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Muslims murder Palestinian gay youth and then riot across Jerusalem blaming Jews for ‘revenge attack for killed Israeli teens’

Muslims always try to stir up problems and create conflicts and division by spreading lies across the Arab world. According to locals Abu Khdeir had been harassed for a long time by other Muslims over his homosexuality. The investigation of the motive and the people responsible for his killing is still undergoing.

Hundreds of Arabs riot across Jerusalem after Palestinian teen was found murdered. Arab rioters believe boy killed by Israelis as revenge for 3 Israeli teens; police tried to clarify motive for crime.

[Times of Israel] Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Reuters that police had received word that the youth had been “pulled into a vehicle and possibly kidnapped” and had set up roadblocks in an attempt to intercept the vehicle.

Police later “discovered a body in the Jerusalem forest and were looking to see if there was a connection between the missing youth and the body that was found,” Rosenfeld was quoted as saying.

Because of its condition, the body was not immediately identified.

Jerusalem police chief Yossi Parienti called on the public to “exercise restraint” and not jump to conclusions regarding the motive for killing, saying investigators had yet to determine whether it was “nationalistic or criminal.”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat condemned what he called “the murder” as a “a horrible and barbaric act which I strongly condemn.”

“This is not our way,” he continued, “and I am fully confident that our security forces will bring the perpetrators to justice. I call on everyone to exercise restraint.”

The incident came two days after three Israeli teens who had been missing for over two weeks were found slain and buried in the West Bank.


Revealed: CCTV shows moment Palestinian boy is kidnapped before being killed

Local people on forums and media pages have claimed that the boy was gay and had been  harassed by Palestinians years before the murder. The boy has been killed in Sho’afat – a Palestinian part of East Jerusalem – what is suspected to be a potential hate crime committed by Muslims against a young man for being gay. Homosexuality is a crime in Islam that calls for murder by all gruesome means to amend being dishonorable in the Muslim community. On captured CCTV footage Mohammad Abu Khdeir can be seen casually walking with a man when a white car stops in front of them. The man suddenly begins to force Khdeir into the car and a struggle takes place before the car speeds off, kidnapping Khdeir.

Gay Palestinians often hide in Israel from being abused, tortured, persecuted and killed by Muslims in Palestine.



17-year-old Mohammad Abu Khdeir murdered by Muslims for being gay. Before he was found burnt to death he had been forced into a car by three Muslim men in Beit Hanina, a Palestinian area in Jerusalem.  [Photo Source: MEMRI]

The so called “oppressed and deprived” people are keen supporters of all forms of oppression and ban on freedom. Does that sound like a people interested in real democracy and rights for themselves and others – or a group tied to fascism and extremism?

What is it like being gay in foreign Jihad occupied “Palestine” today? For a people pretending to be victims of oppression and persecution the “Palestinians” sure know how to persecute their own without any mercy. Palestinian gay men constantly try and escape into Israel – the only existing democracy in the Middle East – to avoid being persecuted, tortured and killed. They live in endless fear. Fear of MUSLIM violence. But Israel is not safe bringing in Palestinians, no matter who they are. And what obligation do they truly have to give refugee to their endless persecutors?

One gay man says in the interview [8:40]: “6 months after I met him I read in the newspapers that someone was murdered. It was he who was murdered. His family came from the West Bank found him and murdered him. Because he was gay.”.

People in Gaza are not allowed to speak to Israeli’s or to mingle or associate with them. How revealing is that about their desire for “peace” or resolving a war they themselves created in the first place in accordance with Islamic Jihad?

152 thoughts on “Muslims murder Palestinian gay youth and then riot across Jerusalem blaming Jews for ‘revenge attack for killed Israeli teens’

  1. can anyone delete or complaint this article its only showing anger, hate, racism and mostly ZIONISM but not facts, We all know Jews are not born with humanity everyone knows dat we are fooled by media and people possessed by hate for muslims Just. look at those videos and sentences this man made everything looks cult, What muslims are the world will know wen time comes then and then we wont be spreading hate and violence like these jews we will bring the world to justice ITS ALL WRITTEN wait and watch!!!


  2. WTF? Where was all the outrage when the three Israeli kids were kidnapped and murdered? Jews have it coming, you frigging hyenas?

    FWIW, I only trust atheists. Thinkers refuse to believe. Believers refuse to think.


  3. The ignorance in this article is on full scale, a lot of things said hear ceases to be true. Th proof that you know of nothing


  4. this is completely irresponsible and FALSE!! police have picked up the murderers and they are jewish men. I am an Israeli jew, and i would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of this boy. its a disgusting, dreadful crime and those jewish criminals do NOT represent me or any of my friends. may peace prevail.


  5. that’s not true, they found the murderers and are being prosecuted now, stop with those lies, show some respect for the deceased boy and his family


    • Hi , I feel deeply bad for this boy but look at the big pictures. Teroristes group in all Palestinian territory kill and send rockets everyday killing and hurting civilians for years now . All the world know it but it isn’t publicize as no ones have the ball to talk and show whats going on. Only this week maybe as it isn’t proof yet that some Israelis will have become teroristes themselves . Palestinians people’s as I know are tired of these groups but won’t fight them for there own freedom , they has been kidnap in there own territories by theses groups . It is tiring to see and live like that. Maybe Palestinians should do somethink about that . Israelites Palestinians live better in israel that anywhere in any Arab country’s .


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