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Audio: UN minister for women’s issues, Margot Wallström, laughs at Swedish victims of Muslim rape

They certainly don’t think like the natives. Muslim immigrants from Africa residing in Norway find nothing wrong with rape. EU politicians deny the existence of the problems in Europe, although police reports paint a completely different picture. In Sweden, the incident of rape per capita is now second only to Nigeria. The creation of these massive crime additions to society are solely due to lenient immigration policies.

In the video link (below) this conversation took place between an African Muslim and a Norwegian journalist. The African mentality of pure acceptance to rape as a ‘natural’ occurance is almost surreal.

African Muslim immigrant: … because we from Africa we don’t like to talk to Norwegian boys but we like Norwegian women. As we come from Senegal we like the Norwegian women because in African culture we respect the women but not men.

Norwegian Journalist:
You respect the women? But some of the Norwegian boys just said the [Africans/Muslims] attack [rape] the Norwegian women?

African Muslim:
Ahh…yeah, sometimes this happens. We attack [rape] when we drink too much. Then we have to attack [rape] but if we don’t drink we don’t attack [rape] them. We respect them.

Norwegian Journalist:
Ok… but when [you] are touching them without them accepting it?

African Muslim:
I feel good, I feel good, I feel good, I feel good! (laughing and friends laughing in the background).

— African Muslim immigrant from Senegal being interviewed by Norwegian journalist.

To hear this exchange take place in English listen to the YouTube video at the bottom of the page at 13:48-14.32 mins.

What will the punishment be? Generally, the left wing structure for punishing criminals is to provide them with social housing, free education and more welfare payments.

The left wing stanglehold on Sweden is scary. Both the media and the politicians are enablers of medieval Islamic barbarism.

No wonder rape is an attractive pasttime entertainment to Muslim males. Muslim appearances on daily crime sheets are quickly pixelated and protected in the media while the occasional native is immediately exposed. Muslim culture of barbarism is kept alive to fester. Muslims are aided to build more mosques serving as centers of indoctrination throughout the country. They socialist creed almost fall over each other to defend Muslim honor murders, legalized Islamic incest, drug peddling and gangs, burkas to keep women in check, murders, rape, torture of animals, halal decapitations – any barbarity acceptable within the Islamic “culture”.

The hold country is held hostage to an extreme socialist left mindset. Swedish journalists do everything in their power to distort facts for their readers. For example, when a journalist at left-wing Aftonbladet, the second largest newspaper in the country, was confronted with police statistics from Norway demonstrating a 100% immigrant based source for assault rapes committed in Oslo, journalist Martin Aagård called it a “far-right lie” built on “fraudulent figures”. This despite the fact that the statistics come directly from the Norwegian police and included a public statement on television.

Senegal-Finland-Rape-BillboardDespite this fact that the (Muslim) immigrants are habitual rapists and murderers in their own countries, the Swedish government keep importing more people from these violent countries. Photos of billboards (below) are from Africa.

Sweden’s rape statistics have become unmanageable following the government’s persistent importing of Muslims. A government report from October 2013 revealed that Muslims violently raped 300 Swedish children and 700 Swedish women within the first seven months. The government did nothing to address the issue. On the contrary, the Swedish government unveiled a plan to import even more Muslims.

Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be victims of rape in the next twenty years. The nation with the lowest crime rates in the world pre-immigration era, is now the foremost Western country with assaults and violent rape.


A Swedish reader sent this report to us:

Listen to former EU Commissioner Margot Wallström LAUGH at Swedish women and children who are brutally raped by Muslim immigrants. These are the same criminals Brussel’s bureaucrats in the EU imports into the country. In this radio interview from March 23, 2014, you can hear Wallström trivialize the rape of her people [at 10:13 mins]. Unfortunately we do not have a transcript of the full interview.

“Ahhh well, that is just… it just sounds completely mad. I don’t know… it doesn’t sound sane [laughs]. Well I don’t know where those [rape] figures come from.”

Margot Wallström, Swedish UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, reacting to 2010 UNODC reports that Sweden is amongst the foremost [Muslim] rape nations in the world.

The figures come from the government body, the National Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) report 1996:2 page 107. And in 2010 the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime declared Sweden as one of the world’s most prominent rape nations.

When discussing rape in other countries Wallström found no problems associating Muslim rape waves in Syria and the Arab Spring to vivid descriptions of condemnation, calling it “a tool to seeking power and dominion through spreading of fear”. She refuses, however, to connect the dots in her own country especially when the perpetrators come from the same background and use the same tool.

When Muslim men rape women and children in Sweden the far left blames it on social factors and paint the brutal perpetrators as the main victims. The leftists don’t mind even blaming the victim, enabling Muslim males to continue festering their barbaric hatred and contempt of women. Muslims are no poorer in Sweden than the natives and don’t live in cardboard boxes. They have equal opportunties and access to education and the work force as everyone else. They just don’t want to take part to these opportunities, apart from collecting and acquiring free services and handouts. Reason being that it is, generally, culturally unacceptable in the Muslim faith to mingle and associate with kafirs, the unbelievers, in everyday life.

The former EU Commissioner and current UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict Margot Wallström.

Radio Interview Highlights:

Unfortunately we have not received a full English translation of the audio clip. However, the interview bring up subjects, statistics, and references we have published many times on TMI exposing this problem. The highlights have been emphasized by our reader.

— Margot Wallström: (Rape) is a silent, efficient, and inexpensive weapon. Following the Arab spring (rape) is clearly seen as an efficient tool to spread fear and terror, and to dominate and control an area [2.25].
— In 2010 Margot Wallström was appointed FN representative to monitor women’s rights during and following political conflicts [2.50].
— Norweigan NRK media announcement: All violent assaults in Oslo in Spring was committed by men of foreign background [4.10].
— Swedish media avoid to mention background of rapists discussing latest police reports: Rape is on the increase in the capital. Since August 2010 to August 2011 rape and attempted rape had increased by 60% compared to the previous twelve-month period. This development is of deep concern to the Swedish police [5.05].
— Swedish Democratic Party (SvD): ‘We have investigated the ethnic background of criminals, since the seven political parties in the parliament and the feminists always deny the connection of ethnic minority backgrounds and overrepresentation of violent crime like rape and assault. We insist that statistics indeed confirm that men from ethnic backgrounds are 6 times more likely to commit a crime than a native Swede.’ [6.00].
— Prior to 2010 elections Jimmy Akerson (SvD) emphasized that investigations into court judgements revealed that ethnic minority males are 600% more likely to commit rape than a native Swedish male. Although ethnic minorities comprise only of 14% of the population they committed 65% of all assault rapes [6.40].
— Swedish Democratic Party: ‘…(studies show that) racially motivate hate crimes, specifically targeting Swedish victims, appear to be the main motivation behind ethnic [Muslim] rape and assaults.’ [7:20].
— Who is responsible for the consequences? Could the responsible (authorities) be held responsible for the hundreds of thousands Swedish rape victims? Could Margot Wallström be taken to account that Sweden, once one of the safest countries in the world, in 2010 got declared by UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) as one of the worse rape nations in the world [9.55].
— Margot Wallström laugh at the rape statistics that Swedish rape victims are subject to Muslim attackers and Sweden has surpassed many African countries in rape per capita. Wallström says she has never heard of the UNDOC statistics [10:13].
— African Muslim is asked by a journalist why they are touching [raping] Norweigan women without their consent, to which the man from Senegal responds, “I feel good, I feel good, I feel good, I feel good!” [13:48] (in English).

23 thoughts on “Audio: UN minister for women’s issues, Margot Wallström, laughs at Swedish victims of Muslim rape

  1. Analyzing the rape poster I note that there is anti aliasing on the words showing they have been added to an existing image (the words are fake) and also why would they use English and not the local language. FAKE FAKE FAKE


  2. This disease is affecting the rest of Europe as well. Unless EU rises upto the threat, islamisation is going to make things worse for it


  3. you do realise fascists are one of the few groups in Sweden protesting this? The elite does everything to stop fascists sharing their side of the story. Nordic Resistance movement would never support this rape wave, and the elites would never adopt policies of Adolf Hitler who would have protected his own people.


  4. Reblogged this on Voice in the Desert and commented:
    And the solution is so simple. Just make assistance of any kind, only available after five years of legal residency of which minimally two have been spent working. Asylum seekers are put in barracks with males and females separate so no breeding takes place, for a maximum of six months for the processing of their application, and sent back to await the outcome if longer than six months, to make room for new asylum seekers. Any pregnancy during the application process will void it.
    And, of course, we could also treat Muslims here like they treat non-muslims in their countries. Special tax for everything, lawful discrimination, including being subject to random violence without being able to do a thing about it.


  5. There is nothing worse in this world than socialism. Socialism = death.
    Left-wing parties raise taxes for working people, invite millions of migrant from Africa who will never work and will live at the cost of government wellfare.
    That’s why economy is dying and immigration problems appear. I guess, there would be much less migrants willing to move in EU if they knew that they would have to work hard here, obey the laws and respect local traditions.


    • Right-wing US politicians have provided privy to national policy determination and threat appreciations to Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Every time Americans purchase foreign petroleum products, we fund the purchase and sale of influence on both sides of the aisle. Only Americans lose elections, prudent hedging advances the other ideology regardless of voting outcomes.

      There is a remedy.


  6. Here’s a tip – find out what suburb Margot Wallström lives in, then ascertain what percentage of that suburb are Islamic. You guys would have a censis available online to do this.


  7. The Satanic elite are planning to destroy society via a war between Muslims and the educated, rational world. They want to rebuild with a one world government which they control. Once they have that, they will kill and kill and kill.


  8. This is absolutely horrendous and disgusting…why is this allowed?? I watched a true story on the UN the other night and this from them doesn’t surprise me, in a part of Russia years ago the UN and the ppl that worked with them were involved in the rape torture and murder of many young girls!!!! One police woman who worked for the UN for a while, tried to stop this, she was sent back because of that, had proof it was happening but nothing was fixed and she still can’t get a job today….why more isn’t being done in this country I will never know, the UN and the political party of this country should be dismantled….why the men over there aren’t doing more is beyond me…what is our world coming to????


    • I can not understand why Sweden government let these crimes occur… I am a Persian man and two of my brothers are living in Sweden for more than 10 years. Unlike global opinion about Iran, most of Iranians are not Muslims and just are living under the influence of a Islamic government. According to Islam rules, firstly, drinking alcohol is forbidden and more importantly rape penalty is death. In my opinion, most countries under influence of Islam have poor cultural values and also wrong traditional frame of minds. When they come to a country such Sweden, they think they can do anything in the name of FREEDOM! Freedom for most of people which coming to your country (from Africa and some of Asian countries) means perverting, drinking, and do anything like an animal.


      • Women…hello? Carry a 9mm with you where ever you go. Problem solved. It’s not rocket science. Quit depending on the idiots in Govt. to protect you. it will never happen. Carry a weapon and kill the bastards if they come near you. End of story.

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