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ISIS using chemical weapons against 12,000 Kurdish fighters and civilians trapped in Kobani

According to claims direct from Syria via facebook, ISIS is using chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in Kobani. The pictures below of a dead female Kurdish fighter with skin peeling off came in about 6-7 hours ago today from facebook account Maha Ahmed with commentary by Khalil Mohammed:

ISIS is using the chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in kobani now. These pictures arrived from Kobani right now, so we are adjuring, entreating all the world to move immediately to stop ISIS from committing massacres for the civil people inside Kobani now. Kobani is endangering to ISIS’s attack by chemical weapons at the moment where there is more than 12000 person both fighters and civilians existing inside Kobani at present. History will curse you because there are a lot of children have slaughtered by ISIS and you didn’t do anything for them. Just remember history because the history is going to write about your acts and your does in the 21th century.


Kurdish female fighter 13.10.2014 - 1 Kurdish female fighter 13.10.2014 - 2 Kurdish female fighter 13.10.2014 - 3 Kurdish female fighter 13.10.2014 - 4




8 thoughts on “ISIS using chemical weapons against 12,000 Kurdish fighters and civilians trapped in Kobani

  1. We in the U.S. are vulnerable to a coordinated attack that could be 911 a thousand fold. We would then expel all Muslims, ignoring all protest.

    I prefer to expel them beforehand to avoid the atrocity now being contemplated, if not being planned and prepared in their holy mosques.


  2. Reblogged this on Voice in the Desert and commented:
    Obama the Muslim made Assad get rid of the weapons he could have used against the terrorists. Obama the Muslim says absolutely nothing about ISIS and does very little. Obama the Muslim doesn’t care that ISIS butchers christians. Obama the Muslim doesn’t care what ISIS does, at all. He just drops a few token bombs and then lets them be and do whatever. That’s how we can all tell, and know for sure: Obama is a Muslim.


  3. The whole of the western world are allowing this to happen they should be ashamed.
    They need to deport all muslims to a kurdish stronghold ( unarmed of course) allow them to be slaughtered. See if isis muslims like to see their families slaughtered. This will also curb any attacks in the west if all muslims are slaughtered. Action needs to be taken, stop allowing muslims investing in the west. Take their money and give it to the kurds to help rebuild their lives.

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    • I think all western countries should be allowed to slaughter a muslim family as soon as muslims elsewhere kidnap or rape or kill anyone. That will keep them in line. An eye for an eye.


  4. Which begs the question, was it ISIS that used chemicals in Syria? They have motive and total disregard for Life, that answers the question for me. Savages that ISIS are, Nothing is ruled out! Kudos for the Kurdish women laying their lives down to protect their people and a pox on ISIS COWARDS.


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