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Muslims convince Black and Latino prison converts (Prislam) they are ‘reverts’ – ancestors of ‘victims of Christian persecution’

Victims of Christian persecution?? That according to a Muslim Latino convert calling himself SPEARIT in his published “social study” for ISPU on the growing number of Muslim converts in prisons across America, who are turning into home-made terrorists (although SPEARIT leaves this fact out). Which is of course the whole intention with these conversions to begin with.

IPSU’s website says: “ISPU is an independent, nonpartisan think tank and research organization committed to conducting objective, empirical research and analysis about American Muslims and Muslim communities around the world on issues including U.S. foreign policy, national security, the economy, and public health.”

“Currently, SpearIt serves on the Leadership Board for the Prison Program at SLU and serves on the Board of Governors for the Society of American Law Teachers; he is also working on his book entitled, Raza Islamica: Prisons, Hip hop & Converting Converts in addition to book chapters for The Muslims in U.S. Prisons and Religion and American Cultures.”

The “study” is of course funded by Muslims. The report acknowledges funding support from the “American Muslim civic engagement Fund at the Chicago community trust”.


Apart from SPEARIT’s self-induced fantasies about the horrid Christian persecution his ancestors, the timid, peaceful and good Muslims, must have endured when they were ambushed by the extreme Christians until they were forced to convert SPEARIT has published an amusing account called “The Waning Pulse of Islamic Radicalization in America” and “Supremacist Terror Rising, Islamic Extremism on the Decline“. These two articles have no more place in reality than the first one. In the Waning pulse of radicalization the only thing waning is SPEARIT’s reasoning ability. Muslim fascism and fanaticism to commit jihad (murder other people for not bending to Allah) has in fact only increased more than ever. And rapidly.

SPEARIT does admit in “Muslim radicalization in prison” that “Today, Muslims are arguably the most proactive litigants among religious followers in prison.” Of course they are. They want to spread their agenda. To push for changes in laws to plant the seeds of Islamic supremacy everywhere.

When people refer to Christian battles they rarely do their background check on history from that age, and bring forth the fact that nearly all of these battles were a defense to fight Islamic expansion, their worldwide Caliphate that enslaved and oppressed non-Muslims under horrendous suffering.

Terrorism began with the birth of warlord prophet Mohammed, who himself said in the Bukhari: “I have been made victorious with terror”. The entire Islamic ideology is built on invasion, theft, war, attacks, enslavement, booty and takeover. If we look carefully at history, we see that all major disruptions to peace endlessly involve Muslims and Islam. Without any exaggeration we can assert that advanced civilizations were completely destroyed by Islam and pushed back into the dark-age to reinvent themselves. We now have the terrorisers pretending to be the victim of the defense.

What exactly prompted the creation of the Crusaders by the Church in the worldwide battle against Islam? The Muslim destruction of the entire European Classical civilization leading to millions of death; the medieval biological Muslim warfare (plague) leading to the death of half of Europe’s population; the 500+ slave raids across European coasts; the conquest and enslavement of over 140 million people in Africa; the aimless slaughter of over 100 million people in India and takeover of their country.

These Muslim evils that ambushed peaceful people everywhere they could spread as far as South America, leading to the Spanish inquisition. The Spanish inquisition was not some religious fanaticism taken on by the Church to force-convert people. On the contrary, it was a battle of survival. It was the deliberate war that saw no other chance of survival but to eliminate Islam everywhere and anywhere; to Muslims and anyone who may have falsely posed as a non-Muslim, to rid the region from the disease known as Islam.

The Spanish inquisition was a horrid but necessary sacrifice and effort to save people from their bleek future under Islam. In India the Sikhs would kill their own children and women to spare them from lives in the hands of Muslims, when Muslim flash mob would suddenly appear and attack towns and villages in slave raids to kidnap women and children who were then raped and abused.

No one was left in peace by the followers of Islam.

6 thoughts on “Muslims convince Black and Latino prison converts (Prislam) they are ‘reverts’ – ancestors of ‘victims of Christian persecution’

  1. Only in islam can you get loads of virgins when you die, if they’re older than 12 the muslim men will be disappointed as they’re all paedophiles. Give them a goat and they’re in their element.


  2. Why Aren’t MUSLIMS Segregated from the rest of the prison populations. They should not be mixing with any non Muslims at all. The prison officials need to get their act together. The solution seems TOO simple.


  3. Most African Americans don’t even know their own history. They are joining the very group that DID go to Africa to “capture them”…turn their women into sex slaves AND neuter the men.
    Africans SOLD the tribe that lost a tribal war “TO” Muslims. Yep, they sold their own people into slavers.

    They are turning back to give their loyalty to those people!!
    To use an ancient word..What a Karmic thing to happen now in modern times.


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