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Women in Pakistan: Christian girls are raped by Muslims

from agenzia fides,

Lahore (Agenzia Fides) – The rape of girls belonging to religious minorities is a very common phenomenon in Pakistan. Christian women are a prime target, because the most vulnerable and defenseless. The majority of cases are not even reported to the police and, when it happens, the perpetrators of violence often go unpunished.
The Christian community is still shocked by the recent case of Sumbal, a 5-year-old Christian girl, raped by a group of Muslim men on a street in Lahore. The mobilization of activists and Christian organizations to seek justice remains very strong.

Another recent case reported to Fides by the NGO CLAAS (“Centre for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement”) concerns a Muslim man from Lahore who attempted to rape two Christian girls, sisters, aged 1 and 3. The mother worked in the house of a wealthy Muslim, where also Allah Baksh worked, who began to harass her sexually. After the woman’s refusal, the man was caught red-handed while trying to rape the two girls. Baksh was arrested following a complaint, but the police are putting pressure on the girls’ parents to withdraw the complaint.

A few months ago another case aroused indignation: that of a 9-year-old Christian girl who suffered a gang rape by three young Muslims. Violence against children are committed with ease, explains a source of Fides that assists victims, especially because the perpetrators remain unpunished: injustice fuels the vicious cycle of violence.

In 2004, a case that caused uproar around the world was the brutal rape of a-two-year old child Neha Munir raped because her father, Munir Masih, a Christian, refused to convert to Islam. After a long ordeal, Neha’s family fled to Canada. Neha has become a symbol of all the abused children in Pakistan.

The NGO LEAD (“Legal Evangelical Association Development”), which is dedicated to promoting the social integration of Christians in Pakistan, notes that Christian women are being denied every human right and dignity. In particular, Christian girls are often treated “as a commodity”. According to data gathered by Fides, each year there are approximately 700 cases of girls belonging to religious minorities (Christian or Hindu ) who are raped or kidnapped, even for the purpose of conversion. The “All Pakistan Minorities Alliance” (APMA ), has created a special legal team that provides free legal assistance to religious minorities, such as the families involved in these cases of violence. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 07/03/2014)

9 thoughts on “Women in Pakistan: Christian girls are raped by Muslims

  1. wohho!! “koool man”, if a person(muslim) commits such crime as rape, you guys reproach religion, instead of condemning his act and asking for punishment for such person you are doing racial/religious profiling . Such a person is a heinous bloody criminal only, neither muslim nor related to any relegion. please help yourself by visiting this link which shows statistics of rape

    so by “your definition” of blaming religion instead of culprit, Christians are worst as statistics have shown rap ratio is highest in Christian countries. and which brotherhoodplan they have in mind even google doen’t know..


    • I m from India. I agree to what u say. In our country, if statistics are to go by, 70% rapists are muslims… mind u, they are only 15% of our population. There’s also a new trend, called love-jihad, wherein muslim boys pose to be Hindus, marry Hindu girls and after the 1st wedding nite, tell them to convert to Islam or live in shame. Later, the girl is sold to traffikers… and they move on to the next girl. This is not a one-off incident. Its a pattern. The truth is so horrific, that it sounds like fiction. Islam is a threat to humanity and it must be banned in the world. Why Can’t world unite to eliminate this sect permanently so that humanity lives in peace!


  2. mean’t to add muslims are supposed to live under a countries laws until their numbers are sufficient to change them to The Sharia by whatever means necessary . Always remember Sharia allows better still mandates lying to non muslims when the truth would not facilitate the cause of Islam


  3. Share your thoughts
    500,000 Muslims being immigrated to America. Did u vote for that.? Of course not. They will not integrate into our culture but rather want to dominate and force Sharia law upon America. multiculturalism is not working folks. You only need to look at Europe. Have you seen Paris lately? Jews Christians priests infidels are being slaughtered, Christian churches burnt to the ground. Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood ” now for the truth of their secret doctrine to destroy the west from within. Take a look around and see the mosques going up all financed with money from Saudi Arabia . Many home grown terrorists have come from them.Families are naive as to what is taken place in America, they are just so preoccupied trying to make ends meet and raise their children. Look at Europe now and in a generation America will be like that. Do you want that for your children and next generations of America folks? I do not. Join Act now a non violent association to prevent Sharia law and radical Islam from making further inroads into our towns, cities, schools and universities and government . I have no issue with the peaceful or so called moderate Muslims that want to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. Where is their voice in condemning the atrocities that are occurring? Their voice is silent and that speaks volumes on the secret doctrine “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood ” to destroy America again just google it and form your own opinion . When good men and women are silent evil always win folks. Stand up and be counted today .


    • .” I have no issue with the peaceful or so called moderate Muslims that want to integrate into our culture and follow our laws.”
      This is anathema
      I would challenge your definition of moderate muslim – if you mean one that follows the koran and the sira and sunna of their prophet then this moderate is by no means moderate
      and if you mean one that doesn’t follow the koran and sira and sunna of the prophet — then he is not muslim but apostate and in all sunni /shia definitions worthy of death

      The Law of Sharia jurisprudently prevents any Islamic Reformation and the Gates of Ijtihad are closed……The exercise of critical thinking and independent judgement is no more – in sunni Islam.
      Islamic scholars are supposed to find an analogy from earlier scholars and apply that ruling to whatever problems arise.

      The koran is regarded as the perfect eternal message of Alla and no further information or interpretation is required so I am afraid there is not much hope for Islam
      I would urge caution when discussing Islam,for a start all discussions have been made assuming their hermeneutics are the same as ours,something they have been using to bluff us.
      eg… Islam is a religion of peace and wants the world to live in peace
      what this means is For their to be world peace Islam must be the dominant religion and the whole world live under sharia law, and the use of the sword is recommended. Sura 9 abrogates all the peaceful verses in the koran
      The koran and ahadith hold nothing good for the Infidel/kafir (western civilisation take note)

      Muhsin Khan, the translator of Sahih al-Bukhari, says God revealed sura 9 “Ultimatum” in order to discard restraint and to command Muslims to fight against all the pagans as well as against the People of the Book if they do not embrace Islam or until they pay religious taxes. So, at first aggressive fighting was forbidden; it later became permissible (2:190) and subsequently obligatory (9:5). This “verse of the sword” abrogated, canceled, and replaced 124 verses that called for tolerance, compassion, and peace.

      The Egyptian theologian Abu Suyuti said that everything in the Quran about forgiveness and peace is abrogated by verse 9:5, which orders Muslims to fight the unbelievers and to establish God’s kingdom on earth.

      You have been warned


    • errrr,,, excuse me? i’m a muslim and proud and lemme tell ya sommit, all those people who rape gals and force them 2 convert do not represent islam. so do not bring the sharia law into it, ok? cuz every 1’s different and those men will be punished inshallah!!


    • A true follower of Islam cannot be “peaceful” or “moderate”. Islam is not mis-interpreted by these jihadis. That’s the correct interpretation of it…. if some muslim appears to be moderate or peaceful, he is either following takiya (lying in an anti-Islam environment and hiding his true intentions) or he simply is not religious… and they will do love-jihad (muslim boys marrying non-muslim girls), breed like pigs and the moment they will have a sizable population, they will start demanding special rights for their community.. Later a time comes when u r in a minority and they are majority. That day, your rite to live as a human being is over. I m from India and I bring this message…Islam is a threat to humanity and it must be banned in the world. Why Can’t world unite to eliminate this sect permanently so that humanity lives in peace!


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