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Muslims in Germany Hold Rally for ISIS & Islamic State

Posted by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, on Saturday, August 2, 2014, 9:55 AM

Rayat Al A’qab flag fluttering in Germany.

isis germany

A mass demonstration for Muslims and the Islamic State was held in Germany this week.

isis germany 2

The protesters announced their support for ISIS and the Islamic State in Syria-Iraq.

8 thoughts on “Muslims in Germany Hold Rally for ISIS & Islamic State

  1. If you’re going to support biblical ideas, maybe you should learn the bible, first. There is no “anti-christ” as a man. In the bible, anyone who opposes Jesus is “anti-christ.” It’s not a noun, it’s an adjective.


  2. The anti-christ “fruit” is all around …gay rights …no prayers in schools…the mocking of anything Christian..abortion ….and Islam …The Anti-Christ as a man is yet to manifest


    • Christianity is just as much a piece of shit like every other religions.

      They are all founded on bullshit and fiction.

      There is no sky daddy.

      All religions need to be purged from humanity, it’s just superstitious, childish nonsense.


      • Wish it were that simple, but you cant name an atheist society or city state in the history of mankind. Even Richard Dawkins agrees with this in 2 videos and explains that very clearly our brains are physically made to do religious devotions such as prayer and meditation, which means its in our DNA, installed by EVOLUTION. YES evolution wants us to be theists. Now here’s the funniest bit. Supreme Irony. Atheists want evolution, but Evolution doesn’t want atheists. LMAO.
        So go back in your knowledge of history, think Greek city states, South American city states, Incas Aztecs Olmecs, Toltecs etc, Amerindians, Vikings, Egyptians,India, Chinese city states,
        Not one atheist civilisation can you name, that out competed theist city states.
        If atheism produced better people and societies, then capitalism would have financed atheist cities that would excel, legally, economically, militarily, socially, industrially. And that’s never happened. Oh Blast !

        Distressing isnt it !
        What actually happens is that our natural religious tendencies, installed by evolution, are taken advantage of by State owned and operated religions who recruit most followers as gullible children.They are wrongly convinced that the government religion can broker for them a permanent seat in heaven for a lifetime of obedience to state requirements such as good behaviour, paying taxes, military service etc
        And the only question remaining is what are we supposed to do with our inbuilt natural religious tendencies ? They must have some survival value or evolution would have deleted them.
        Likely you wouldn’t wanna know. Cheers !


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