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Saudi employer stitch the mouth and eye shut on his Christian foreign maid

From Libyan Christians, Facebook


This young lady had her mouth and left eye sewn with plastic threads for professing her faith. The young girl, who was a servant in Saudi Arabia professed that Jesus Christ was her personal savior. This did not go well with her master who ordered his men to sow her mouth so that she will never say that again. Her left eye was sewn too, as a warning. This is the highest level of religious intolerance in the Muslim world. Let us pray for her to be healed and be saved from her pains.
One cannot stop wondering why a particular religion will sort to inflict pains on others just because they wont believe in their god.Let us pray together for our brothers and sisters all around the world!



23 thoughts on “Saudi employer stitch the mouth and eye shut on his Christian foreign maid

  1. believing just about everything posted on the net is dump. almost 90% of internet is crap and waste of bandwidth anyways. there’s no way this happens for the causes specified in this post because we muslims at saudi believe in jesus as a messenger and we do understand that some christians think he’s son of God, others think he’s God himself even though that’s totally not true. you are just hating we got petrol… admit it ya faggots


    • I have news for you. It’s all make-believe. There is no such thing as an after-life. There are no such things as spirits, ghosts, witches, angels, devils, sorcerers, goblins, jinns or whatever. But there are millions of fools, dupes and crazy people being herded along by conmen.
      By the way, how would you describe yourself?


      • And yet 70% of the universe is made from ‘dark matter’ – which scientists are unable to detect . Quarks and other particles are coming in and out of existence everywhere , even in our own bodies, all the time. How anyone can make any definitive statements about the non-continuation of consciousness after physical death shows the pure ignorance of a closed mind


  2. The problem here is not Islam vs Christianity, it is that some “adults” still believe in imaginary friends….


  3. they are members of the pig family, are cowards hiding behind masks and fighting children and women.They are the lowest vermin on earth and out Lord GOD is watching them


  4. The filth which is islam (spit!), and the subhumans who are muslims (spit!), need to be wiped & eradicated from the face of the earth.


  5. Reblogged this on My views on Obama and Islam and commented:
    The Saudi’s are a bunch of crapass human beings that believe they are better than the rest of the world and as far as I am concerned deserve to be allowed to die in their own ignorance! And we are friends with these degenerates? That’s a shame.


  6. Non-Muslims should fight back. These Muslims will cause lot of problems in few decades. Violence is a way of life for Muslims. Countries like US keep giving billions of dollars to countries like Pakistan that support terrorism. By giving billions of dollars US is encouraging terrorism against non-Muslims.


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