Caliphate Plan / Jihadi Law Manual

Jihad Manual Reveal Sleeper Cells to Target Airports, Tourist Facilities, Banking, and to Infiltrate and Massacre Britain’s Army and Police Forces

The 1,400 year obsession with jihad has not slowed down. This report is not much different from the manual found by Swiss police during a terror raid and used in a court case at the Holy Land trial. But he West is asleep. Only a few years after the discovery, the import of Muslim asylum seekers and immigrants just continued, more mosques kept opening and their presence in jobs within governments just kept expanding.

As we have said many times, Muslims need to be deported from the West and their residency and passports reversed.

There are sensible ways to tackle Islamic terrorism and make the future safer for the world. But will the powers to be bother to implement them?

  • Islam must be made illegal and defined as a foreign fascist ideology, not a religion.
  • Ban and demolish all mosques. Believe us be: every single mosque in the West contribute to terror funding by ‘donations for Muslim causes’. Jihad is the core foundation of Islam and a duty. Each and every mosque goer is expected to contribute in some way or the other.
  • Ban the Koran and burn them; block the content from being accessed online.
  • Remove all practicing and religious Muslims from the West. Completely. Deport them by canceling residency, revoking passports and visas through a reversed ruling on basis of incompatibility and ineligibility.
  • Countries that refuse or block to take Muslim immigrants back to their own countries need to be fined and sanctioned. Expelled Muslims to their home countries should be booked on a one-way flight to their homeland, disembarked and left at the airport for local officials to deal with.
  • Ban all trade with and from the Muslim (majority and ruling) world.
  • Ban all travels to and from the Muslim world.
  • All sales of properties owned by Muslims in the West need to be revoked of all ownership. The properties should be resold at market value. Funds, minus government fees, should be allotted for poverty alleviation in the owner’s home country (medical, education, housing, jobs).
  • Ban all banking and payments to and from the Muslim (majority and ruling) world to other non-Muslim countries.
  • Ban all investments to and from the Muslim world.
  • End the entire oil trade with the Muslims. The oil trade continues to be an endless source of Islamic terrorism.
  • Until a total ban is put in place, sanction Muslim countries from trading in oil to non-Muslim nations. (We need a permanent replacement of oil for our energy needs).
  • Muslims who are in prison in the West, before they are deported, must be separated from non-Muslims.
  • Muslim charged with plotting, planning or committing terrorism should be executed. As an option, a bilateral agreement can be signed with Saudi Arabia to execute them sharia-style by beheading.
  • Muslims must be permanently banned from any jobs within law enforcement, immigration, government.
  • Borders must be protected with three levels of boundaries with clear warnings within each boundary. Illegals forcing entry into the third boundary gets shot at their own volition.


EXPOSED: Jihadi kidnap and murder handbook… and plan to infiltrate British Army and police

  • The 268-page manual is called The Management Of Savagery
  • Template for terrorism was written by influential jihadi Abu Bakr Naji
  • It has been carefully studied by the terrorist commanders in Syria and Iraq
  • Reveals IS’s intention to target tourists at locations across Islamic world
  • Suggests method to kill hostages should maximise shock value in the West


By Mark Nicol for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 22:16, 11 October 2014 |

Islamic fanatics are planning to infiltrate Britain’s Army and police forces to carry out brutal attacks, a chilling manifesto for terror used by Islamic State (IS) reveals.

The jihadi manual explains how the atrocities committed in the Middle East – including the brutal murders of British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning – are part of a wider strategy that includes plans to wreak mayhem in the UK.

The development comes after security sources revealed yesterday that thousands of terror suspects are being monitored in the UK. The Association of Chief Police Officers has also warned police officers about their personal safety in light of the threat from IS.

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 18.15.14.jpg abu-bakr-naji-the-management-of-savagery-the-most-critical-stage-through-which-the-umma-will-pass-1.jpg

Author of atrocities: Influential Abu Bakr Naji, right, wrote the guide (right) that acts as a template for terrorism

Neither the Metropolitan Police nor the Ministry of Defence were willing last night to discuss the security procedures in place.

The 268-page terrorism guide called The Management Of Savagery reveals IS’s intention to:

  • Target tourists at locations across the Islamic world
  • Exploit the propaganda value of targeting Western journalists, and to try to capture oil workers
  • Strike the same strategic targets repeatedly in a bid to expose weaknesses in Western security.

Thousands of Kurds in Britain and across Europe protest against the ISIS attack on Kobane as Turkey… Inside the battle for Kobane: ISIS fanatics release propaganda film of street fighting as Kurds… Captured by ISIS and sold into slavery: 15-year-old Yazidi girl tells of her horrific ordeal at…

The handbook also revealed that infiltration operations have been going on for years – meaning that a sleeper cell may already have get inside the MoD or a police force.

Written by influential jihadi Abu Bakr Naji, the guide has been carefully studied by the terrorist commanders in Syria and Iraq, who he tells: ‘Our battle is long and still in its beginning… However, its length provides an opportunity for infiltrating the adversaries. [We] should infiltrate the police forces, the armies, private security companies, sensitive civil institutions.’

MoS2 Template Master

Step-by-step jihad: Extracts from The Management Of Savagery, studied by commanders in Syria and Iraq

He added that there were ‘exuberant youth in large numbers seeking jihad. Their desire for martyrdom indicates a proper condition of faith; all that is required is instructional polishing within the movement. It is possible to divert some of them to work in the security apparatus for infiltrating institutions.’

The template for terrorism states that the method chosen to kill hostages should maximise shock value in the West.



British troops returned to Iraq this weekend – just weeks after David Cameron promised he would not deploy ‘boots on the ground’.

A dozen soldiers from The Yorkshire Regiment will train the Kurdish army on how to use heavy machine-guns against IS.

The troops are in the city of Erbil, 30 miles from the front line of the battle against jihadi forces.

An MoD spokesman said: ‘The Defence Secretary has approved the deployment of a small specialist team of non-combat Army trainers.’

In August, Mr Cameron said: ‘We are not going to be putting boots on the ground. We are not sending in the British Army.’


In a section titled Blazing Battle, Bakr Naji writes: ‘We must make this battle very violent, such that death is a heartbeat away, so that the two groups will realise that entering this battle will frequently lead to death.

Muslim "police" officer in UK

‘The increase in savagery is not the worst thing that can happen now. Rather, the most abominable of the levels of savagery is [still] less than stability under the order of unbelief. Our enemies will not be merciful to us if they seize us. Thus, it behoves us to make them think one thousand times before attacking us.

‘The policy of violence must also be followed such that if the demands are not met, the hostages should be liquidated in a terrifying manner, which will send fear into the hearts of the enemy and his supporters.’

Experts said last night that the Management Of Savagery, which was apparently first published in 2004, is a ‘relevant document’ and that the actions it expects jihadis to follow are realistic.

‘Everything in the book is possible,’ said Afzal Ashraf, an IS expert at the Royal United Services Institute in London. ‘But obviously they would find it more difficult to infiltrate the Army and police in Britain than they found in Iraq, where much of these institutions simply morphed into IS.

‘The Management Of Savagery is a book for IS’s thinkers but less so the doers. Islamic State has also miscalculated – it thought that extreme violence would deter the West. In fact IS’s enemies have been emboldened to take action.’


Wreaking havoc: The manual explains how the atrocities committed in the Middle East – including the brutal murders of British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning (pictured) – are part of a wider strategy

The Management Of Savagery claims that the overwhelming military superiority of the United States and the UK has no value without the cohesion of each society and the support for action in the region.

As IS are convinced that this cohesion does not exist, they believe they can persuade Western powers to retreat if they show how they are prepared to use the most gruesome tactics.

We must make this battle very violent, such that death is a heartbeat away, so that the two groups will realise that entering this battle will frequently lead to death

The Management Of Savagery

The book says: ‘If the number of Americans killed is one tenth of the number of Russians killed in Afghanistan [around 14,000 during its occupation in the 1980s], they will flee… They have reached a stage of effeminacy which made them unable to sustain battles for a long period of time and they compensate for this with a deceptive media halo.’

Bakr Naji asks also jihadis to target oilfields, sea and airports, tourist facilities and banking and financial services. He envisages ‘a very long war,’ advising commanders to spread small numbers of their forces across a large area of the world.

Bakr mocks the West’s use of air strikes given the mobility of IS and the likelihood that these attacks will inspire local uprisings.

He identifies other Muslim countries that should be the next to be conquered by fundamentalists, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.

A memorial for Alan Henning, who was beheaded by IS, will be held tonight at the British Muslim Heritage Centre in Manchester. Organisers said that £30,000 has been raised so far for Henning’s widow, Barbara, and their children.

11 thoughts on “Jihad Manual Reveal Sleeper Cells to Target Airports, Tourist Facilities, Banking, and to Infiltrate and Massacre Britain’s Army and Police Forces

  1. Timothy 3:16 tells us that ALL Scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. The Bible is a work of God that was written by human men that were inspired by God. What better source of inspiration than our Creator! Whether you are looking for motivation, encouragement, reassurance, or peace, the Bible should be the first resource you turn to!


  2. I have HOPE that Mr. OBAMA WILL LEAVE our White House this week, and THAT HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RUN THE U.N., YHVH/GOD-FORBID IT!!! THEN, his demonic reign of terror and destruction is Over, SO … OVER. That said, it will be easier hopefully to expell all these terrorists, and keep them out. If we could stop have ‘leaders’ that hire faux flags, shootings, plane crashes on-purpose, and other killings, we would have fewer Targets on our backs. BHO will Not be soon forgotten, that’s for sure. I feel afraid he won’t leave; What a nightmare. U.S.A. Needs Prayers unto YHVH, The Real God & Creator!

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  3. Anglo-Saxons are interested only in oil. Destruction of several oil tankers immediately weaken interest in the region of the Islamic State.


    • Our culture has developed so that we recognize “ALL” as equal with open arms. However, we have not applied common sense or logic. The Constitution provides that all who would overthrow our government are guilty of treason, and provides a death penalty. Yet, we ignore this when we allow Muslims to visit or settle in our “land of the free,” as they ALL – 100% – if they adhere to the Koran, are intent on replacing our government with their repressive Islamic political-religious system with medieval, barbaric Sharia law.
      With our cultural mindset and politically correct views, it appears we are going to stand idly by as they conquer us in spite of our laws.

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  4. These bastards of the Satanic Islamic political-religious machine must be expunged from our Western society! The writer of the article is 100% correct! I have stated for years that Islamic sleeper cells have now infiltrated our free nations and are waiting the order to go into action to wreck mayhem on us. Before they are eradicated from our free nations, they should be thoroughly flogged as they depart under permanent expulsion. We are and have been naïve to believe that this Satanist cult of death can settle and live peaceably among us. It is impossible, and we must accept this fact and act on it promptly!

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