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Turkish PM Erdogan “is not talking to Obama” after US inaction over Syria and Gaza conflicts to aid Sunni terrorist invaders

In his own words Erdogan professes to be a supporter of the ISIS Caliphate movement. Isn’t this what his own people have claimed all along? How many more reminders do we need to grasp that this man wants an Ottoman empire to return and is doing all he can to make it happen? Turkey’s government is completely in alliance with ISIS and have aided thousands of terrorists to enter into Syria through Turkey’s southern border, posing as “rebels” fighting for democracy. Over 3 million Christians are missing from Syria in this “democratic” war.

The EU fanatics can’t wait for Turkey to gain full EU membership with open borders joining the Muslim world with Europe. It would transform Europe into an Islamic majority state overnight.


Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he’s not talking to Barack Obama

Turkish Prime Minister slams perceived US inaction over Syria and Gaza conflicts

Published: 14:13 July 22, 2014

Gulf News



Istanbul: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he has stopped talking to US President Barack Obama on the phone, amid growing strains between Ankara and Washington over Syria and the Gaza conflict.

Turkey, a fierce opponent of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and an open supporter of armed rebel fighters, felt betrayed when the United States backed away from military action against Damascus in September.

“In the past, I was calling him [Obama] directly. Because I can’t get the expected results on Syria, our foreign ministers are now talking to each other,” Erdogan said in a live interview on pro-government ATV channel late on Monday.

“And I have talked to [US Vice-President Joe] Biden. He calls me and I call him.

“I expect justice in this process. I couldn’t imagine something like this from those who are championing justice,” Erdogan added without elaborating, in an apparent jibe at Washington.

The last phone conversation between the two leaders took place on February 20 after which the White House released a statement accusing Erdogan of misrepresenting the content of the conversation.

A staunch advocate of the Palestinian cause, Erdogan has recently been at loggerheads with Washington over Israel’s offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip that has killed more than 580 Palestinians in two weeks.

Erdogan accused the Israeli regime of carrying out “state terrorism” and a “genocide” of Palestinians and criticised the United States for defending Israel’s “disproportionate tactics”.

The US State Department branded Erdogan’s comments on Israel “offensive and wrong” but the prime minister hit back by saying the United States needed to engage in “self-criticism”.

Erdogan is standing in the August 10 presidential elections that he is expected to win, with analysts awaiting a more assertive foreign policy from Ankara if he becomes head of state.


One thought on “Turkish PM Erdogan “is not talking to Obama” after US inaction over Syria and Gaza conflicts to aid Sunni terrorist invaders

  1. This sounds like typical Erdogan taqiyya. If ISIS establishes an alleged caliphate, it steps on the toes of Erdogan’s Ottoman revival of the Caliphate. Ultimately if ISIS is effective, Turkey seems headed for a head-on collision with ISIS.

    I think it’s rather humorous that Erdogan’s not speaking to Obama — Obama’s fifth best friend in the world…..


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