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Al Qaeda manual urging targets against the West reveal pro-Palestine sentiments is a tool to recruit Jihadis for a worldwide Caliphate

The media is aiding in the recruitment of terrorists by constantly seeking profits from distorted reporting of Palestine propaganda, where Hamas killed children to terrorist parents are paraded as victims to Israeli aggression, while the reality is that Israel observes enormous self-restraint in relentless terror attacks targeted against them.

The reporting and distortions, originating from Muslim propaganda and perpetual lying, has made the reason and history behind the entire conflict so confusing that even we didn’t know that the founder of the Palestinian invasion and occupation demanded a Caliphate from the British Mandate. The motivation for Egyptian and Saudi Barbarian Jihadis to invade the Mandate they under “kafir” governance was to re-awaken a Caliphate in the entire region. Had the Ottomans been there they would still have invaded the Mandate. Today Israel is used as fodder for those intentions. Letters between and the British government clearly mentions the word ‘caliphate’ as the motivation. In other words ISIS and the Palestinian cause is one and the same, and ISIS was probably originated in Palestine, targeting surrounding countries they believe is easier to take over than Israel.

In addition to this the Muslim lies are exposed in their own terror manual. Again and again Muslims use the Iraq war as an excuse for their endless murders and terrorism, while their attacks on foreign countries reach back uninterrupted for over 1500 years. In the Al-Qaeda terror manual they admit that al-Qaeda terrorized foreign targets since 1985 – 17 years before America ventured into Iraq. The only reason terrorism started in the 1980’s is because there was so little Muslim immigration allowed into the West.

Had Muslims mass immigration into the West been permitted much earlier, terrorism would have been a constant feature in Western society much sooner. India has suffered a massive Muslim presence for the past 800 years. They still can’t live in harmony with the Muslims. Muslim conquest took place from the 12th to the 16th centuries. Muslim aggression, provocation and brutality is an everyday feature in India and has never slowed down for all those centuries. The presence of endless aggression is the hallmark of Islam in every country it overtakes. It’s ingrained in the entire core doctrine of Islam to terrorize, attack, subjugate and bring violence to the “other”, the kafir, the infidel who refuses to bend to Islam an openly declare that Muhammad is the only prophet.

Blow up Sandhurst and supermarkets (but only on a Friday): Al Qaeda instruction manual tells British jihadists to target famous store while Muslims are safely at prayers 

  • Publication by Al Qaeda’s media arm encourages new wave of terror attacks 
  • Suggests British military and shopping institutions are among top targets
  • Also orders attacks in Times Square, casinos and military colleges in U.S.
  • Magazine is titled Palestine: Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem
  • Latest edition contains nine-page spread on best way to make car bombs
  • English-language magazine also has a timeline of notable acts of terrorism, concluding wit a blank entry marked ‘201?’

By John Hall and Alex Greg for MailOnline


A slick English-language magazine released by Al-Qaeda’s media wing has called on wannabe jihadists to target British department stores in bomb attacks.

The chilling online publication, entitled ‘Palestine: Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem’ instructs militants on how to build homemade bombs, and suggests a number of high-profile targets.

Among those listed in the UK are military academy Sandhurst, the MI5 headquarters and well-known department stores – which Al-Qaeda orders should only be attacked on Friday afternoons when Muslims are praying at their mosque.

The well-produced digital magazine includes a nine-page spread on how to ‘make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom,’ as well as features on car bombs and a celebratory timeline of terror attacks in the West, which concludes with the entry ‘201?’ – implying new terror attacks are planned.

Terrorist's handbook: 'Palestine: Betrayal of the guilty conscience' is an English-language online publication that encourage extremists living in Western countries to carry out acts of terrorism

The magazine was created by the media arm of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, known as AQAP and focuses on preparing wannabe terrorists for ‘lone wolf’ attacks – believed to be al-Qaeda’s new preferred method in an age where Western intelligence makes life difficult for organised terror cells.

Once militants have followed the instructions and prepared their homemade bombs, the magazine suggests a list of targets on which to try them out – including shops, Sandhurst and Thames House in the UK, Times Square, mega-casinos, oil tankers and the Georgia Military College in the U.S., and any international holiday resort known to be frequented by American or Israeli tourists

Included in the list of celebrated ‘jihadists events’ is the date ‘201?’, which suggests al-Qaeda plans to carry out another major terrorist attack at some point in the next five years.

The guide to making a car bomb comes complete with step-by-step photographs, a shopping list, and admiring words about the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombings.

‘My Muslim brother: we are conveying to you our military training right into your kitchen to relieve you of the difficulty of traveling to us,’ it reads.

Terrorism timeline: The blank entry at the end of this timeline implies another attack is expected

Haunting: The disturbing publication ends with the words, 'We are coming'

‘If you are sincere in your intentions to serve the religion of Allāh, then all what you have to do is enter your kitchen and make an explosive device that would damage the enemy if you put your trust in Allah and then use this explosive device properly.’

At the end is a list of ‘examples of targets,’ including oil tankers and trains, casinos in Las Vegas, and the General Atomics headquarters in San Diego.

The publication is an adjunct to Inspire magazine – which is aimed at encouraging Muslims in Western countries to carry out terror attacks.

‘Inspire Magazine’s goal is to empower Muslim. And what is empowerment without being strong, powerful and intelligent? In this section, we give you strength, power and intelligence. Believe me, using car bombs gives you all that,’ the publications reads.

Chilling: The online publication instructs militants on how to build homemade bombs, and suggests a number of high-profile targets, including New York's Times Square (pictured)

9 thoughts on “Al Qaeda manual urging targets against the West reveal pro-Palestine sentiments is a tool to recruit Jihadis for a worldwide Caliphate

  1. Site of hate!
    Belfore the promise of return to Palestinians or are the English hypocrites?
    Liers and history falsifier is known to be the Bastards.. the pigs yes.
    The ones that always lost in Palestine the English!
    White last names are not Smite.
    Muslims are not to be bribed, you mess with them they come to you GO IT YOU DISHONEST CORRUPT????????????
    Go Suck Zionest Cock page editor.
    Your retard Churchill said no Russia no peace… so why the French want to kick you both out of a soccer league? BECAUSE YOU ARE TWO ALLIED PIGS BETRADED EACH OTHER.
    Muslims were fine before you started using Fuck for how you treat your “wifes”.
    Die with your lies and hate.
    People can smell your stink


  2. My son the Pagans of Roman Empire the fake theory written by you will not work anymore bring something new this story has been mentioned by so many Pagans before you.


    • What?
      Killed “terrorist” parents? Dude, they were normal people with a faith they wished to follow, not “terrorist” you mister Errorist full of errors. You lie, and try to make it seem as the truth, nice try we are not fools. We all saw ho they killed those people on the street who considered themselves as muslims, and did nothing wrong – even killing children and babies! What the ‘F’ is wrong with you, and those Hamas dudes to think thats “Okay”?

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      • Generally news around the world does distort Hamas and Palestinians to favor them and portray them as victims while showing an anti-Israel stance instead of reporting the facts.


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