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Muslim rapists in Sweden ‘enjoy impunity’ – Amnesty International

Sweden’s far left socialist politicians are a sight to see. They don’t care at all about the safety of their own women and children who are now the foremost victims of rape in the entire Western world. Raped by the immigrants the EU HQ in Brussels keep forcing on their country. Sweden also has the highest annual asylum and immigration rate in all of Europe. And guess what kind of immigrants they get pouring in?

When former EU commissioner Margot Wallström was interviewed in Swedish radio by journalist Maria Johansson and got asked about the high rape incidents in Sweden created by immigrants – pushed onto the country by socialist Brussels bureaucrats like herself – Wallström SCORNED and LAUGHED at the report. Margot Wallström found the numbers of women and children raped by Muslims amusing and unrealistic. But they are government statistics and it is her duty to be well versed in government statistics.

Listen to former EU commissioner Margot Wallström LAUGH at Swedish women and children being raped by Muslim immigrant criminals that she and her useless Brussels bureaucrats import into the country in this radio interview held on March 23, 2014. You can hear Wallström trivialize the rape of her people at 10:10 mins into the interview. This is the kind of people running the political landscape today. Unfortunately we do not have a transcript of the full interview.

But when talking about rape in other countries she had no problem associating Muslim rape waves in Syria and the Arab Spring as a tool to seeking power through spreading fear. How come she cannot connect the dots in her own country, especially when the perpetrators have the same background and use the same weapon?

Former EU commissioner Margot Wallström laughed at Swedish female and child rape victims subject to brutal Muslim assault in a Swedish radio interview. Wallström opines that Muslim rape, or as she calls it ‘Arab Spring rape in the Middle East’, is a male tool to create dominion by fear and intimidation. Then how come when the same Muslims rape Swedish women and children, she is incapable of recognizing the same tool used for dominion in Sweden? When Muslims rape women and children in Sweden the far left blames it on social factors and paint the perpetrators as victims, even if Muslims are no poorer than Swedish people in the same social class and situation who do not spend their time raping people.


Roughly 75-80% of all rapes are committed by Muslims, and roughly 65% of all extreme assault rapes are committed by a 14% “immigrant population”. Muslims now make up roughly 6%-9% of the population. The exact number is not clear since there are many illegal Muslims roaming free in Sweden. Muslims themselves insist their population is double to the official Swedish figure.

Over the past ten years there has been a 58 percent increase in reported sex crimes and according to the National Council of Crime Prevention (BRÅ), it is now statistically more likely for a person in Sweden to be sexually assaulted than robbed.

Laughing at Sweden’s severe rape statistics demonstrate how out of touch these overpaid and underachieved Eurocrats are of the situation and the permanent damage they create to the countries around them.

A cruel joke appointed Sweden’s EU representative Margot Wallström to the position of UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict in April 2010. What if Wallström learn to deal with the issues first and foremost in her own country before pretending to have any grasp of rape in other countries?

Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

As if political cruelty could not be more bizarre for Sweden, another rape loving dhimmi Cecilia Malmström, is appointed in Brussels to flood the entire Eurozone with more and more Muslims. For some reason Malmström seems to assume Muslims who persecute other Muslims – a specialty amongst the followers of Islam – can somehow not be relocated to another Muslim country. They simply MUST be relocated to a Western, non-Islamic country where they then have to force Islam on society. They clearly had no genuine intentions to really want to get away from persecution. And consequently the child sex grooming, the hate preachers, schools of indoctrination funded by people’s tax monies, the torture of animals, the extremism and the Muslim rape waves just keeps escalating year after year.



Swedish rapists ‘enjoy impunity’: Amnesty International


Sweden needs to do much more to clamp down on rapists, according to reports from Amnesty International and the United Nations. Jennifer Heape examines the disparity between the country’s high incidence of rape and its low conviction rate.

Sweden’s image as an international forerunner in the fight for gender equality has been damaged by recent reports comparing rape statistics across various countries.

A recent study commissioned by the European Union (EU) found that Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe.

And an Amnesty International report on rape in the Nordic Countries took Sweden to task last autumn for what the human rights organization saw as an abysmally low conviction rate for rape cases.

Released in September 2008, the Amnesty report – Case Closed – examines issues surrounding rape and human rights in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Despite Sweden’s considerable emphasis on women’s rights, currently ranking an impressive 3rd place in the UN global gender-related development index, instances of reported violence against women are showing no signs of abating.

In fact, statistics published by the National Council of Crime Prevention (BRÅ) show that the number of sexual offences reported from January to August 2008 saw a 9 percent increase compared to the same period in 2007.

Amnesty’s most damning criticism of Sweden relates to the considerable disparity between the number of rapes reported and the conviction rate.

Case Closed highlights the damning evidence that, despite the number of rapes reported to the police quadrupling over the past 20 years, the percentage of reported rapes ending in conviction is markedly lower today than it was in 1965.

Sweden’s profile in terms of violence against women has also attracted concern from the United Nations.

As UN rapporteur Yakin Ertürk comments in a special report released in February 2007, there is a notable discrepancy “between the apparent progress in achieving gender equality and the reports of continued violence against women in the country.”

The statistics are certainly alarming. Results from the annual, government commissioned National Safety Survey (NTU), which is conducted by BRÅ, indicate that the actual number of rapes in Sweden in 2006 was estimated to be close to 30,000.

If this figure is correct, then it indicates that as few as 5-10 percent of all rapes are reported to the police.

Equally disturbing is the statistic from BRÅ stating that in 2007, less than 13 percent of the 3,535 rape crimes reported resulted in a decision to start legal proceedings.

Over the past ten years there has been a 58 percent increase in reported sex crimes and according to BRÅ, it is now statistically more likely for a person in Sweden to be sexually assaulted than robbed.

The phenomenon of alleged offences not formally being reported to the police or dropped before reaching court is termed ‘attrition’.

Amnesty slams the Swedish judicial system and the prevalence of attrition within it, concluding that, “in practice, many perpetrators enjoy impunity.”

In analyzing attrition and the failings of the police and judicial system, Case Closed draws attention to “discriminatory attitudes about female and male sexuality,” which may cause police investigators to “assume that women who report rape are lying or mistaken.”

This in turn brings up the notion of ‘real rape’ and the ‘ideal victim’. Researchers for Amnesty found that frequently:

“Young (drunk) women, in particular, have problems fulfilling the stereotypical role of the ‘ideal victim’, with the consequence that neither rapes within intimate relationships nor ‘date rapes’ involving teenage girls result in legal action.”

Helena Sutourius, an expert in legal proceedings in sexual offence cases concludes that, in Sweden, “the focus appears to be on the woman’s behaviour, rather than on the act that is the object of the investigation.”

In addition to challenging victim and crime stereotypes, perceptions surrounding ‘typical’ perpetrators must also be considered. The UN Special Report discusses how there is a widespread belief that the type of men who commit intimate-partner violence are not typical, ‘normal’ Swedes.

They are usually imagined as somewhat ‘deviant’ – unemployed, uneducated, alcoholic or from non-Western backgrounds, and so on. However, as Ertürk challenges: “In absolute numbers, the vast majority of the perpetrators of intimate-partner violence are ‘ordinary’ Swedish men.”

In a country where women’s rights feature high on the public agenda, there is a pervasive “fear of public shame – being regarded as a tragic failure in a country of supposed gender equality” especially among well-educated and successful Swedish women, which creates yet another obstacle for the victims of violence and rape, the UN report concludes.

Lina Plong from the National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence against Women (NCK), based at Uppsala University, tells The Local:

“There is a real concern as to why the instances of rape and violence are not decreasing, despite the law becoming more strict and there being more public information available than ever. We need to concentrate on educating those professionals working in the area.”

Amnesty has also condemned the limited amount of scrutiny of and research into the quality of rape crime investigations in Sweden as, “a serious shortcoming that needs to be addressed immediately.”

The Case Closed report states that, “while an impressive level of gender equality has been achieved in the so-called public spheres [in Sweden]…this achievement seems to have halted at the doorsteps of private homes.”

In its conclusion, Amnesty blames “deeply rooted patriarchal gender norms” of Swedish family life and sexual relationships as a “major societal flaw” and a reason for the continued prevalence of violence against women in Sweden.

34 thoughts on “Muslim rapists in Sweden ‘enjoy impunity’ – Amnesty International

  1. Sweden needs to kick out their fascist politicians. They need a working class party to protect the rights and needs of the working class. The whole muslim immigrant situation is to use them to incite fear to build a police state where they can have absolute control over the working class, drive down wages and create world slavery. We need a working class revolution to kick out the muslims and their capitalist enablers.


    • Bro I am from India And It is true Most of the Rapest and Murder and Smugglers are Muslim Even we Hindu Don’t fell safe in our land And This this Are not show by Media

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      • Aryan, Islm does this wherever it goes. It’s called Tahhurash Gamea. The news show it differently, of course. I know Hindus are being framed; but then I know a little of your history with Islm. Before the world was watching. Now Islm has innumerable smaller targets; like Myanmar, Israel, all of EU, all of Africa, USA, Venezuela, & every other country that is still free. I have utmost respect for Indian People. I look forward to the time when Islm is no more; & whatever knowledge that can be found that was lost & stolen in the last 1400 yrs can be given back. All the science from Hindus, including that taken by the West; albeit not in a conquering mass-murdering way.

        We must find a way to share that we’re all experiencing the same thing. We’re all isolated & threatened to keep quiet. We’re like siblings in a family that has a father that r.apes different children every night; & each is told to keep quiet. We all know, though. We must stop the bullies from stopping us.

        USA is att acked for African slavry of less than 300 yrs ending 150 yrs ago. Taking the land from the Indians. Islm has infiltrated those groups (BLM was founded by a Mohammedan), feminists, LGBT, antifa, our schools, our government. The liberal elite & their followers say we must give up our guns, allow open borders for all (Mohammedans) who want to come. Like EU. Of course, Islm has enslaved Europeans, Asians, & Africans for 1400 yrs & counting; & wiped out 400 + Hindus in a genocide attempt over 100s of years. The Armenians kiled by the Mohammedan Turks had their heads


  2. Im 100 % Swedish and 100 % muslim 🙂 It’s the best religion of all times. It stands for love and compassion. I love my husband who is also a muslim (born in the middle east)
    And no, I dont wear a hijab.
    And no, he doesnt hit me or rape me.
    And yes, he treats me very well.
    Thank you.


  3. I hope the viking day is coming again, where nordic women can kick the hell out of these cunt muslim immigrant. 🙂


    • You should know that Vikings sold women (captured Brits & Celts) to Ara bs 1400 yrs ago. Find “Islam’s Role in the Viking & Atlantic Slave Trades” on the site islamandwesterncivilisation (dot) com. Yes, it’s spelled with an “s.”

      Seems wherever Islm goes, it trafficks humans.


  4. Why not issue to every woman a plastic sack containing remnants of pigs. When the Muslim rapes the woman he will contaminate himself. And the smell would not be that much more offensive than the odor of fish found in many women’s vaginal areas today.

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    • Whatever works to keep yourself safe. Can’t understand why some would vote this down. Pigsblood or rape and violence. Pigsblood it is. Better yet, put a drop of pigs blood in your perfume. Spray it on all your clothes. Get a supersoaker with water and pigsblood mixed in it. Mix a drop in your fingernail polish and scratch them. The possibilities are endless. And it does not have to intrude into your enjoyment of life. If enough women did this, they would be forced to at least consider that their next intended victim might be the one that bars them from those virgins.

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  5. What you are writing ignores the fact that Sweden counts much more as rape and more often, than many other countries.
    For instance if a husband rapes his wife for a couple of years Swedish police may record say 300 incidents of rape, whereas in Australia this would be considered one incident of rape.
    Also many more non-consensual sex acts, including those where a person who is raped does not defend themselves, are considered rape.
    Also rape is recorded for men as well as women which is not the case in many nations.


  6. Jews did this to you, jews are trying to destroy the white race, if you want to end this you must fight Israel and the perverted jews throughout the world. Its time get jews out of the world. A jew free world is a prosperous and peaceful world

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      • Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Christians had no prophet who declared that he was made victorious with terror, and for his followers to slain kafirs and wage jihad. Only Islam idolizes a mass murdering pedophile who lives by invasions and robbing people and taking booty. Your argument is absurd,

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  7. Hi The Muslim Issue

    We are willing to help combat rape in Sweden through education and training of prevention and self protection strategies. We can collaborate with local organizations if supported. Our initiatives are working to stop rape in Kenya,Eastern D R Congo and in March we trained 117 anti rape trainers in Cape Town.

    In Kenya we have directly and indirectly reached 2 million target population and in Congo trained 400 trainers.

    Duncan Bomba

    Dolphin Anti rape and AIDS Control Outreach.

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  8. Why is it never commented on, in the media, by the E.U, by the U.N, that, in Sweden, even, on the rare occassion a person IS convicted, (of ANY crime), the sentence is merely a laughable farce?

    You could convict 100%, but if all they gaet is the threat of being kept in a Swedish health spar, admittedly, with bars…. (Iron AND wet(!),) suspended for 6 months, then it is NOT a bloody PUNISHMENT.

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  9. Sweden is going backwards in crime and the cost of high immigration is heavy on their welfare system, yet there is a blackout against speaking out because it is seen as “hate talk”. All the hating is being taken care of by the immigrants! This social experiment of a multi-racial society, a global ideal of peace and harmony, isn’t working. Yet, the social control over the media means that the Swedes must be silent, and keep their mouths shut or they are called “racist”. By deferring to the non-Westerners, they are forced to become second-rate citizens in their own country.

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    • Speaking from what I’ve viewed it looks like most of these refugees are young, adult, military age men in good physical condition who are not interested in assimilating into the Swedish culture but instead are determined to force Sweden into an Islamic state. To bad they didn’t show the same commitment in their country, or they would in all likelihood still be living there.

      Choice is my family or the people I am trying to help and putting my family on the back burner or moving them all the way off the stove. I pick my family, every time. If it comes to being called a hater, I will wear that label proudly before I will elevate a guest in my country to a position of preference over my family.

      There is something terribly wrong and skewed when you are forced to alter the very essence of your being to placate an immigrant or a refugee or won’t even learn your language or respect your customs and people.


    • Women and girls in Sweden need alot of help. Despite the law being strict, rape is rising at alarming rates. Dolphin anti rape and AIDS Control Outreach is ready to help if requested and supported. We use education and training of prevention and self protection strategies to combat rape and this is perfectly working in Kenya,Eastern D R Congo and Mauritius. Recently we trained 117 anti rape trainers in Cape Town and they will start working in their communities and schools soon.

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