prayer center is located.

The Heartland Muslim Council released a statement overnight which read, in part:

“Kansas City Muslim community is deeply shocked at the hit and run, apparently intentional assault last evening outside a mosque on Admiral Boulevard in Midtown Kansas City. The attack resulted in the death of a teenager and serious injuries to another teenager. Our thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families and friends.

We ask the federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this attack as a possible hate crime.

We commend the Kansas City Police Department for apprehending the suspected killer immediately after the crime. We hope the suspect will be charged and brought to full justice.

In light of the increased attacks on the mosques across the nation, we appeal to the law enforcement departments to provide extra safety and security to the mosques, Islamic schools and Muslim businesses.”


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  1. what about the Muslim Issue in Australia; are you unable to comment on that particular country or are you just one eyed European/American???


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