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Ashura – The annual Muslim celebration soaked in blood and celebration of Jihad

Look at the images below. Even their celebrations are hideously ugly and always glorify aggression, attacks, jihad and murders. It never goes out of the system of these sick people. Here prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussein and his death during Jihad with martyrdom is celebrated. All martyrs are honored on this  day of Ashura and solidarity is shown by frenzied Muslims running around with cuttings, flagellations and tapping of blood.

Can you call people like this human beings? An estimated 9 million Muslims now live in the US; 50 million live through Europe. This is the kind of people that has been imported into our countries.
In the French capital Paris during Eid nowadays halal slaughter of sheep are now taking place on the open streets! Barbaric! How can any normal society allow a people like this residency and passports?

*One of our readers from India informed us that Ashure, or Asura, in ancient Sanskrit means “demon”. Perhaps no coincidence where the word originates from for this creed and this celebration.




The moment a small boy has a gash cut into his head as part of Muslim ceremony commemorating the death of the Prophet’s grandson 

  • Child has gash cut into his head as part of a Muslim Ashura ceremony 
  • Rituals include people whipping and cutting themselves with chains in public
  • Children were seen carrying large knives and bleeding from their heads
  • Ceremony commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson 

This picture shows the moment a small boy has a gash cut in his head as part of a Muslim Ashura ceremony.

The tradition, which commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, is seen by some Shi’ite Muslims as away of washing away their sins.

The Day of Ashura is a national holiday in some Muslim countries, with thousands taking part in annual rituals which include people whipping and cutting themselves with chains and knives.

The small child cries as an adult cuts his forehead as part of the Day of Ashura, a major Shi'ite holiday 
Shi'ite Muslims perform the ritual to commemorate the death in battle of the Prophet Mohammad's grandson

Shi'ite Muslims believe that cutting themselves on the Day of Ashura is a way of cleansing away sin 

This Shi’ite Muslim child had his head gashed during a procession ahead of Ashura in Mumbai, India.

Muslims took part in the event to commemorate Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who died in battle 1,300 years ago.

Other Shi’ites were seen drenched in blood during the processions in India, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Young children carried large knives through the street and were seen with blood pouring from head wounds.

There were similar scenes in Lahore, Pakistan, where men were seen with open wounds and scars as they lashed each other.

ISIS claimed responsibility for two bombings on Shi’ite pilgrims that left 23 people dead in Baghdad on Sunday, calling it the ‘biggest infidel event’.

The Shi'ite Muslim festival commemorates the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, Imam Hussein in Mumbai

This man flagellates himself during the festival in Kabul, Afghanistan to commemorate Imam Hussein's death

Imam Hussein who died in battle 1,300 years ago is remembered across India, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan

The two blasts targeted roadside tents on the way to the holy city of Karbala,

Further bombings killed 10 in the Iraqi capital Baghdad yesterday, with five more Shi’ite pilgrims killed by an explosion in the Nahrawan suburb. Eleven others were wounded by the blast.

Another bomb on a street in the Amil district of Baghdad killed three and wounded 11 more, police said.

A roadside bomb also struck an army patrol, killing two soldiers.

This man in Myanmar has attacked several knives to some chains for his self flagellation device 

Suicide bombers targeted Shi'ite worshipers during a pilgrimage in Iraq yesterday killing 20 people

 A Shi'ite boy is held still as a gash is cut into his head as part of an Ashura ceremony in Mumbai, India

Young children were seen covered in their own blood as they wielded large blades in a ceremony in Baghdad

The tradition commemorates the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who died in battle 1,300 years ago

Even small children participate in the ceremony commemorating Imam Hussein, grandson of Mohammad 

Muslims whip and cut themselves with chains and knives during the ceremonies, one of which took place on Srinagar, India (pictured)

Men were seen drenched in blood as they observed the tradition, as hundreds of onlookers watched

Shi'ite Muslims gash their heads with blades as they commemorate Ashura in the Iraqi city of Najaf

The ceremonies are being held amid heightened security after ISIS admitted bomb blasts aimed at Shi'ite Muslims taking part

21 thoughts on “Ashura – The annual Muslim celebration soaked in blood and celebration of Jihad

  1. Come one this only a kind of trick to show shia’s as a murderer

    This is only act of few shiaas in Iraq

    Could find such these pictures for Iran’s shiaas or anywhere else?

    Is it worse than sunnies who make ISIS ????



  2. I am a Shia Muslim. I also draw my blood once a year. I do this to mourn the brutal killing of my Guide and Leader Imam Husain in the year 680. He sacrificed his life rather than to accept an evil king. Imam Husain died for freedom of all humanity.


  3. It’s funny that they react like this.the prophet was more precious.why don’t they bloody themselves for’s a stupid and haram thing they do inflict pain. The payment for causing even a single drop of blood of a fellow muslim is hundred camels.and these guys cut their a muslim and g think it’s haram.and why do it in public wearing white clothes? it’s like a show off thing to see who sheds more blood.why not just do it at home.imagine people with aids and some other viral diseases juSt there splashing their blood on’s’s just a money making scheme.most of them don’t even know that they do it because of their treason committed at that time.and are led to believe it’s their love.


    • The whole thing demonstrates a level of stupidity that is beyond belief to the majority of intelligent thinking people of the world.
      Those who still believe all the religious nonsense that continues to abound, especially when it is obvious that all it causes is pain and suffering of one form or another, just shows how easily people can be brainwashed.
      Sadly in the main, the brainwashing begins in childhood and that is why this obscenity continues.


  4. Only God would know why people do what they do. The babies are the sensible ones. Their reaction should tell them that something is wrong here.


    • There are no gods! Never have been and never will be. The sooner the so-called ‘believers’ admit this to themselves and grow up, the better we will be able to live together in harmony. Until this happens, the pain and suffering will continue.


  5. well, first of all its not a celebration, but a mourning period for shia muslim. i had ones asked someone based on this same issue ” why do you shed your blood for someone who died soo long ago”. they replied saying ” they love Imam hussein more than you do”
    Imam Hussein is the grand son of the prophet Muhammad, and he was murdered by those who called themselves muslims and followers of Prophet muhammad.
    the division of shia sunni is based on this. basically there were some who wanted to follow the family line of the prophet as their leaders, and then were some who wanted elections.

    This month of muharram, is a time to remember that how a person like Imam hussein stood against the wrong doers and gave up his life rather than to bow down in front of power. and his companion ( the 72 who died with him) as the examples of true followers.

    online and in pictures this is how muharram is potrayed, but if you look around. each country, every different type of man, has his way of mourning.

    this kind of blood shedding is mainly done on 10th muharram when Imam Hussein and his companion were killed, one by one, the entire family of prophet muhammad was murder in the open desert surrounded by hypocrite men who said they were muslims.

    basically, this shedding is like, a way to feel the pain of their Imam, as he suffered. a little suffering to know what it felt like.
    and mind you, its NOT A COMPULSION.

    i’m an outsider. but i’ve seen and read about this.
    experienced it first hand, out of curiosity

    these pictures are just a cover of the book within which lies the deep and heart breaking story of how a grand son of phophet was murdered.

    and if anyone of you, ever read the Tragedy of Karbala, you may be able to understand why this happens.

    Im just saying.


  6. Reblogged this on pocketgopherblog and commented:
    This is just one of many ways these Islamic barbarians love to wade knee deep in blood of any kind. Satan must be really rolling on the floor laughing at these fools who worship him, thinking they are going to be “rewarded” when they die. Sick, sick, sick!!

    We must pray for each and every Muslim out there, in that they truly repent and turn away from Satan worship. ( Islam )


  7. Where in the hell are the mothers of these babies being sliced up like meat in a butchers’ shop? Brain dead mothers allowing beasts to cut open their children’s heads are nothing but womb factories. They haven’t the natural biological need to protect their own children!!!!! Islam is an evil depraved disease that should be wiped off the face of the earth.

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