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Video: Muslim Uighurs terrorising civilians in China

The usual Islamic behavior all over the world, be it Russia, England, USA, Myanmar, India, Africa, Spain, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey – you name it. No one is spared this Middle Eastern Nazi ideology, this satanic cult – in lack of better wording – that cloaks itself in religion.

China does not update the international community on the massive number of Muslim attacks they endure regularly. Only recently did we find that over 300 terrorist attacks had taken place in China over the past year by Uighurs. The exact same argument Uighurs use in China is being used by Muslims to attack Israel, Myanmar, Thailand and other regions: the endless Muslim claim of victimhood and being the persecuted minority, although they tend to be illegals, who only defend themselves and will continue doing so “unless” and “if” (there is always one stipulated by them) they can take over a sliver of the country as “their own”. Then it would all ‘end’.

… but they never end their violence or their terrorism. They never intend to end it. It’s their duty to terrorise. It’s a tactic Muslims use for jihad. They merely increase their terrorism to demand more and more control of a region or nation. That’s how Islam works. Always aiming at overtaking and ruling. Never forget: the sole aim is to kill kuffars – the non-Muslims – until not a single one remains and only Islam exists.

Dhimmi libtard Guardian give their slant on the events:

4 thoughts on “Video: Muslim Uighurs terrorising civilians in China

  1. Before too long, Chinese patience will run out and any Muslim still foolish enough to show himself will wish he never had.
    Same for any such is Russia, also.
    I’ve a few friends in both countries and am told there is massive dissatisfaction with the continued antics and behavior of thier Mulslim welfare leeches.
    Do not be surprised if the Western world is soon inundated with new waves of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” literally booted out of China and Russia for good.


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