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Sweden’s growing Islamic problem: Muslim is living under threats for advocating interfaith collaboration

The lenience and incompetence of the Swedish police in dealing with their Muslim problems is simple mind-boggling and rather scary. Sweden is saturated with dedicated Muslim jihadis who stand ready to kill for Allah. Or terrorists, as the media likes to call them to try and trivialize and divert reality to the general public and separate them from mainstream Muslims. But jihadi’s are no minority. Jihadi’s comprise of the overwhelming majority of Muslims no matter where they are. Jihad is a life duty and obligation for all Muslims or they are seen as kafirs.

According to Muslim claims in Sweden, the country has nearly 50% more Muslims than official government statistics reveal. The government statistics claim Sweden now has over 500,000 Muslim so the actual number could be close to 1 million Muslims. Over 85,000 new  Muslims are legally brought into the country every year through the ridiculous and severely abused asylum system.

Sweden’s population grew from 9 million to 9.5 million in the years 2004-2012, mainly due to immigration from “countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia”. 16 percent of all newborns have mothers born in non-Western countries. Employment rate among immigrants: a mere 54 percent. Price per young unaccompanied asylum seeker: up to 2,300 USD per day. 175,000 new asylum seekers and family reunifications are expected in 2012-2013, which is an extremely high number when compared to the size of the country’s population. Magazines and newspapers remove the ability to comment on internet articles related to immigration. Sweden experienced a shocking 5.6 percent Muslim population explosion [no pun intended] in only 8 years.

Most undocumented Muslims have entered illegally through forged passports printed in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and many even within Sweden. These forged documents come with valid numbers taken from the actual government database meaning the documents show up as verified. This activity has been created by all the thousands of Muslims who have been given jobs within security, police and immigration positions. Last year a Muslim was arrested at the Migrationsverket (immigration department) in Malmo for facilitating authentic numbers to false passports for thousands of illegal and violent Muslims who was believed to be living in Malmo.

It would of course be fairly easy to control by instant and permanent deportation of entire families and communities who violate immigration laws, and a demand for iris and 5-finger scans for all applications and verifications for entering the country and on any use of government documents or verification but which the Swedish government does not bother to implement.

So the country is covered in illegal jihadis just waiting to create a slaughter-fest out of the Swedish people. Muslims have already assured that they are aligning themselves for a future takeover of Sweden where there will be no choice for the people but to convert or be killed under Islamic rule.

Hotad. Basil Majrad, ordförande i Yaman Al Said Islamisk förening har hotats och knivattackerats för att han förespråkar samspel mellan alla religioner. Här tillsammans med föreningens sekreterare Farid Naji. Foto: Tony Persson

Threatened. Basil Majrad, Chairman of the Yaman Al Said Islamic coalition has been threatened and knife attacked because he promotes interaction between all religions. On the photo, together with the Association’s Secretary Farid Naji. Photo: Tony P

Threatened and knifed because he is ‘cheating islam’

[Google translate] Basil Majrad fear for his life. He is threatened and has been knife attacked by a man who claims that Basil is cheating on islam that he advocates cooperation between people irrespective of religion.


Basil Majrad takes off his jacket. He wears a bulletproof vest during the day. It is always on now since he was attacked with a knife at his kiosk in Skultuna (Sweden) on February 20. Three masked men attacked him and it became a fuss. Basil was stabbed in the arm but not seriously.

The event was reported to police but the preliminary investigation discontinued due to the fact that the police have no suspect.

But according to Basil, it is a man from Stockholm who wants him. Basil is the Chairman of the Islamic Association Al Yaman Said on Nirmala a in Västerås and this he advocates cooperation between people, regardless of religion. He holds an open house in the society’s mosque in Viksäng and he likes to visit the Christian Church.

– “The Church and the mosque are both God’s home. I try to teach people to go in peace. We will listen and help each other regardless of religion. But anyone who tries to attack me don’t like what I say, wants people to live as enemies.”

Friday, March 14, he was receiving threats by telephone. The man who called is the same man that Basil say is responsible for the knife attack, and had first asked for Basil in the mosque and even door knocked at his home but Mrs. Basils did not open the door.

– “I tried to tell him that we live in Sweden, I am Swedish, that you can not do this here. But he said that this is between you and me and that this is bigger than Sweden. He said he will purify me, that I may live. He calls me a kafir – infidel (unbeliever in religious contexts, eds note),” says Basil Majrad.

Basil takes threats very seriously. He was attacked early on 11 January, an event that was not reported to the police but took place outside his home in Viksäng.

He was saved thanks to a neighbor who saw the incident and shouted from his balcony.

Basils three children have not been in kindergarten in two months. The wife does not want to go out, afraid that something will happen. Basil has difficulty working and difficulty sleeping. The fear is ever-present.

This week a letter was handed to the police, in which the Chairman of the Association that Basil is member of, asks the police to protect him.

– “I need help,”said Basil.

Per Ågren, Chief Operating Officer for the police in Sweden, would not comment on Basil Majrad’s case.

– “It is a notable issue and we are working on it,” he said.

But he said generally in this type of case an assessment is made in which the police examine the security needs.

That the preliminary investigation was closed down on the knife attack on Basil in February is not set in stone.

— “A case that is closed is not farther away than it can be picked up and opened again, should new incidents start happening.”

9 thoughts on “Sweden’s growing Islamic problem: Muslim is living under threats for advocating interfaith collaboration

    • XX Islam poisons everything it touches.XX Yet the Swedes, and in fact, the whole of North Western Europe, still insist on drinking from the bottel with the skull and crossed bones embalzoned on it.


  1. Any terrorist or anti-Swedish residents should be stripped of their status and sent back to where they came from – or their parents came from. Sweden has been too idealistic, open hearted and compassionate. Unfortunately Islam doesn’t recognise some of these social justice concepts.


  2. As the article states, the situation in Sweden has for many years been at odd with reality. From a neighboring country the general Swedish attitude seems suicidal. The Swedes hasn’t been in contact with life’s harsh realities since the wars with Denmark around three hundred years ago. Today they have lost all sense of self-preservation and are steering towards a national melt-down.


    • My Grandmother was Sammi. WAY up North in Sweden. WHAT she would think of the Stockholm dicatorship now I do not wish to think about.

      But a few words from Thin Lizzy come to mind “First I drew my pistol, then I drew my rapier….” (Whiskey in the jar)


  3. muslims have an unusual understanding of Western concepts, such as collaboration, totally at odds with Western understanding. The only collaboration with non-muslims that muslims allow is submission to allah and subordination to his followers, the muslims.


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