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Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian Christian men and women in Mosul without anesthesia, while women are sold as salves for $150 each

In this testimony Christians claim that the Kurdish PKK militant fighters helped ISIS to find and target the Christians in Mosul. The PKK (The Kurdistan Workers’ Party) was formed in the late 1970s and launched an armed struggle against the Turkish government in 1984, calling for an independent Kurdish state within Turkey.  The name ‘PKK’ is usually used interchangeably for the name of its armed wing, the People’s Defence Force (HPG), which was formerly called the Kurdistan National Liberty Army (ARGK). The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization internationally by several states and organizations, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the United States, and the European Union.

This testimony by the Christians demonstrate the complexity of giving military equipment to the PKK or any Muslim fractions in battles with each other. There simply exist no tolerance for other groups within Islam and even with its minorities. Having a terrorist group battled by another terrorist group is nothing new. In Afghanistan the Taliban was fought by al-Qaeda who were supported by arms – again with external support which never resolved anything. Arming existing local groups could increase the genocide and targeting of minorities. Clearly minorities need to first be protected and grouped into specific areas before battles against ISIS elimination proceeds. There are claims that about 40,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and new ones arrive weekly from abroad. Turkey’s government has been a constant and secret facilitator and supporter of ISIS based on their own testimony, and have kept the Turkish borders accessible for fighters to enter. Where are the new fighters trained?

Male Genital Mutilation

Forced MGM, Male Genital Mutilation, on Christians in Mosul.


(AINA) — The Tunisia Daily is reporting that the Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian men in Mosul, without anesthesia. The report does not specify the number of men that were affected but does state that it was an organized mass circumcision. ISIS has ordered the circumcision of all Christian children and adults who remain in Mosul. [h/t to @FaithJupiter for bringing the story to our attention]

[Bing translated – its a bit difficult to read and does not flow fully]

By Nadine Raad –

In Paris, to french and foreign journalists, a family of 5 members who came from the Mosul region testified yesterday in a room of the Town Hall in the 16th arrondissement of the atrocities committed by the Islamic State jihadists on the Nineveh Plain to the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Christians and yazidis.

The head of the family, Nabil Younan, told that among other barbarities, the terrorists of the Islamic State have sold at auction in a public square of Mosul just three days ago, 700 women yazidies at an average price of $ 150 per slave.

“This happened in public view, and with the knowledge of the international community”, he said, before launching a call for action so that immediate intervention prevents such acts to continue.

They strip the Christians of all Jewelry and belongings

Other evidence were heard, including that of R.P. Amir Geagea, top Dominican in Baghdad, and that of Dominican, Father Anis Hanna, both contacted by telephone and interviewed. They confirmed the testimonies already published in our columns, evoking among others dams established by the IC to the outputs of Mosul so Islamists can strip the Christians. “They took from women anything from rings to bracelets and necklaces from children”, he said, denouncing the passage the abandonment by the Kurdish peshmergas of their positions in Christian villages in Nineveh.

“It was as if they [Kurds] invited the killers of IS to occupy our villages,” said one witness that questioned the usefulness of a shipment of French arms to the Kurds. In this regard, one of the speakers from the Chredo recalled that this abandonment of the peshmergas intervened almost in the wake of maintenance telephone between french presidents François Holland and Kurdish Massud Barzani, the first promising French weapons at the second, at the same time as a humanitarian assistance to the displaced yazidis. In its edition of August 15, reported L’Orient Le Jour.

Adult Christians in mass circumcisions

Contacted by telephone, other witnesses have reported that the Islamic State ordered the circumcision of the child or adult Christians who remained in Mosul.

Mass of circumcisions were organized by the hordes of the IS, adult Christians were circumcised without any anesthesia.

Very few Assyrian Christians stayed in Mosul after ISIS gave them a deadline to convert, pay jizya, leave or die (AINA 2014-07-20).

The report also states that ISIS sold 700 Yazidi women for $150 each in a public slave auction in Mosul. – Link

Isis sells women-being-sold-in-Mosul

Tunisian report claims these are Yazidi women captured as salves and transported to be sold in a Mosul market for $150 each.


Another translation from facebook gives this perspective on the same article which was a bit challenge to translate through Google or Bing:

Terrifying facts revealed about “Daash” [the Arab term for ISIS] in Paris from the lips of Iraqi Christians that have recently arrived to France, and appealed to the international community to move quickly to the evacuation of thousands of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities who are stuck in the Nineveh Plains. Among the things that were revealed was of a huge sale of Yazidi women, and forced circumcision of women and men, prevention of watching television, and many other implementations that restricted the rights of the persecuted.

The President of the organization “Christians of the East at risk,” Patrick Karam, spoke about French political and humanitarian efforts, and that France was the first European country to send emergency aid.

Karam added: “We believe that the priority at the moment is how to work to break the cordon, which is governed by force of arms and intimidation of Daash forces in the Nineveh Plain, and at the same time landing aid by air.

For the situation of Christians and Yazidis trapped in the Plane of Nineveh, we contacted the supervisor of the conference, La Leche Yako, over the phone one of the Christians trapped there, and a father Anis Hanna Aldmanaki.

He spoke in French to the French media about the suffering of Christians and other minorities, and that they had been forced to sleep in the open, and the cases of deaths exceeded the hundreds, and then I asked him about the situation there, and if the forces of the Islamic State “Daash” still pose a threat to them and to the rest of the minorities, especially the Yazidis?

The father Anis Hanna, stressed that the danger continues to exist in the Nineveh Plain, and there are families forcibly displaced from villages and rural areas and cities. He stressed that the danger of Daash (ISIS) is terribly large.

He continued, saying: “They are telling us to convert to Islam by force and it is mandatory to pay [jizya] and women are taken by force for female circumcision. This does not happen with Christians only, but with the Yazidis, where Daash took more than 700 women to be sold at an auction in the center of Mosul’s “conservative” area.”

“The girl’s were priced each equal to $150, in addition to the imposition of forced circumcision of women and a lot of laws and rules implemented on them by Daash.”

At the end of the conference one of the Christian families that have managed to escape to France made an urgent appeal to the international community calling for help for those who are still left in the Nineveh Plains besieged by Daash forces.

She said that our women are sold, will the conscience of the world accept if they had to be sold, like the innocent Christians, Yazidis and other minorities that die in the strikes of Daash.

In conclusion, the lawyer in charge of the affairs of the organization, known for its advocacy for refugees, idly Semitic, saying: “The international conference will be held soon in Geneva to address the situation of Christians and minorities in the Middle East.” He called for the intensification of efforts to eliminate the expansion of the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

43 thoughts on “Islamic State (ISIS) forcefully circumcised Assyrian Christian men and women in Mosul without anesthesia, while women are sold as salves for $150 each

  1. I am sickened by the lack of leaders supporting the ban of muslims in their nations. I am also sick of obama funding these dogs. It is time to impeach all fascist leaders who support muslims.bds.and Palestine. Send all of them back to Saudi Arabia and stop their terrorist funds by cutting ties with muslim nations and their sick halal products.

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    • Actually, dear little boy, if you drive a car you support ISIS, if you use a mobile you support Boko Haram and Al Shabab… BIG BUSINESS is hand-in-glove with the main source of funding for ISIS: Saudi Arabia, Qtar, Kwait and all Wahabi states. Obama is all that stands between you and them… you clearly are as stupid as you are ignorant!


      • All religions are.I worked with Muslim children from the age of 3 who had been tortured,raped and beaten under the name of the other false sadistic mythical,Christian god.Children who had seen their parents tortured and killed under the name of that bastard god.Boy soldiers who were brainwashed to kill under the name of that bastard.Religion is the cancer of this world…

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      • I am afraid I have to concur, but not necessarily universally. Those who are sincere in their Faith are badly betrayed by those who manipulate it for their own ends.


    • I agree, or, rather…. I agree in principle, the devil, however is in the detail. What the US need is more Jihadists… remember Green Fried Tomatoes? One great, big Hog Roast and feed them to the Republicans, in the pig-eat-pig tradition for which BOTH cultures are infamous


      • THAT is incitement to violence and Hate Speech… and so I am reporting it not only to the relevant authorities, but to the police… you are a DANGEROUS RABID RAT!


      • Is that the extent of your verbal skill? HAHAHAHAHAHA! FYI I am an ATHEIST and a militant one at that, were it up to me ALL religions would be limited to home worship, in private and NO congregations or proselytising. Oh dear… is that a difficult word for you, dearie? Never mind, when you come out of fifth grade you can always take remedial English.


  2. No all what I know about Islam is it is safe and peace religion .. many of Christians went to Islamic countries and no one ever said the forced him to do something that he do not accept or believe in !

    to all who commented please respect your self .. we do not want attacks on us by the RADICAL (ISIS) because of your comments !

    I believe that ISIS is not following the real Islam religion .. I know a lot of Muslims in UAE & Saudi Arabia and they totally disagree with what called ISIS .. I also know few Christian friends who live there and the are not complain from any thing there !

    to DIJON who rub their food with bacon ! .. . you will be asked about that in the day of judgment .. Jesus never told us that ! what kind of religion do you follow !
    and you know what .. when they eat what you made they do not gain any sins because in their religion ( Islam) : if you do not know if something is prohibited and you had to do it you do not gain any sin until you know ..
    See ? you are not hurting them at all Mr. Smart !

    We shall care about ourselves and our own business not the others !


    • Let me understand. You want the world to moderate its speech, writing, thought to appease Islamic sentiment? I want to restart the Crusades and take back Constantinople.

      Irritate them? How about eradicating them? Even you would be better off. Maybe, especially you.

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      • I want to destroy mecca masjid and build splendid temple the same way they did to us in somnath. How about cleaning muslim mess in Indian subcontinent. Half of the total muslim population lives here. Purge the world from musljm scum.

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    • Strange fool man, didn’t you know how islam spread all over world?
      People with ISis ideology were key factors in spreading Islam. You just can’t underestimate organization like isis. They are the real islam.


    • Well actually I’m kind of surprised that someone who isn’t Muslim and still knows that much about it and about sin. I’m glad you actually met some nice muslms and have not bad image toward islam.


  3. Such people are not muslims but manipulating islam. Islam does not teach it and these people don’t even know the meaning of Islam (PEACE). Please use your brains and think this is what they want your hatred for muslim and islam how can you be so sure that they are true muslims we do not know such people and their past. Such people label themselves as muslims to defame islam. THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS. in fact they do not belong to any religion.


    • When muhammad was killing innocent people including young children of banu qurenza tribe, when he sent assassins to murder people in mecca, where was Allah then?
      Now, will you tell muhammad was not muslim. My dear Islam is based on slaughtering and rape. You need to look at the islamic base of treachery. All of their khalifas were murdered by their own people. Muhaammd family was corrupted like him. They killex each other for the greed and malice.


    • That is what I say, but I have had one very sensible retort that I must throw back at you…. So, if you are not the same, WHY ARE YOU NOT FIGHTING THEM WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT?


      • Tell me this why there is no war around countries (i.e South Korea, Japan, China etc) of North Korea in spite of so much strict Dictator ship and hatred for other countries. And why there IS war in Every Muslim country around Israel (Palestine, Syria). Every Religion teaches to respect other religions if someone truly believes that he /she will never abuse other religions.I’ve seen so much Christians and others abusing Islam, Muslim and Prophets(may b they r all angels themselves) while I my self can not even think about saying any thing bad about any religion and Their great persons. No religion is bad I’ve seen and read that every religion teaches peace and brotherhood. If a christian in my neighbor kills murder and steals and thinks it is allow for him then it does not mean that I consider all Christians or Christianity bad, no it is particularly that person is bad. May be you all will disagree but 9/11 was UK US plan so that they can have a reason to enter Iraq and occupy all oil resources so that was very successful and now all American and British companies own all oil wells.


  4. A christian holocaust by islamic pigs.
    Working in a restaurant I always rub their food with bacon, makes my day to serve un-halal meat to the fuckers. They don’t want to eat meat that has not been slaughtered in an un-islamic way but think it is acceptable to have children with 11 year olds, they’re only children themselves the sick fucking paedophiles


    • They kill Christians and sell human meat as halal. That is how dirty that cult is… so many are fooled. Constant rapes, spread of AIDS, wearing of diapers due to ruptured anuses from gay sex, fgm, etc… their terror never stops, but the world’s select fools still support Palestine and islam… many claim as refugees when they are decoy isis fighters sent to slaughter the people of usurped towns. Wake up!!! We need to hang to Yahusha/ Jesus Christ, not satan.


  5. Kurds were stooges of the Turks, responsible for a large part of the Armenian and other Christian genocides in 1915. Looks like nothing has changed.


    • Is allah has the power or not.? to irradicate terrorism.may allah will help us to make a terrorism free world..
      wish u all a happy ramdan


      • Are you insane Priya? Being a hindu girl you are praying to a fabricated cult dark god? Either are you ignorant or victim of Love Jihad.


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