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Video: 13 years ago Muslims around the world celebrated 9/11

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud has claimed in video interview that ALL the Saudi’s – himself included – and the entire Middle East celebrated and distributed sweets on 9/11 for the Arab killing of 3,500 innocent people. The Arabs have endlessly been attacking and terrorizing people for more than 1,400 years. Saudi’s have been funding the expansion of jihad since America handed them oil contracts to “help” poor bedouines. America is constantly being blamed for Muslim terrorism in the Middle East. But Muslim terorism never ends. It’s part and parcel of Islam and have been happening nonstop for more than 1,400 years. If they can’t terrorize someone, they are not true Muslims and not deemed dedicated enough.

Although it is partly true that the West’s endless meddling is a huge problem and has created an even worse mess in the Middle East, the fact is that the Arabs themselves are the ones behind it all. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait to some extent, and in particular Qatar have contracted foreign attacks on countries like Libya, Iraq, Tunisia and paid for it all to remove their own enemies, while blaming the West. Sleazy as they are they create propaganda and feigned democracy arguments to lure libtard dhimmis into imagining that Muslims support and want democracy. To the Middle East democracy is not what the West considers democracy. To Muslims true democracy means Sharia law, an Islamic state. For many years Saudi Arabia secretly demanded and cajoled America to bomb Iran, whom they view as infidels for being Shia, even offering to pick up the entire tab for a military attack, revealed through wikileak documentation. The communication between the ME and West completely shut down after wikileaks. Wikileaks also proved that the US government had been far more transparent in their dealings than given credit for. That may be completely changed under Obama.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud


The fabricated Palestinian people originated from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, created merely for political reasons by Ottoman Nazi ally Amin al-Husseini to expand the Islamic caliphate, celebrating 9/11 Attack:


13 years ago “American” Muslims celebrated 9/11:


Syrian Muslims praise Bin Laden and celebrate 9/11 attacks:


Bosnian muslims celebrating 9/11


14 thoughts on “Video: 13 years ago Muslims around the world celebrated 9/11

  1. So, you posted a video of Serbian Chenik’s youtube song celebrating 9/11 attacks under “Bosnian Muslims” celebrate 9/11?!?!? Do you even understand the words of this song?? LOL


  2. So why doesn’t North American move towards energy self sufficiency rather than pouring petro dollars into the middle east which in turn finds it’s way to terrorist organizations??


  3. Bosnian Muslims celebrating 9/11. Clinton bombed the Serbs so they can have a country, that’s how Quran teaches muslims to behave, no appreciation or gratitude, shame on them, NEVER TRUST A MUSLIM, SPECIALLY THE SMILEY ONES


    • Seriously, so one guy made a video of a plane crashing into a building (which is a video game) and automatically Bosnian muslim are celebrating. Another thing how you know it was a Bosnian guy who made this video it could have been very easily been a serb, because they hate America more then you think. I seriously wanted to know how you and the author concluded that Bosnians were celebrating.


  4. I find it interesting how you failed to include the Jewish-Israeli “Dancing Israelis” Mossad agents in New Jersey filming the “surprise” 9/11 attack from its start after they drove by the World Trade Center 45 minutes earlier and didn’t warn anybody about to die, instead they went to their pre-decided vantage point at Doric Towers apartments and filmed the first impact of the “surprise” attack then also photographed themselves celebrating dying Americans, while they laughe and smiled happily in almost all 76 photographs the fBI developed from their 35mm camera. Why have you neglected to include the Jewish-Israeli Mossad agents who cheered and celebrated dying 9/11 victims? You should read the official 2001 FBI report and investigation.



    • Do I have this right? Mossad was in on it? The highly redacted FBI document is genuine? Could you expand upon this and comment upon how it is the rest of the world missed this?

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      • Right, Mossad put those nice Muslim boys up to hijacking those planes…..
        Must have been some weird Jew mind control.

        How strange we saw so many news videos showing Muslims dancing and cheering and whooping it up ALL OVER THE WORLD.

        Or maybe my lying eyes deceived me. Are we really sure the twin towers came down that day? Maybe they are still there and it was all a wicked Israli hoax!

        Have I imagined all these videos of ISIS executing people in the most gruesome ways imaginable? Oh, right Da JOOZ again.


    • Re Carrie Barton’s comment: “America is stronger.
      America is craving for a leader. One who is not afraid of taking charge. A person that will protect it’s citizens and make America strong. Help us keep America’s Republic strong.” (End Quote) There IS such a person !!! It’s Mr Trump!!! 🙂


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