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The Good Country Index: Muslim countries contribute least good to the world (Data)

This is “shocking”!

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The ‘goodest’ country in the world? It’s Ireland! But Iraq, Libya and Vietnam are worst in index that measures nations’ contribution to humanity

  • The UK is the best country for its contribution to science and technology
  • Outside of western Europe and English-speaking world, Costa Rica is highest
  • Western Europe is the ‘goodest part of the world’, with nine of the top 10 countries

By Travelmail Reporter

| DailyMail

Ireland is the ‘goodest’ country in the world, according to a new survey which measures what 125 nations contribute to the planet and humanity.

The UK made it to the seventh place in the overall index but was crowned as the best country in the world for its contribution in terms of technology and science.

The Good Country Index, conceived by policy adviser Simon Anholt, analyses 35 different types of data from the UN, the World Bank…

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3 thoughts on “The Good Country Index: Muslim countries contribute least good to the world (Data)

  1. What does Islam contribute? Death, destruction and terror. I guess that these attributes come low down on the list of good things.


  2. this is another ridiculous example of ivory tower crap coming out of that waste of prime new York city real estate. Let’s see, the so called 20 more “good” countries above the US would be a pile of rubble or under Nazi control had it not been for the US not once, but in two world wars. lets start there. how about the us provides more aid and security to the world than the 20 nations above it combined. the un diplomats should get in their diplomatic vehicles and drive into the east river.


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