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The Organized Muslim Invasion of Europe

I love the way this piece unashamedly refers to Muslim “invaders”. This is a stark and realistic article.

The Muslim invasion routes are increasingly organized. The networks of Muslim invasion are improving and generate considerable revenue on top of conquered space. France has decided to commence a war against these priory sectors of invasion.

The UN claims that the illegal Muslim invasion racket is the world’s third largest criminal activity measured by the income it generates. The trafficking of Muslim invaders has been in the attention of the French police. In 2008, the law-enforcement authorities dismantled hundreds of human-trafficking networks funneling migrants from China, Africa, Middle East and South America.

On top of the 110 police officers of the l’Ocriest (The Central office for Combating Illegal Muslim Immigration and Employment of Undocumented Foreigners) and the 52 mobile brigades of the border police, the French Minister of Immigration and National Identity has pledged soon to double the number of police officers tackling these networks. To achieve his goal, the minister announced his controversial policy based on incentives for the illegal Muslim immigrants to snitch on their traffickers.

Italian coast guard intercepts illegal immigrant boat

The illegal Muslim trafficking is a network of more or less structured routes. In March, 2009, the Paris Police’s intelligence directorate dismantled a network for Iraqi and Kurdish Muslim by bribes worth $10,000. In May, the l’Ocriest uncovered yet another Muslim smuggling network that shuttled Iranian Muslims to Britain. According to the French police, it costs approximately 3,000 euros for a one-way trip from Greece to France.

Calais invader Muslim arrested

As the European countries strengthen their borders to discourage further Muslim invasion, the business of smuggling Muslims to Europe gets more lucrative, according to the investigators. The Muslim smuggling is a 10,000,000 euro business. The best Muslim smuggling operations provide the forged documents and transportation in the utmost discretion.

The Muslims are coming

In the recent years, the proliferation of Muslim candidates for exile from Africa has lead to a succession of tragedies that have claimed the lives of thousands of Muslim invaders. Many make-shift boats from Libya, Egypt, or Tunisia have been wrecked before reaching the shores of Europe in the Italian coast, while others have luckily sunk off Spain. Furthermore, crossing the Sahara has claimed its share of Black Muslim invaders of Europe.

Genocide in Darfur

Regardless of these various ways, a huge number of Muslim invaders manage to reach France through its overseas territories. Mayotte, Guayana and Guadeloupe have faced massive Muslim invasion for several years.

In 2009 France deported over 29,000 Muslim invaders.

11 thoughts on “The Organized Muslim Invasion of Europe

  1. it is not racist to condemn the mosques and madrassas preaching sharia law that grooms muslims to kill all non believers when they have bred on the nhs lived off welfare bullied women abused children smuggled drugs laundered drug money and funded jihad holy war against non believers – islam has declared war on us so why can’t we criticise and demand deporting of all muslims asap


  2. It is so much worse than that.
    Our politicians are complicit in bringing about the Islamic caliphate because they have allowed Islamic schools where the life of Muhammad, a 7th century warlord who orders jihad, in that the kafir (you and me as non Muslim, and even some Muslims who are of the wrong type of Islamic Muslim i.e.: different tribe) are to be killed.
    The Islamic religion is a political doctrine to ensure that Islam becomes state. In that Islamic state you will be a second citizen even if you do take on Islamic lifestyle. Your house and business will be run according to how Islamic imams see fit as they will own it under sharia law. British law will be subjected to sharia.
    The government has allowed over 2000+ mosques and 3000 madrassas (Islamic schools) Over 85+ sharia courts exist in the UK alone. No go areas where ordinary uk citizens are forbidden to enter are everywhere in London and Birmingham, other areas of UK.
    We need to fight this as kafirs and the first place to start is to dispute the lies being told to us from the Muslim saturated government! plus the multi-culturist Pollyanna’s who have no concept of Islam from the point of view of the kafir Please share this video publically wherever you can.


  3. What happened to you Germans, Swedes, Austrians? What happened to the past greatness of Germany? It seems that only Hungarians, lead by Victor Orban have brains, guts and balls. Why not allow a Victor to advise on the security of Europe, rather than allow an old not very bright fat housefrau to destroy it? The Swedish goon-one-ment could not run a drinking party in a brewery. Keep out the US, nobody needs it. It makes a mess of anything they touch as their understanding of anything is zero. How many wars have they won since the screwup in Korea?


  4. I’ve repeatedly heard or read that Malthus was flawed and Paul Ehrlich has been discredited. Yet the human population of our planet took fifteen centuries, from the appearance of the Christ until the Columbian voyages of discovery, to double. That was then.

    The human population passed the one billion mark around the beginning of the industrial revolution, say 1800, and is now climbing past seven billion. In fact, the human population has doubled in less time than I have been alive. So, Malthus was mistaken and Ehrlich has been discredited, yet the world is awash in excess people, who seek to immigrate to lands where the prosperous residents adjusted reproduction rates to suit our planet’s ability to sustain comfortable life?

    And they are doing this to feast upon the material vastness of the prudent and productive, while they are only re-productive, and are drowning their indigenous hosts with their inbred whelp? And their stated goal is to blanket the world with replicas of themselves and their absurd system of preferences they call Shariah?

    Two generations ago all this could have been, and should have been, avoided by heeding Ehrlich’s advice to curtail all immigration from high birthrate cultures.

    Men of science remind us that all their achievements result from standing upon the shoulders of giants. Yet, we allow critical social decisions, none more crucial to our well-being, indeed our very survival, than decisions regarding population, to fall into the hands of ideologues of spirituality, who have perched themselves upon the shoulders of Pygmies.

    All is not lost, yet. But the longer the West waits, the more brutal the one-and-only cure becomes. And we should not be cutting things so close. It is time to act.


    • You can read the presumed Arabic script?

      Does the Islamic State badge show someone in a turban holding up a human heart upon a fork?


  5. Muslim invasion in all christian dominated or non muslim dominated states is a matter of grave concern . We will have to reduce muslim visas in order to reduce their flux . Increase in muslim population in European countries will put another threat on vast christian and non muslim majority .islam spreads hates , riots , criminal activities and growing population of these muslim will act like a precursor to catalyse all those unlawful activities . The concept of pluralistic society has no more significance in this fanatic age of Islam . The fundamentalist Islam will have to die first before we would accommodate them . Unless Fundamentalist Islam dies the concept of Peaceful Pluralistic society or their prophecy is worthless . If you let these fanatic monster going their way they will again conquer this whole world and finish all non muslims by mass murdering or by prosecution . Remember , only 10 percents criminal islam is enough to kill 90 percents of soft and educated non muslims coz most of the liberal non muslims avoid fight . Its a buggest Islamic vandalism . I m not a fundamentalist but equally i cant tolerate this nonsense Islam which might be a next curse on our live . We cant tolerate this rogue Islam any more . If they want to be accommodated they will have to burn their Holy book which in true sense a first unholy book for all non muslims . Quran is a biggest curse or kinda a sinister designed book to kill the person belonging to other sect


  6. Deport all mualims they are not coming to immigrate like other groups when the europeans came to America and Canada, they came to have a better life
    They were no better then slaves in theirmown countries, and they could get land and have a chance to rise up in the world instead of remaining poor ,

    Some got rich from gold strikes, but no matter why they came they didnt go about screaming and demanding their rights and living off the public purse.


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