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Video: Young American model reveal human slave trafficking and kidnapping of women within America funded by Saudi royalty

With thousands of misogynist and violent Saudi men and sex predators now being allowed to arrive on student visas to the U.S. under Obama’s new rules, safety for young women in colleges and Universities couldn’t have stooped lower. The number of Saudi students in the U.S. in 2013 grew to 44,566, a nearly 30% increase from 2011, largely fueled by a new scholarship funded by the Saudi government.

This young aspiring model in the video reveal how she was approached by a woman pretending to operate a “modeling agency”. The agency did in fact not exist. And the woman was a human trafficking and slavery recruit paid by Saudi royalty looking for sex slaves in America to be brought back to Saudi Arabia.

There has even been witness accounts in early 2000 where Saudi royal family members arrive in private planes and attend parties with models. The unwitting models are then invited to dine with them and don’t understand that they are being led to be kidnapped and transported back to Saudi Arabia where they are kept hostage. Several women have disappeared in this way and no one knows where they are.

As we mentioned yesterday the U.S. State Department has been aware of these kind of ‘white slave’ trafficking for many years yet have done nothing to facilitate oil contracts with the savages in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most prolific slavery nations, after India and Africa. There is no crime to enslave a woman, especially if she is a non-Muslim. And women are considered male property meaning they have no way out of the country unless they have the written consent by a male guardian. A male guardian can even be a male child aged 5-6 in charge of adult women if an adult male is not available.

This Saudi student in Texas was arrested in 2012 for plotting a terrorist attack in the U.S. Evidence put forward at Aldawsari’s trial in Amarillo, Texas, showed that he was carrying out online research on ways to build an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) using various chemicals, says the U.S. Department of Justice.

Slavery in Saudi Arabia:

  • A 25 year-old Indonesian guest worker will have several of her fingers, toes and part of her right foot amputated because of gangrene after being tied up for a month in a bathroom by her Saudi sponsor.  The Indonesian Embassy noted that 2,000 housemaids have been repatriated to Indonesia so far this year, with many alleging maltreatment, nonpayment of wages or physical abuse. [Hassan Adawi, Arab News, Jeddah, 23 March 2005]
  • American women who have married Saudi nationals and are inside the kingdom along with their female children – some of whom have now reached adult age – are subjected to a situation in which another person or persons have complete control over their lives, with all rights and attributes of “ownership.” They were forcibly abducted or kidnapped in clear violation of the laws of other countries and court orders issued by other countries. They were removed from their country to a country beyond the reach of law enforcement and court orders. [Pat Roush, March 15, 2003]
  • It’s shocking, especially for a graduate student and owner of a religious bookstore – but not particularly rare. Here are other examples of enslavement, all involving Saudi royals or diplomats living in America. [Daniel Pipes, New York Sun, June 16, 2005]
  • A leading Saudi government cleric and author of the country’s religious curriculum believes Islam advocates slavery.  “Slavery is a part of Islam,” says Sheik Saleh Al-Fawzan, according to the independent Saudi Information Agency, or SIA.  In a lecture recorded on tape by SIA, the sheik said, “Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”  His religious books are used to teach 5 million Saudi students, both within the country and abroad, including the United States. [WorldNetdaily, November 10, 2003]
  • Countries in the Middle East have been named as the worst culprits of human trafficking. A new report by an international trade unions’ umbrella organisation says Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are notorious destinations for women trafficked from Kenya. Its report, ‘Trafficking in Persons — The Eastern Africa Situation’, notes that women and children were favourite targets for well-organised trafficking rings, which operate freely for lack of solid laws against the vice. [Patrick Mathangani, The Standard, May 11, 2007]
  • The Saudi government has denied a recent report released by the US Department of State ranking the kingdom as one of the largest human traffickers in the world. [Mariam Al Hakeem, Gulf News, Riyadh, August 13, 2006]
  • She describes her constituents as women who  …have married Saudi nationals who were sent to the United States to study in our colleges and universities. Once they accompanied their Saudi husbands back to Saudi Arabia, they soon found out that they lost all civil rights and became prisoners. Their children fall into that same category of slavery and are denied even the basic human rights.” [A version of this column by Ilana Mercer was published by The Hudson Institute, June 19, 2003]
  • Point by point, I discussed the findings of a unit of the United Nations which had documented a terrible truth. Here it was, late in the 20th Century, I told the crowd, that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, according to undisputed details of the U.N. unit, each had huge numbers of BLACK CHATTEL SLAVES. Saudi, according to the findings, had about one hundred thousand such slaves and Kuwait about fifty thousand of the same. [Sherman H. Skolnick, 22 March 2003]
  • Not only should the US Government support and provide assistance to citizens held against their will; but we should examine why we are supporting a dictatorship that is holding MILLIONS of persons against their will. The Kingdom of Saud is guilty of imposing virtual slavery upon the women of Saudi Arabia. Not only American service personnel are victims; and victims they are. Americans, not allowed to have religious observances on holy days, women not allowed to drive or dress as they wish when leaving military bases, not alowed to be in possion of another Holy Book, the Bible. [John Randall Peacher, Jul 14, 2002, comment on item: Hearing on “Should the United States Do More to Help U.S. Citizens Held against Their Will in Saudi Arabia?”]
  • President Wahid: Slavery Widespread in Saudi Arabia: He expressed concern that many Saudis may treat their Indonesian servants as slaves and sexually harass them.  Many Indonesian women who have worked abroad come home with horror stories of being raped and badly treated by their foreign bosses. [Indonesian Observer, JAKARTA, March 2, 2000]
  • We are continuing a limited investigation of the nonparental abductions of US children by Saudi princes. We have interviewed past Saud family palace domestic slaves who have been assigned to care for child sex slaves primarily kidnapped from the US and Northern Europe. It seems procedurally after being routinely processed by the Saudi Arabian Government upon entry the children are immediately brought to the respective palace where they are indoctrinated through a brainwashing practice. The suborning technique through a system of rewards and punishments includes US child sex slaves being given a Saudi name while their US name and religious beliefs are expunged from their mind. If the children use their US name or religious beliefs at any time thereafter, they are severely reprimanded with further conditioning. In tandem, the US State Department policy is that it refuses to investigate US child sex slaves within Middle East unless they are given the US name of the child. [Herb Mallard, Co-Chairman, Americans Against The Sauduction Of Washington, Issue #17]

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  2. The real story of U.S. historic involvement in the Middle East is not about “protecting Israel” (what a laugh), promoting democracy or protecting the U.S. from al Qaeda. No, it is about protecting the Saudis and their oil, money and lifestyle.

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