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Video: The Not So Golden Age of Islam – العصر الذهبي الأسلامي

We are often told of the greatness of the Islamic Golden Age. But how much actual ‘gold’ was there? And why does Islam do so poorly in intellectual work today?

NEVER ever in European history was Islam described as a contributor to the betterment of Europe. On the contrary, it is Islamic invasions that destroyed advanced civilizations. Islamic slave raids, mass murders, arson of European libraries and structures, destruction of European art and culture that forced Europe into a state of poverty and deprivation forcing advanced civilizations to start all over again and to have to rebuild.

Muslims destroyed classical European period including the Hindu advancement, and only kept loot from European and Asian inventions. The Arab world that was the “center of knowledge and culture” was living off European and Asian knowledge and culture, not their own.

This loot is what has been falsely referred to as Muslim “innovation and inventions”. Muslims never invented anything. They stole and dragged their booty around their occupied and invaded territories. Muslims killed, looted and oppressed. Nothing else.



5 thoughts on “Video: The Not So Golden Age of Islam – العصر الذهبي الأسلامي

  1. Please share publicly so no one is in doubt about Islam and its intentions.Be alert, please don’t let anyone else be deceived or killed by these three faced islamic horrors from the 7th century. Who rents your room? Who works for your business? We cannot prevent unless we know. This is a war as the French president correctly called it. They have enough people in the positions of power now which must be why they are attacking to takeover our countries.

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  2. arabs are proud they invented number zero, actually zero was invented by indian guy Aryabhatta who also created geometry logarithms he was a mathematician -astronomer


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