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ISIS CalipHate map reveal India as one of their upcoming targets

This is no surprised. Muslims want control of ALL former occupied territories of theirs, and afterwards they will go for remaining ones. Islam destroyed India’s entire wealth and culture. And like all countries Muslims have occupied, they pushed India into the dark ages of poverty and strife that has been difficult for them to get out of.

Muslims also destroyed Hindu culture to unrecognizable extent. From ages of Muslim association and Islam the Hindu and Buddhist cultural makeup became contaminated into some sort of pseudo-Islam with sharia styled tribal practices permeated throughout the country, alien to ancient Indian culture and missing in their religious texts. These traits, with deep contempt of and inequality for women, rape,  incest, slavery and barbarity which is quite widespread in the country originated from Islamic law that gradually shaped into “culture”.

Muslims kept India under oppression and terror for over 800 years causing the estimated slaughter of at least 80 million people. We think the numbers are much higher but until more historic evidence emerge we will stick to the old estimates.




Iraq unrest: Will ISIS target India? Map shows group’s chilling plan

by FP Staff  Jun 24, 2014 08:20 IST



Even as Iraq reels from the onslaught of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants who have seized multiple cities and towns and taken 39 Indian construction workers hostage, a new map released by the group shows parts of western India as part of a bigger ‘caliphate’ that the group calls the “Islamic state of Khorasan.”


Representational Image. AFP

The Times of India reported that ISIS that has taken over a number of cities in Iraq in a lightning advance is aiming “to create an Islamic World Dominion of which even India would be a part.”

According to the TOI report, the militant group recently released a map, which shows parts of North-west India, including Gujarat, part of a bigger caliphate called the “Islamic state of Khorasan.” The report claims that the outfit is likely to get help from Indian jihadists allegedly fighting in Iraq and Syria. The jihadists, the report says, are likely to return to India and aid the ISIS from within.

The ISIS’ brisk onslaught in Iraq comes two years after the United States withdrew troops from Iraq and left the war-torn nation in the hands of a Shi’ite government led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The Iraq government has failed to prevent the attacks in which scores have been killed and close to a million have fled.

In a piece on Firstpost titled ‘Iraq unrest: Why India needs to worry about the ISIS’, Seema Sirohi wrote: “India, which has the second largest Shia population, is affected in three critical ways by what’s unfolding: it has 10,000 workers in Iraq alone and hundreds of thousands more in other Arab countries, it imports 25 million tonnes of oil from Iraq every year and finally the presence of Pakistani jihadists in the ranks of Syrian and Iraqi militants brings the conflict and Wahabi Islamist ideology closer to India.”

This comes as the return of over 100 Indians has been stalled due to problems with documentation as the crisis escalates.

Read the full report here.


8 thoughts on “ISIS CalipHate map reveal India as one of their upcoming targets

  1. To stop these bustards every Muslims of world must die or be converted to other religion. All non Muslim countries must cleanse their Muslim population with immediate effect. USA should start this at home here then others will follow.


  2. you Isis idiots,what do you think you all are doing ,you all are digging your own graves you barbarians ,don’t think all other countries army will be like Iraq army,they will not even spare a clue that you all existed….you all will be destroyed ruthlessly,Islam is a beautiful religion of peace,love and brotherhood,don’t kill people in the name of Islam,
    and before including countries in your expansion map for 5 years,make sure you all live alive till this year end,anything which will grow very fast shall down in the same speed and the same applies to you mad dogs,soon you all will be resting in peace.happy journey to hell…..enjoy


    • Islam is a religion of violence and death as was muhammad the murderer and pedophile, and idiots like you who don’t understand this will be the first victims, and in fact south asian muslims will help their arab muslim BROTHERS, against their kafir kin, just like they have done every time in history. Pakistan is not a real muslim state, when an acutal islamic state comes, muslims will join them, as they did before, that’s why all south asian muslims love the mughals for conquering and humiliating your country.


    • Not sure how they will get there.
      Doubt they could afford the airfare on welfare and cant come by boat as the Aussies stopped the flood of illegal boat arrivals and is now actively sending the freeloaders back.
      No, I dont think this will be an issue for the Aussies or Kiwis, but they might suffer an increase in actual refugee numbers if ISIS somehow manages to achieve some of its goals.


  3. Admin. – this doesn’t show a lot of countries. What about Africa and Europe. Are there any others that they are threatening to “take over”? Would appreciate a reply.


  4. The Øbyango administration has allowed massive military weapons to pass into the possession of the ISIS terrorists, yet they want to disarm innocent Americans.

    He needs to be removed from office.


    • Indeed.
      A fine career as a janitor at Walmart, Kmart or JC Penny awaits.
      Sure we are setting our sights a bit high for him, but hey, everyone deserves and honest job of work.


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