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Homosexuality Rampant in Saudi Arabia [*Explicit Content*]

In the heart of prophet Mohammed’s Islam, the seat of the most “authentic” Islamic teachings, homosexuality is rampant. Perhaps that is why it is rampant considering the prophet’s attraction to young boys and girls.

As long as the receiver is a “bottom” Muslims don’t brand it homosexuality. Any excuses they can find.

As you can see in the last video, filmed at a Saudi school, the “bottom” has to hide his face because he is the one who is homosexual, not his teenage lover. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.

This Saudi government study from a 2008 TV report mentions that 48% of Saudi University students had been engaged in gay sex while 23% of Saudi children have been sexually abused.The main perpetrators of rape of children were relatives (16%), siblings (5%), teachers (2%) and parents (1%) – in that order. No mention where the other shortfall came from.

But there are other private studies that claim around over 80% of Saudi children and women are subjected to sexual abuse and rape in their lives and homosexual relations stand at over 75%.

How hypocritical can these people be to punish, persecute and condemn gays when the majority of males in the country are engaged in homosexual relations?



saudi homosexuality

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A video clip (private mobile footage) was posted by one of a Saudi tweeter with his name suggesting that the footage is taken from a school located in southern Saudi Arabia, likely in Abha.
مقطع فيديو وجدته قبل يوم وقد وضعه أحد المغردين والذي من اسمه (أبهاوي أسمر ) يبدو ان المقطع صور في إحدى مدارس المنطقة الجنوبية (أبها).

Youtube has again facilitated Sharia law and blocked our videos. The Google company will not block terrorist materials, but frequently block videos that oppose Islamic barbarity, hypocrisy or human rights violations. Shameful company to pander to Muslim barbarity!

The video of Saudi student University gay romp, between classes, has been taken down so many times by Saudis it’s now been moved to a private server.

See it here

Another video copy is on Facebook: 

17 thoughts on “Homosexuality Rampant in Saudi Arabia [*Explicit Content*]

  1. Therz a vid on youtube statin from a survivor who went threw it that he and fellow hostages were sodomised by muslims and u can watch to check as I cant remember if it was is members or another group but the leader sodomised each one sayin it was of the will of Muhammad? ?? So it seems they pick n choose wat rules to follow and asjust them to suit personal twisted likes. N PPL SAY ISLAM IS ALL PEACEFUL? Wen will they admit that yes good honest Muslim ppl exist, but its also got a dark dark side responsible for alot of the evil we see now.2 those who say we single out Muslims/islam ask urself this, had isis not done any of the atrocities they have or made ppl go out attack ppl, would the world be doing these things tostop them? I didnt see aanyone have problems with islam Muslims to this extent prior and doubt that we ever would. If u are pissd be pissd at isis thy set ur ppl bak years, long after isis ppl will still be reluctant to trust u, ,thinkini wonder if they are thinking of beheading me? Again, blame isis as all were doin is lookin at protecting ourselves from the threat they issued. If ur sensible u will see what im saying is true and thay I bore no grudges to ppl based on race religion ect as many ppl similarly thought


  2. Okay, so we have radical islam, who hate woman, slit throats, have sex with toddlers and children, degrade women, rape and stone women, cut off your hands , then we have the ms-13 gangs, the ruthless drug cartels, the disease-ridden parasites who come in to rape, steal, murder who overtly hate America. Well there is only one thing to do – get rid of that bastard, fraud, foreigner piece of dirt in the white house and take back our country. If Americans don’t unite and do that – WE will be on the bottom.


  3. That’s a known fact about those filthy excrement sloshing pigs. Turkish prisions, Greeks (Tie plywood over your A-hole),Mosques, Little boy whore’s in Arabia. It goes on and on. No big surprise here, just reaffirmation of a fact practiced by that filth for centuries!!


  4. No wonder they cover up their 5 year olds… they’re so use to being surrounded by paedophiles the sick bastards want to keep their own children for their own sexual needs. I Suppose they don’t mind swapping their children with other family members. But stone them to death for being a whore when they actualy fall in love. The parents should be so ashamed they should comit suicide.

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  5. Religion perverts, generally, Islam perverts , completely.
    Islam is fundamentally a religion built on signs of uncontrolled sex addiction.
    Muslims are complete and out of control sex addicts. All they talk about is sex. All they think about is sex. 6-year old virgins are a minority in the Muslim world. Their entire society and religion is built on sexual paranoia and pent-up sexual frustrations that is violently pursued, while being covered up, punished, attacked until they can live it out for eternity in Jannah (paradise).
    They kill and blow themselves up over sex. They invade countries and murder innocent people over sex. They oppress half of their entire population over sex. Not a woman, child, goat, donkey or camel is safe from their perpetual sexual needs. No other societies in the entire world competes with the Muslim ones in the sheer volume of sexual deviancy; pedophilia, sodomy, rape, homosexuality, bestiality, internet porn and on and on. The statistics are staggering. Readers have emailed us that private nightclubs through London encounter the most extreme demands by Arabs asking for perverted sex and more alcohol and drugs than anyone can dream of consuming. The alcohol and drugs are tools for even more uninhibited sexual perversions.
    Everything around them in society is interpreted by what they see as degrees of sexual teasing and arousal. Men or women can’t go to a shopping mall without worrying about sexual risks. Glances are highly sexual. Clothes are sexual. Standing too close to someone is sex. Talking to them is sex. Two people merely standing on the same side of a street is judged as sex. Sports is deemed too sexual for women to engage in. Bicycles, bananas and oblong objects have to be hidden and covered up. Bodies must be fully covered so no skin whatsoever can be seen – even on children. Clitorises must be cut and eliminated in fear of sex. Boy penises must be cut and undergo Khitan (circumcision) in fear of sex. Laws are made and punishments implemented in fear of sex. People must hide themselves from each other, even animal bottoms must be kept out of sight to not lit the raging fire throbbing under the Muslim Thoub. Music should be avoided so it doesn’t inflame their sexual urges; cinemas are a no-no. Even lifeless store manequins are a threat to their sex addiction and arose their passions.
    Sex, sex, sex, and more sex. Everything everywhere is a sexual tease to a Muslim. Not a step, place, object, look, glance, posture, thought, or activity can be made without interpreting it as a risk for sexual deviance.
    Muslims are the most sex addicted people on earth. Their raging sex addiction is so extreme it is unfathomable to the rest of the world.
    Nearly all of their brutal punishments are related to sex and accusations of teasing men into sex in some form or the other. The Muslim “paradise” is basically a whorehouse of Mohammed’s fantasies, full of group sex, orgies with young boys and women, and sessions that last more than “70 earth years” per round. Each and every Muslima in Jannah stand in waiting for some more marathon bedouine sex by her Lawrence of a Labia lasting an entire human lifetime.
    The eternal Muslim Jannah is nothing else but a 24/7/365 porntube. Islam is a religion built on endless and uncontrolled porn addiction.
    What a ridiculous and demented religion. There is so much porn on earth, what is the need to invade, slaughter and blow themselves up for it?

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    • Don’t hold back now. lolz. That is a keeper!
      I am over-the-moon about these findings and it is such sweet justice for these outwardly homophobic perverts to have this news splattered all about the world.
      (silent YAY)
      It confirms what I knew already. Islam (esp Saudi/Wahab shit) is the most twisted, taqiyya-filled, rotten UGH ideology on the face of the earth and should be trashed immediately. It will come. In time………


  6. Yet again we are reminded of the barbaric practices of the medieval, hypocritical, paedophilic, misogynistic and bloodthirsty cult of Islam.


    • I’m sick of hearing about these disgusting freaks of nature. Let them stay in the 6th century where they belong. Notice you never see any of these scum bags without a weapon. I would like to see him fight a U.S. Marine in a fight – he would run for the hills with a brown stain on the back of this white dress.


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