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Muslim asylum seekers in Sweden steal children’s pet goat and slaughter it for Eid

The torture and slaughter of animals have become common with the importation of this immigration group. Anjem Choudary bragged last year on twitter that Muslims all across Europe are stealing cattle and farm animals from farmers and private owners and slaughtering them.  In England media reported that the increased volume of theft of animals has become so extensive lately it is affecting the farmers financially.

In addition to theft of farm animals there is a large trend of killing dogs. In France, Sweden, Spain and England media reports of dogs being poisoned has come forth. Other reports are of sausages filled with nails laid out in parks and places where people walk their dogs. Other kind of pets have been stolen and tortured for mere entertainment, like cats and rabbits.

This is “normal” Muslim behavior from cultures that have no respect or regard at all for animals. They do merely what they do at home and behave without any sign of human conscience or humanity. Sweden has allowed the importation of a total of 1 million of these people – legally and illegally.

Muslims are evil. They are not born evil. They are brought up to be evil by a warring and criminalized doctrine that endorse, encourage and promote endless evils, savagery and barbarity; a doctrine that has transformed into “culture”.


anjem_twat1 getslakt


Goat stolen, slaughtered and eaten


ISLAM in SWEDEN: in the small village of Alfta in Hälsingland [Sweden] there is [a newly] established asylum accommodation, Alfta Quren. Next door to it resides a family who had a goat in an enclosure. In the context of the Muslim feast Eid Al-Adha celebrations began at the weekend, the family’s goat disappeared with its necklace left behind and cut off. By the asylum accommodation were animal blood, bone and hair.

Police confirmed that a carcass had been found, but states that an inquiry will be difficult as long as you do not find the goat – which is eaten. A police report has been made and hearings have been held, but no suspect is arrested for the theft.

“We will not be able to proceed with this case, as I understand it. It is a very difficult investigation mode. You have to find the goat,” said police officer Paul E.

To make the story even more ghoulish the family had the goat as a pet, and they are now very upset by the incident.

– My daughter and the goat had bonded completely, and he would even accompany us on walks.

– It feels bloody awful that you should not be able to have the animals outdoors without being stolen.

In the summer of 2011 six lambs were stolen outside Sandviken, several of which were found butchered in the Woods. Such cases are not uncommon around the various Muslim festivals [celebrated in Sweden].

In a now deleted posts on Facebook the affected family wrote, “so very sorry and disappointed, and what the heck do you say to the children”. [h/t to Daniel for the translation and article from]


4 thoughts on “Muslim asylum seekers in Sweden steal children’s pet goat and slaughter it for Eid

  1. The nature of a beast can not change. It is genetic. They are exotic species imported from another continent. A dog has totally different than a cat or a rabbit. Characteristics and degree of intelligence differ between various breeds of cats and dogs. A Labrador is not a Huskey.
    The ones we have to blame are a whole range politicians from the beginning of the 70’s. Blame them for their total disregard for their own people, their hatred toward indigenous population; people who give them mandate to rule the country. Their superficiality and total ignorance had turn The Netherlands (and all the old EU member states) into a Plague House. One can blame them for gross negligence and irresponsible behavior. Without basic knowledge of culture, habits and character and a bit of common sense they had have imported very mischievous people. Compare it to inviting cannibal tribes of New Guinea, murderous Djandjawith tribes from Sudan and the most wild Bantu tribes from South Africa to settle in Europe and be good citizens.
    We can compare the responsibility sense of our ‘leaders’ to the one of the CEO of Jurassic Park who had decided to cultivate Carnivores sorts of Dino’s with out taking responsibilities.


  2. What would Islam be like if Muhammed had been a cannibal? Any chance Idi Amin will become the focus of a expansionist, intolerant ideology with dietary requirements?

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