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Video: ‘Non-muslims are Criminals’, says London-based hate preacher Hani Al-Siba’i

With leadership like this, the British people hardly need additional enemies. This man will certainly never go down in history for any noticeable accomplishments. Except perhaps, forgetting his own daughter in a pub which his security guards had to turn around to pick up who had been kept safe and entertained by the bar manager [Guardian June 2012 – ‘David Cameron left daughter behind after pub visit’]. Says a lot.



London-Based Islamist Hani Al-Siba’i: France Loves the Taste of Muslim Blood

London-based Islamist Hani Al-Siba’i said, in an address in which he criticized the new Tunisian constitution as “atheist,” that the Tunisian rulers were trying to curry favor with France, which “relishes the taste of Muslim blood.” The address was posted on the Internet on February 7, 2014.

Following are excerpts from the address:

Hani Al-Siba’i: The [Tunisian] constitution equates the Muslims with the criminals. Allah said that any person who is not a Muslim is a criminal: “Shall We treat the Muslims like the criminals?”


All the talk about the Tunisian National Guard, the security of the state, and terrorism… What is this?! They are fighting windmills, and the reason is that they are trying to curry favor with France, which loves drinking blood. France relishes the taste of Muslim blood, especially the blood of the Tunisians.


The [Tunisian rulers] relish the taste of blood. They offer it as sacrifice in order to get closer to their Great Satan – the U.S. and the West. They say: “Oh Ashton, here is the blood of the Tunisian youth. We present it to you as an offering, with the blessing of that atheist constitution.”

Ghannouchi declared so himself. Referring to the ratification of the constitution, he said that they were the defenders of secularism, atheism, heresy, and man-made rule.


Non-muslims are Criminals says London-based

17 thoughts on “Video: ‘Non-muslims are Criminals’, says London-based hate preacher Hani Al-Siba’i

    • I think this will start you on the right track Bill
      Hard to believe this tw*t runs my country, but then again Obama runs America. Two great nations, two total assholes.


  1. Share your thoughts
    500,000 Muslims being immigrated to America. Did u vote for that.? Of course not. They will not integrate into our culture but rather want to dominate and force Sharia law upon America. multiculturalism is not working folks. You only need to look at Europe. Have you seen Paris lately? Jews Christians priests infidels are being slaughtered, Christian churches burnt to the ground. Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood ” now for the truth of their secret doctrine to destroy the west from within. Take a look around and see the mosques going up all financed with money from Saudi Arabia . Many home grown terrorists have come from them.Families are naive as to what is taken place in America, they are just so preoccupied trying to make ends meet and raise their children. Look at Europe now and in a generation America will be like that. Do you want that for your children and next generations of America folks? I do not. Join Act now a non violent association to prevent Sharia law and radical Islam from making further inroads into our towns, cities, schools and universities and government . I have no issue with the peaceful or so called moderate Muslims that want to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. Where is their voice in condemning the atrocities that are occurring? Their voice is silent and that speaks volumes on the secret doctrine “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood ” to destroy America again just google it and form your own opinion . When good men and women are silent evil always win folks. Stand up and be counted today .


  2. On my planet, believers outnumber thinkers. Is this because planet Earth is being used as the asylum for the nut cases of our galaxy? Presently they wander the grounds, so how do we coax them into cages?


  3. “La ilaha “allah”, Muhammad rasul al-Shaitan.” There is no god “allah”, and Muhammad is the messenger of Satan. “allah” never said anything. A barking spider says more than the imaginary bloody moon-god ever could, and makes more sense when it does so. And speaking of barking spiders, Sibai certainly resembles one, and smells even more like one. One day Sibai and his fellow terrorists are going to find themselves looking down the poles on which their heads are mounted. May that day come soon.


  4. Whats happened to the fighting British Spirit? The Brits are simply letting their country turn into an Islamic Sewer. Get off your arses and start fighting back, If not for you ,but for the sake of your kids.


    • We are being misled by the media and politicians. I think we Brits still have that fighting spirit, but there is an element at work which is feeding us BS.
      Modern-day proletariat are subjected to inconsequential news that doesn’t affect their personal lives, and that has become the norm. I read an article on the Brussels Journal entitled The Triumph of Cultural Marxism which talks about the emasculation of the Swedish male and also a vision of free global migration of labour -the prediction seems to be coming to pass – now look at Sweden’s muslim rape epidemic, and more. Unless we are aware of how much we are socially manipulated we will always fall into these traps, which I believe are quite deliberate attempts to reduce the cost of global labour, mobement and production. Islam is the ideal vehicle for this if you think about it, as very strict regime. I now believe there’s a forced conversion at work, but it will come with a hefty price tag. The time is coming for the ordinary person to stand up and think “Churchillian”. Too much UN and EU is slowly but quite deliberately killing democracy


  5. I don’t really give a flying f**k what any damned muslim has to say. We all know that according to their Koran ( book of Satan’s teachings), it’s not only fine to kill infidels, it’s actually demanded of these stinking animals.


    • David dhimmi Camoron is a Traitor and Baby Killer and should be arrested and jailed. Churchill would not have put up with Islamic bullshit. All western countries need real leaders not Muslim BUTT LICKERS.Our current leaders will be personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of their country men .They will be guilty of MURDER ,and aiding in the destruction of western society.


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