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UK: Islamic apologist Mohammed Ansar faces angry Twitter user who is fed-up with Islam

Mohammed Ansar (@MoAnsar) - Twitter 2014-12-07 18-59-15

The most violent invaders and occupiers known to man point fingers: Endless denials and passing the blame on someone else, rather than acknowledge that Islam is a problem wherever it goes, in whatever country it digs roots, and have taken occupation of 49 countries to date.

Mohammed Ansar (@MoAnsar) -2

This kind of incitement and peddling of propaganda and made up numbers with indirect support for Isis is what annoys the public. The actual death toll from the Iraq conflict is between 132,000-150,000 people. Nowhere near 2 million. Muslims have, however, caused the disappearance of 3 million Christians from Syria which doesn’t seem to bother Mohammed Ansar. And the Islamic state/Daash has killed far more Muslims than both the Iraqi and Afghan war combined. []


Islam brings conflicts wherever it goes. This conversation is a demonstration of growing tensions between the Muslims and natives in Britain. For those minority Muslims – no matter how few they may be – who may be critical of the extreme parts of Islam, its a difficult time for them to live in the country. The massive problems with Muslims and their behavior in society has created a wave of aggression between the natives and Muslims, and drag all Muslims into the arguments, whether they belong to Isis fans, a persecuted Islamic fringe group, or apostates, or closet atheists whether or not applicable to the (mainly) Sunni extremism problem.

Mohammed Ansar is a British political, religious and social commentator regularly appearing on British television and radio. He loves to blame criticism of Islam on Islamophobia which annoys the natives.

In this clip Ansar calls up a twitter account holder, who referred to him as a child molester, indicating that he abuses his own children. Ok, it’s not acceptable to target harass a person on child molestation accusations with no charges or complaints against them. But the conversation is rather amusing from the perspective of her mouthy frankness. And its a sad testimony to a huge problem within British society ignored by the government for too long. It will eventually break out into massive civil unrest.

Ansar has recorded (illegally) a conversation with his angry twitter follower who clearly has had more than enough of Islam in the country. Ansar uses the same failed argument that Muslims always come up with when defending Islam and arguing that extremism has nothing to do with Islam. It has everything to do with Islam, and terrorists constantly quote Islam as their inspiration and cause.

No other religion has a “prophet” that call for the mass murder, hatred, invasion and attacks on other people. Islam does, which is why the world is riddled with Muslim terrorism, not Christian terrorism, Jewish terrorism, Buddhist terrorism or Hindu terrorism. It’s Muslim terrorism we have problems with, Islamic terrorism.


8 thoughts on “UK: Islamic apologist Mohammed Ansar faces angry Twitter user who is fed-up with Islam

  1. I just love how he used his barbarian instinct to target the one with a misspelling in an attempt to make her look like a fool and failed. Parasiticide is what is required.


  2. meh, some foul language, so what? We are at this crossroad precisely because non-moslems have had PC about the poor victims (moslems) shoved down our throats. We are told to be nice and understanding of Islam=moslems, because we don’t understand Islam and we cherry pick verses from the damn scab that is the Koran all the while Islam creeps into our lives! This lady is speaking for all of us, swearing or not, she is just Not being PC nice about it! I will use the ‘language’ with the best of you because nothing makes me angrier than the mistreatment of animals, the elderly and Children! I can defend myself! That would be a NO SURRENDER!


  3. Here’s my response to Mo Ansar ( and his young lovers).

    Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 24,500

    People killed (approx) 250,000

    People injured, with life changing damage, or limb loss over 1 million

    All down to a theology of hate, slaughter, rape, torture, stealing, and general criminal behaviour.

    Is it time to put a stop to this???


  4. I find her language quite offensive. Although what she says is totally correct. I find Islam a million times more offensive. Language is language. Slaughtering people, raping and enslaving is allowed, and encouraged by their satanic ‘god’ , Allah, and written , for eternity, in the criminals handbook, the Koran.


  5. I got thru 5 minutes.
    Is it really 30 more minutes of takiya?
    If I listen to all of it, will I become an ‘islam is peace’ fan?

    Hopefully, she will throw a legal book or two at the pedo for illegally recording
    and just how did he get her number?

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