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Video: During Muslim occupation of India, Sikh heads were cut off and sold for money for non-conversion to Islam

The video reminds us how the Sikh’s remember the “glorious” Caliphate Muslim rule of India.

Sikh history is full of brutality from Muslim rule and influence on their society which is covered up in propaganda in books, films, and media that Muslims produce portraying their brutal invaders as contributors of wealth (which Muslims looted from India), progress, and expansion. However, the brutality continues even today from Muslims and therefore a constant flashback runs through Indian TV programs, films and books from the non-Muslim spectrum of events. Muslims brutally slaughtered an estimated 400 million Indian people according to Muslim historian Firazat. Muslims used to kill the Hindu and Buddhist people merely to cull the population to control growth. It was an easy attack since both Hinduism and Buddhism forbade any killing, whether it was killing of human beings or animals while Muslims did not even care enough to not kill their own family members.

Since Muslims flooded into India from the North the Sikhs, who originate from the Punjab, created a barrier to try and stop their brutal entry at tremendous cost and sacrifice. Honor killing became implemented in the Sikh community from hundreds of years of contact with Muslim culture and laws. India has been psychologically and mentally raped by Islam. Like Africa, India’s struggles are due to Islam destroying the very foundation of the culture and country. Few countries ravaged by Islam ever recover.

Here’s a partial transcript of the video clip:

Narrator: In March 1947 Sikh villages around Rawalpindi came under attack.

Bir Bahadur Singh: In the bushes we could see men chanting Allahu-Akbar (God is great)!. They were waving their axes and spears.

They were very aggressive, very angry, as if they were going to devour us. This was something new for us as we’d lived there for centuries. What had happened!

Narrator: The Sikhs were heavily outnumbered by the Muslims. Their biggest fear was that their women would be taken away, converted and raped [to live lives as sex slaves].

Bir Bahadur Singh: There was a Muslim called Gulaam Rasool who demanded a girl. He said gives us one girl – he was an evil man – give us one girl and I’ll make them go away.

Narrator: The women of the village went into hiding. Bir Bahadur’s father decided to act to save the honor of his village. His teenage son looked on.

Bir Bahadur Singh: The girls were aged 10 and 40 and were very pretty, especially in my area as it was a mountainous area.

First of all… (breaks down) First he called my sister, his daughter amd said, “Daughter Maan come here”. My sister, Maan Kair, who was two years older than me, she was 18 or 19 years old. She sat down and my father raised his sword but it didn’t strike properly. God knows what happened. My sister lifted her braid over her head, and my father angrily pulled her headscarf back and brought down his sword and her head rolled away.

Both my uncle and nephew and my father’s elder brother – who was a big guy all started beheading. All you could hear was the cut cut cut sounds. Believe me, even after 60 years, I still remember that nobody made a sound. They just chanted gods name, nobody ran away, nobody screamed.

3 thoughts on “Video: During Muslim occupation of India, Sikh heads were cut off and sold for money for non-conversion to Islam

  1. This is a re-enactment but it brings home the evil of Islam…those murderers are in a worse place than we can imagine now


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