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Education in Pakistan

This is such a waste of young lives. Pakistan, with a booming young population, should step up and do everything they can to educate their young people and teach them good things about the world, about other cultures, and help themselves to manage to stay competitive and progressive. But these teenagers don’t even know how to write. Others don’t even know what a volcano is and ask if it is a “mountain”. Pakistan is one of the most extreme pro-terrorist countries in the world.

Of course not all schools are this bad, but the majority are. The curriculum in many schools, approved and provided by the government, teaches hate against India, against Israel; animosity and Jews, against Christians, with false narratives of historic ‘attacks’ either exaggerated or that never even took place. It’s very easy to indoctrinate young people into Islamic barbarity with this kind of tribal background, when they have been deprived of knowledge and an opportunity to expand their minds. They have no format to compare anything with or question what they are taught.

This holds true of Muslims even in the West. An uneducated Muslim is a dangerous Muslim. If you listen to Muslim reasoning amongst the indoctrinates, nearly always you find a weak mindset, poor reasoning ability, and no actual factual knowledge about the rest of the world or other cultures. Their heads are filled with mere Muslim propaganda which usually entails imaginary and one-sided victimhood arguments. One of the best ways to prepare them to handle this indoctrination that is the norm within the Muslim community is to educate them, put them in boarding schools, separated from the community during their time of education. Britain has a new law coming up which will demand that Muslim children must read and learn about other religions. This may sound pointless, but is actually a very smart decision and was probably suggested by a former Muslim as a solution to insular religious thinking.

However, the left wing demonization of Western culture and history, which tend to be a fragmented and often very one-sided, is not helping and has educated an entire world to view the West as ‘the demon’ while fact is that the West is the only place on earth offer equality and democracy to everyone, irrespective of background or color. If Western history has to be looked through the glasses of criticism, it must also be applied to other cultures and their barbaric histories which tend to be ten times worse.


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