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UK in 2014: Muslim gets doctor to carry out female genital mutilation in a London hospital – fully funded by the Government

Tony Blair introduced and filled Britain with Muslims and terrorism. Blair is personally responsible for allowing millions of Muslims into Britain during his political tenure. Millions of immigrants into the UK never even had background checks. Tony Blair has become the most hated man in British politics.

For years primitive Muslim savages who have been allowed to reside in Europe have traveled as medical tourists to the UK to comply with African sharia genital mutilation on children and women so that they can never have sexual sensations. To give you an idea how truly sick British society is today, in 2014 – not 1014, thanks to Muslim mass-immigration:

These savage practices of mutilating children and women have not taken place in some secret back alleys, but have taken place in hospitals, completely to the consent of the British medical system! The Whittington hospital provides government funded NHS services – meaning the British tax payers paid to mutilate these children. All on Muslim demands to exercise their “religion” and “culture”. What culture is evil?

Only Muslim men are allowed to have sexual sensations. And only Muslim men can be free to rape and utilize their urges on anything and anyone as they please, like a derange rabid dog.

Soon a sight in British hospitals imported by former Labour PM Tony Blair: small toddlers laid out in a row after their genitals are removed with a razor while no anesthetics are used. After the procedure heals up they barely have a hole left for urine to pass through. Many end with life threatening infections. An adult Muslim male can then marry these “pure” mutilated children and rape them, tearing their small passages open by force. This is one of the many Muslim ‘cultural practices’ that are being protected by the extreme left and socialists, justified under the right to “cultural sensitivity”. Do not dare to object to the practices of Muslim tribal culture or you are branded a “far right fascist”.


Doctor will be tried in first prosecution under Britain’s ban on female genital mutilation

Dr. Dhanoun Dharmasena is accused of sewing shut woman’s private parts. Operation occurred at London hospital.

Friday, March 21, 2014, 3:59 PM

FILE PHOTO Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images A doctor from London’s Whittington Hospital will be the first person tried under Britain’s Female Genital Mutilation Act, authorities announced Friday.

LONDON – A doctor will be tried for carrying out female genital mutilation on a patient after she had given birth at a London hospital in Britain’s first such prosecution, it was announced on Friday.

Dr. Dhanoun Dharmasena is accused of carrying out the procedure by restitching the vaginal opening of a woman.

The procedure – known as re-infibulation – was allegedly performed after she gave birth at the Whittington Hospital in November 2012.

[Stitched together: Barely even a hole to urinate through. Deliberate barbaric Muslim mutilations like this are paid by the British government for cultural and religious “rights”. Is this truly culture – or is it pure evil? And exactly how much freedom should evil have?]

“Having carefully considered all the available evidence, I have determined there is sufficient evidence and it would be in the public interest to prosecute Dr. Dhanoun Dharmasena,” said (2003),” Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders.

A second man, Hasan Mohamed, is charged with encouraging an offense of FGM, contrary to the Serious Crime Act, and of aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring Dharmasena to commit the offenxe.

Dharmasena and Mohamed will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on April 15.

The Crown Prosecution Service also announced it had decided not to proceed with four other cases it had been examining because of insufficient evidence. Prosecutors are still considering four further cases of alleged FGM and are in discussions with police on two other investigations.

Although FGM was made a criminal offence in Britain in 1985, there has never been a prosecution. The maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment.

17 thoughts on “UK in 2014: Muslim gets doctor to carry out female genital mutilation in a London hospital – fully funded by the Government

  1. This is utterly ridiculous.
    I am a female Muslim and I am knowledged in my religion AND THIS IS NOT PART OF ISLAM.
    Under no circumstances is this allowed , it falls under the category of mutilation and mutilation is not allowed under shariah law. I admit this is done by muslims and it is wide spread in certain muslim countries but this is a cultural and tribal practise. It was no done in the time of the prophet, it was not
    done in the last islamic state which was turkey and its not practised by the residence of the the most holy site in our religion in saudia arabia, medina and mecca to be precise.

    I would recommend you actually pick up a Quran or the read a book about the life of the prophet before you throw political propaganda and sit there bagging out another religion when you are completely and utter uneducated in the matter. For a matter of fact if you were to read the life of the prophet or the quran you would know the advantages women have how high their standing is in the eyes of god and in the eyes of real god fearing muslim men
    The first scholar was a women, the first person to fight women, the first person to get a devorce was a women in islam

    I would reccomed you listen to a lecture by shiekh kalid Yasin A EX CHRISTIAN american born scholar
    You can actually listen to his lecture called cirtical issues facing muslim women which actually goes into detail about the wrongs of circumcision

    Educated yourself before you speak thing that are false cause god is great and everyone will be held account for what they say on the day of judgement


    • Ninety percent of females in Egypt have been subjected to FMG. Other name of FMG is female circumcision. Go look at videos of cicumcision on Youtube, all Muslim women say they do it because of Islam.

      One does not need to read Quran or listen to a Sheikh to know Islam. Islam is a way of life, so what Muslims do in Muslim countries is Islam. Non-Muslims are concerned about Muslim terrorism and not what Quran says or not. All the Muslim terrorists also claim they follow true Islam.

      You may be a convert to Islam. Converts have just joined Jihad. Only 2 converts have committed suicide bombing in the name of Islam.

      Just search Muslim father rape on the Internet and read the hits.

      Every day Muslim women are killed in the name of honor. Go read Islamic news on Emirates247 website.

      One Muslim woman killed a teacher in France today.


  2. For Muslims Islam is a way of life. Muslims kidnapped over 200 hundred girls in Nigeria and forcably converted them to Islam. The whole world is watching. This will encourage Muslims all over the world to do same thing. Non-Musims need to wake up and hit back.

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  3. What fucken bullshit! Only dimwits Like you will believe this shit. Trying to make Islam look bad to people who don’t know much about it. You should get your genitals cut off.


  4. That is disgusting poor kids it shud be stopped shouldn’t be able to do things like that they don’t ask for it.


  5. Muslims believe girls without FMG will be unable to control themselves sexually even when the are in burqa. Sewing up just to make absoultely sure a Muslim girl never have sexual intercouse before marriage. I girl can do sexual things even if she had FMG. Religion can’t control sexual desires, impulses.


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