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Muslim gang in court for assaulting American student, smashing his eye socket with a bottle in East London’s Sharia zone

Since the UK government has no intentions of protecting its own people and deporting Muslims, banning Islam, they are obligated to allow the people to protect themselves and carry a gun.

London in 2014 with Muslim mass immigration permitted into the country in millions under Tony Blair’s Labour Party and David Cameron’s Tory Party:


Gang of men smashed American tourist’s eye socket with bottle of Jagermeister he was drinking from after wrestling it from his hands

  • Gang of men attacked student Francesco Hounye, 23, in east London
  • Men snatched a bottle of Jagermeister from American and hit him with it
  • Shocking CCTV appears to show gang beating student up and chasing him
  • Three of the men have admitted GBH following attack last June – with the fourth admitting GBH with intent
  • Samad Uddin, 24, claims it is a case of mistaken identity and denies GBH with intent

By Lizzie Edmonds
Published: 16:19, 24 June 2014 | DailyMail

A gang of men attacked an American student while he was drinking in the street – grabbing a glass bottle from his hands and smashing it over his head, a court was told.

Francesco Hounye, 23, from Florida, had been in Britain for just three days when he was set upon by the men while he was walking home with a friend in Shadwell, east London.

Shaleem Uddin, 20, Shadhat Hussain, 19, Kamrul Hussain, 22, and Massom Rahman, 22, targeted Mr Hounye when they saw him swigging from a bottle of Jagermeister.

American student Francesco Hounye, 23, centre, was walking home with friends when he was attacked by a group of men. They chased him before snatching his bottle of Jagermeister and smashing him over the head with it

7 thoughts on “Muslim gang in court for assaulting American student, smashing his eye socket with a bottle in East London’s Sharia zone

  1. What??? Under Sharia [the way of the Muslim] correcting the behavior of infifels, by what ever means (blade, bludgeon, bomb, what-have-you) isn’t illegal at all, in fact it’s laudatory. But, no. These pious, socially motivated pillars of oue best community are being castigated by a man-made statute. The people beloved by Allah are seething in indignation at this Kaffir injustice!! Expect a bloodbath, you stinking enemies of Allah. Allahu Akbar!! Behead them all!! Allah can sort them out latter.


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