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Swedish health authorities discover every girl in one class had undergone genital mutilation: report

Appalling dhimmitude: Children in Britain are taken by their teacher to visit a local mosque. Here they are taught to supplicate to a medieval tribal warlord who built his entire life around brutality and crimes; rape, carnage, invasions, hatred and enmity against every community around him, horrendous abuse and murder of women, racism, sodomy of infants, theft and robbery, greed and cruelty. Photo shows how British children learn to pray to that tribal man, and to honor him.



Fifteen years ago many Swedes would not have known that primitive practices so debased, that people willingly mutilate small children – only female children of course – by cutting their entire clitoris and vagina out, did even exist. Today, their own country is covered in a culture that belongs in the dark ages.

Its very dangerous for a country to import this kind of culture. The Swedish government must be made responsible for breaking human rights laws.

The danger of importing this type of savagery, whether from immigration or foreign occupation, lies in it eventually being accepted as common or normal. The children in the West who grow up in a Muslim infested society today will take for granted that Muslim culture is an abnormal and sick culture built around a brutal, tribal warlord. They will become accustomed to it and be less inclined to find it shocking and appalling, after being desensitized from repeated exposure to Islamic cultural practices since childhood. They will find it normal that women should be hated so much that they should be covered – or face rape or abuse. They will find

You will find evidence of this kind of psychological and social damage in India where Muslim practices for the past eight hundred years have blurred the lines between Islamic culture versus Hindu culture. Hindus themselves have become practitioners of prophet Mohammed’s legalized ideals of slavery, honor killings, sexual assault on women, hatred of other people, justified murders, mass slaughter of animals – all which are completely alien practices to their own religion and cultural past. The Hindu religion itself is a vegetarian one built on veneration and respect for all life, including plants, nature, animals and all people. It’s hard to believe when you look at Hindu society of today. Hinduism completely opposed any of these Islamic ideals and activities which are now blended into their culture and is now accepted as a common norm freely adopted by Indian people, alienating their own cultural heritage.



Swedish health authorities discover every girl in one class had undergone genital mutilation: report

Sixty cases were found in an eastern Sweden school, according to newspaper report. Nearly half had suffered the most extreme type of mutilation.


BY Deborah Hastings


Friday, June 20, 2014, 5:12 PM

Egyptian barber Hassan Hafez mimics his procedure for performing female genital mutilation in this 2006 photo. An entire class of girls in one Swedish school were found to have undergone such procedures.

Egyptian barber Hassan Hafez mimics his procedure for performing female genital mutilation in this 2006 photo. An entire class of girls in one Swedish school were found to have undergone such procedures.


Swedish health officials have revealed a stunning scale of female genital mutilation at a school where every girl in a single class had been subjected to the procedure.

Sixty cases have been found since March at a school in Norrkoping, the Norrkopings Tidningar reported according to several media translations, including one by Britain’s The Independent.

Of the 60, nearly half of the girls had undergone the most extreme form of female circumcision, in which the clitoris and labia are cut off and the vagina is sewn up to leave just a small opening.


Tara Todras-Whitehill/Reuters. A woman in Egypt holds pamphlet detailing the harm caused by female circumsion, handed out during an education program.Sweden was the first Western country to prohibit the cutting of girls’ genitals, a practice most prevalent among African and Muslim populations. In 1999, Sweden banned parents from forcing female children to undergo the procedure overseas.”We’re working to inform parents that they could face prison if they come back and their children have undergone female genital mutilation,” Petra Blom Andersson, student health coordinator in Norrkoping, told the newspaper.

This image is only available in Getty Images offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany (Austria, Switzerland via Germany), and Australia.

SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images. A young woman attends a female genital mutilation seminar in Nairobi that warned of health and emotional dangers of such procedures.

A common practice is for immigrant parents to take their young girls to their home country, where the ritual is performed. Most often it is done with a razor blade or a knife, and without anesthesia.

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  1. We don’t expect to have something impossible. Islamic expulsion is not impossible. If enough people want their expulsion, their expulsion there will be.


  2. I resent that first picture of English girls on their knees, prostrate before amused Muslim men, IN a bloody Mosque. Had that disgusting photograph included my daughters I believe I would murder the scummy, Islamo-sycophantic teacher that took them there, to be infected with this disgusting, retarded religious ‘ethic’. Not convinced ?? check out the link. TALI HATUEL .this tells all you could ever want to know about infandous Islam and its filthy adherants.


  3. Yet again moslem women prove that they are the stupidest creatures on the planet – they ‘submit’ to a religion which declares them to be dirty and inferior, then they raise their children to follow this evil shiite(!) – when it comes to cleansing our world of the mudslime menace, the old adage is best: Women and Children First!


  4. I’ve had it! I’m getting to the point that the next time I spot Muslim males with women dressed in burkas in tow I’m going to execute the males on the spot. I do not require weapons of any kind to mete out this just and absolutely necessary action for the good of humanity…

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