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Pakistani Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

Reader claims the story is a spoof. It would have surprised no one.

This report is from March 15, 2014.





Anti-Islamic, anti-human, anti existence. The Muslim woman.

Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

Islamabad – Sharia Correspondent: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting on Thursday with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. As the meeting concluded CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani noted that women by existing defied the laws of nature, and to protect Islam and the Sharia women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible. The announcement comes a couple of days after CII’s 191st meeting where they dubbed laws related to minimum marriage age to be un-Islamic.

After declaring women to be un-Islamic, Shirani explained that there were actually two kinds of women – haraam and makrooh. “We can divide all women in the world into two distinct categories: those who are haraam and those who are makrooh. Now the difference between haraam and makrooh is that the former is categorically forbidden while the latter is really really disliked,” Shirani said.

He further went on to explain how the women around the world can ensure that they get promoted to being makrooh, from just being downright haraam. “Any woman that exercises her will is haraam, absolutely haraam, and is conspiring against Islam and the Ummah, whereas those women who are totally subservient can reach the status of being makrooh. Such is the generosity of our ideology and such is the endeavour of Muslim men like us who are the true torchbearers of gender equality,” the CII chairman added.

Officials told Khabaristan Today that the council members deliberated over various historic references related to women and concluded that each woman is a source of fitna and a perpetual enemy of Islam. They also decided that by restricting them to their subordinate, bordering on slave status, the momineen and the mujahideen can ensure that Islam continues to be the religion of peace, prosperity and gender equality.

Responding to a question one of the officials said that international standards of gender equality should not be used if they contradict Islam or the constitution of Pakistan that had incorporated Islam and had given sovereignty to Allah. “We don’t believe in western ideals, and nothing that contradicts Islam should ever be paid heed. In any case by giving women the higher status of being makrooh, it’s us Muslims who have paved the way for true, Sharia compliant feminism,” the official said.

The CII meeting also advised the government that to protect Islam women’s right to breathe should also be taken away from them. “Whether a woman is allowed to breathe or not be left up to her husband or male guardian, and no woman under any circumstance whatsoever should be allowed to decide whether she can breathe or not,” Shirani said.

13 thoughts on “Pakistani Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

  1. We also know that pedophilia is rife in Pakistan young boys and girls are been raped on a daily basis because of their warped way of thinking , look at the channel 4 documentary on you tube it would shock you how children are used and abused by these psychopaths .


  2. I is plain to me that Islamic is of demonic origin because satan has hated women from the beginning ….knowing the Savior would be born through a woman…..and so the anti-woman bent of Islam


  3. Do you know in Pakistan no one takes these guys seriously, and that they’re the butt of many jokes, despite their semi official status. It’s like when Americans mock republican lawmakers for gaffes.


  4. God, they nearly had me! Luckily, I am on the rightly guided path of bacon sandwiches, beer, and pigs trotters. All killed halala akhbar, of course. But I do like the phrase religion of peace, prosperity and gender equality. It certainly rings true with Isis, Boko Haram, Al-queda, Al-Shabab, with the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR. Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic clerics a mere pigs whisker behind. I don’t count the billions of subservient, docile, slaves of Allah, they just do what they are told by the military wing, and the Islamic elite. (Obviously, otherwise their head will no longer be attached to the neck.)


  5. Despite the declaration seeming, to readers of this blog, all too believable of Islamic jurists, it is actually satirical (see leftist panel on KT page, “telling it like it almost never is”):

    Here are details of the 191st CII meeting:
    …And what may be pukka details of the 192nd CII conference:


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