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Nikah Halala – Sharia divorce law demands the wife to sleep with another man

A sharia divorce hearing in Birmingham, England, with a female counselor. Female counselors is not the norm in Islamic countries.

Muslims are more or less incapable of loving anything in the sense we are used to think of love. Islam doesn’t permit it. Before you judge this statement to be strange, exaggerated or over the top you have to put yourself in the shoes of the society they live in to see why this statement is pretty much real.

The concept of “love” in many Eastern countries is to a large extent to be frowned upon and seen as “Western” immorality and decadence which, to Muslims, is disgusting and immoral. Marriage is for duty and for bringing forth children, not for love. Love to a Muslim is basically interpreted as illicit sex – which they often and frequently engage in but deny to exist in their society like homosexuality. You may remember the former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his “we have no gays in Iran” statement at Columbia University in 2007? It brought roars of laughter and ridicule worldwide. But his statement reflect a common mindset you will find all across the Middle East and Persia. Even if you uncover millions of cases of homosexuality, they will continue denying its existence and point it as a “Western disease”.

The idea that love is immoral is common even in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan – with India having adopted the immoral attitude from 800 years of brutal Muslim rule.

So what kind of crazy stuff do these “highly moral” people engage in, apart from pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality and prostitution (referred to as temporary marriage or mut’ah)?

Well the insanity doesn’t end merely with these demoralized lowbrow activities. Hear what their divorce process and laws say.

Divorce in Islam – for Women

When a Muslim man – not a woman – wants to divorce his wife he simply has to say Talak (or Talaq), Talak, Talak (I divorce you) three times. And that’s it. He can then remove the woman from his premises and leave her on the street. The woman has no say in anything, no rights to property, compensation or even her own children should the husband not grant any of these to her.

Should a woman, however, want to get divorced she has to go through a lengthy legal process through the Sharia courts which in 95% of the cases will deny to grant her a divorce. Most women seek divorce from being subjected to brutal violence or rape on a regular basis. And in majority of cases, their divorce plea is rejected because Shari’ah legalizes any form of treatment the husband wants to subject his wife or children to. They are not considered individuals, but his property, like animals. As his property he can do pretty much anything he likes with them – including kill them. This lenience is not always observed should a Muslim be a foreign born Muslim living in another Muslim country, or a non-Muslim residing or working in a Muslim country.

Islamic divorce laws for women gives her very little freedom and no actual rights. Before a woman processes her divorce appeal – which is a great stigma to a woman, not a man, and she’ll avoid it to a last resort – they start with counseling. In counseling a male imam who is an authority on the Sharia will explain to the couple, most likely the wife, what the Sharia and the Quran demands of her. If she complains of beatings or rape, for example, the imam will give guidelines how she could improve her behavior to correlate to Quranic texts so her husband will be more pleased with her and perhaps ease on the beatings and rapes.

The husband need not attend counseling although he may sometimes be asked to.

Muslim Male Cruelty Leading to Begging and Prostitution

To understand the severity of the situation for Muslim women and how cruel and demoralizing these laws are when the women are discarded like an old pair of shoes, we have to grasp that most of them have never been permitted by their male guardians to get a higher education, or to work. They have neither skills or experience to gain a job and have been brought up with a sense of indecency if being seen in public places or employment. After a divorce they are completely lost and helpless. They don’t have a leg to stand on once their husbands have divorced them, and if they don’t have families able to care for them they end up making ends meet by begging and prostitution.

Sharia courts can slightly differ between one Islamic country to another, but overall they are pretty much the same.

Through the West we have become accustomed to a new sight to behold: Muslim women sitting and begging on the streets in our cities. These women are either widows or divorcees who have been dumped. The image above is of a Muslim woman begging for money on the Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris. She is not aware of her social rights or where to turn for help, and resort to begging and prostitution for survival.

Muslim woman begging in the streets of Brussels.


Nikah Halala –
A Wife Must Have Sex with Another Man Before She Can Remarry Her Husband

Islamic Sharia disallows a couple remarrying after having been through three divorces.

Some Sunni schools view a triple talaq, when the husband saying “I divorce you” three times in a row, as equivalent to three single talaq. Other Sunnis and Shia treat that as a single divorce, arguing that the Islamic prophet Muhammad did so and Umar having no authority to change that (Muslim 3491, 3492).

Should the husband have uttered Talak, Talak, Talak during an argument or to punish his wife he can’t just return to being married again if he changes his mind. Couples cannot remarry until the ex-wife marries another man, to ensure that divorce is not taken lightly. Forced to marry another man she has to have sex with him since the main objective a Muslim male marries is to have a sex slave. A Muslim husband can demand sex from his wife by force fully against her will, which is why private surveys have revealed that rape within a Muslim family is a very common event, and the average percentage of marital rape cases range over 80%. She cannot go back to this husband who has divorced her three times, unless she marries another person who out of his own free will divorces her. This rule is given by the Shari’ah to reduce the occurrence of three divorces and to protect the honor of the woman[!]. Nikah halala cannot be done as a condition or intention to make her lawful to her ex-husband.

After iddah is observed, the original couple may remarry.

Nikah Halala is used mainly in countries that recognize the triple talaq.

The Qur’an expounds:

“And if he has divorced her [for the third time], then she is not lawful to him afterward until [after] she marries a husband other than him. And if the latter husband divorces her [or dies], there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other if they think that they can keep [within] the limits of Allah . These are the limits of Allah , which He makes clear to a people who know”. (2:230, Shahih International Translation).

A man is entitled to take his wife back twice after two respective Talaqs and for a third time also before the expiry of her Iddat after he gives her a Talaq for the third time. But after that the separation is irrevocable. She is then free to be married to any other person of her choice. If then in the normal course of life a dispute between them develops leading to first Talaq by the second husband, she is again free to be married to any person of her choice including the second husband (by whom she has got the first divorce) and also including the first husband as well. The relevant point here is that a Halala cannot be planned in advance, as a Nikah between her and the second husband with an understanding of a divorce afterwards will not be valid. If she does so, it will be an illegitimate relationship with the second husband and with the first husband also with whom she comes to live after a pre-planned Halala. An illegitimate relationship is punishable for the woman and she may face prison, lashes and in some cases, stoning.

Muhammad (P.BU.H) has cursed both such men who perform Halala and for whom Halala is performed. The second Caliph Hazrat Umar ruled during his reign that he will punish with stoning to death those who perform a pre-planned Halala. Imam Sufian Sauri says: “ If someone marries a woman to make her Halala (for her ex-husband) and then wants to keep her as wife, he is not permitted to do so unless he solemnises a Nikah afresh, as the previous Nikah was unlawful.” (Trimizi)

We know our email will get covered in Muslim “love” (abuse) over this article, as usual, whenever we bring attention to the nutty Quran. The Muslims will state we are lying and that we make up fabricated Islamic laws to vilify them while they know very well that this is true. Their backlash is due to a sense of deep embarrassment and insult that the dirty kuffar is laughing at them and has the audacity to make fun of the superior and perfect Islam, which should be treated with seriousness, not with ridicule and questioning.

Oh well. Time for the Muslims to grow up.

23 thoughts on “Nikah Halala – Sharia divorce law demands the wife to sleep with another man

  1. This article is exactly right no matter how much Muslims & apologists object. Women have NO RIGHTS in Islam, can’t get divorced, can’t have their kids, end up prostitutes. I HAVE SEEN THIS, I SWEAR TO GOD.


  2. Thank God I am not a muslim, such a ridiculous law halala..i feel pitty for muslim women, they are not less than slaves..good article people should be aware about the Bizzare islamic laws for womens..for the whole life they are covered in black sad.


  3. Imagine a world without religion or religionists:

    One twentieth the population with sufficient resources to provide for our species for the remaining million-and-a-half millennia our sun has left. And no lunatics positing an “End Time” [where everyone is dead] as our inevitable destiny [and their ultimate goal].

    Religion means death.

    Atheism means life.


  4. If a man says talaq 3 times and if he is really sorry for the words thrown even though he can not marry back bis ex wife (if both want to get marry also).
    Here the punishment lies with women as she needs to get married to other men and she is supposed to have sex witj him and then after a gap of 3 months she can marry her ex husband. I feel really bad about this rule in islam. As a man have committed a mistake and the punishment is been given to the women and she has to marry other men and sleep with him and then has to come back to ex-husband. Really sad. I strongly recommend the article writer to come out of old daya rules and suggest better thing to a todays world people.


  5. I think this article is totally biased, and does not do justice, a woman in Islam cannot be just thrown out on the street contrary to the article. Don’t forget western women’s right just appeared recently and women still have issues with equality etc. Do not judge Islam based on countries that are puppets and follow their masters, and desires, if you actually take the time you will see a woman in Islam is more than a queen, my heaven and every other Muslim man’s heaven is on their mothers feet. The Muslim man that oppress women are no different than the drunkards that beat their women.


    • I agree how dare you say Muslims dont love!! Iv been with my husband 4 16 yrs I married him because I love him. Please get your facts straight and stop taking things out of context . Educate yourselves first before damning a whole nation. I truly pity you.


      • One day when Islam takes the upper hand in his mind, he will not mind – without any doubt – to take the instructions from a complete stranger and kill you for no other reason than some imaginary ideology, if he is asked to.


    • Such a pitiful biased article it is . The writer – you cud have seriously thought twice before u ended up writing dis crap. Muslims dont love ? Men marry for seeking sex slaves for dem ? Women are thrown on the streets with no authority on property or children ??? Really ?? You told all dis shit so easily ! Poor human ! I feel sorry for you ! I wish if u cud have understood what ISLAM is and what respectable position they hold !
      I dont understand why people who write n post such shit on net r not jailed ! They should be put behind d bars for spreading their dirty self made stories !! Slaves, No love, n what not !!! Pissed off reading dos article !


    • Such a pitiful biased article it is . The writer – you cud have seriously thought twice before u ended up writing dis crap. Muslims dont love ? Men marry for seeking sex slaves for dem ? Women are thrown on the streets with no authority on property or children ??? Really ?? You told all dis shit so easily ! Poor human ! I feel sorry for you ! I wish if u cud have understood what ISLAM is and what respectable position the women hold !
      I dont understand why people who write n post such shit on net r not jailed ! They should be put behind d bars for spreading their dirty self made stories !! Slaves, No love, n what not !!! Pissed off reading dos article !


  6. I would like to know,If a husband wishes to reunite with his wife after 2 talaaqs and while she is still in her iddah period he mentions to her I take you back as my wife,Yet she says No to that.What is the islamis ruling on that?


  7. Just wow! Complete and total BS yo! As a muslim convert (woman), Im proud of all the “slack” and rights received. Rightly deserved too! You suck and so does your dumb article (if thats even what you want to call it!) FAIL!


  8. This article is based on complete lie and the author of this article is full of hatered against muslims. In islam beating is a sin beating your wife is a big sin. Islam gives more rights to women than men . When a muslim man gives divorce to his wife he has to pay complete haq e mehar which was demanded by the wife at the time of marriage in papers that the husband has to give her after divorce whether it is property ,money or any other form of wealth if a women wants a divorce she is free to go to courts and take divorce islam gives more rights and respect to women it is the culture of different societies and countries which is against the teachings of islam and they labell them muslims but give preferences to their cultural values over islam


  9. Writer!
    You are depicting Muslims as ignorant pagans, who only use women for their pleasure. I am a muslim woman, and I am very happy with the rights I get, i am respected and loved by my family. Muslims are not how you are showing them. While writing an article you should not be opinion based, like this article that you wrote only having hatred for the Muslims. Halala is done to ensure that men do not take divorce easily, and women have the right to Khulaa.
    Please dont show a side of Muslims to the world , that leaves a wrong impression.


    • Natasha, the question any intelligent Moslem woman would ask is – how come a Moslem man can divorce his wife by saying three Arabic words without any process whereas “Khul’a depends upon the agreement reached between the two parties”!

      Also, for Khul’a to be valid the husband has to agree to say “Talaq, Talaq, Talaq”. In short, whether the marriage is ended or not is entirely up to the man. The woman is at his mercy.


  10. you have left all women’s rights in Islam when she gets a divorce? where are they? the verses from the Quran that says she gets monetary compensation? What about the woman who went to the prophet wanting a divorce from her husband he said simply return his wedding gift back to him and u r released? And what the hell is this about his property and they can kill them? where did u get this from? The Quran says you either live in peace and love with each other or let her go with kindness?!


  11. What a fake article. First let me accept that there are some muslim countries who accept divorce if these words are uttered 3 times. However, even in those countries there is an understanding that this ruling is from ‘men’ and not from God. The accepted method in most places is divorce in 3 months, that gives enough time for the couple to be sure about it. What a shame that you are falsely claiming it to be a norm. Secondly, Islam (Quran and the sayings of prophet Muahmmed (SAW)) clearly mentioned several times with great stress “you must love your wife, kids parents even your neighbors and animals”. How can this guy write that Islam is incapable of love is beyond any reasonable person.


  12. Dear writer, a good detailed study of Islamic laws but it’s a pity instead of understanding the logic and punishment behind divorce you have reasoned it without realising the significance of marriage and punishment of giving a divorce, May Allah bless you and the readers with the right understanding and help you understand Islam and Inshallah the day you understand you will definitely feel blessed and contented in life for Its perfectness.


  13. I saw an article just a day or two ago, where, as a joke, a muslim husband sent a text to his wife saying “I divorce you” three times. An imam said that the divorce stands. To remarry she has to marry (as above, have sex with) another man first.
    So many tragic cases of girls forced to marry an uncle ( or much older man). Their education stops, they can be abused (the Koran says so). If they try to leave, even their families won’t help. Islam is a travesty, and a tragedy.


  14. Youtube has a video of a Pakistani imam who divorced and remarried his wife 5-6 times. Being a good Muslim each time he remarried he made his wife marry one of his friend temporarily.


  15. Sounds like the system the left really desires. Aren’t these all democrat beliefs? They must be . The politically corrects go off the deep end on criticism of it. A democrat insists you think like them, a republican simply wants you to think.


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