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Shocker in London: Guardian reporter refers to some Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ (without quotes)

UK Media Watch

The Guardian – like other UK papers – seems to have an unwritten rule against using the term ‘terrorist’ to characterize Palestinians – even those affiliated with groups designated as ‘terrorists’ by the US and Europe – except when safely surrounded in quotes.  Typically, the word ‘militant’ is used instead – reflecting the sage advice of their Style Guide which counsels their journalists that “the most important thing is that, in news reporting, we are not seen – because of the language we use – to be taking sides”. 

Indeed, banish the thought that Guardian journalists may be taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict!

In fact, some Guardian journalists have taken the politically correct terminology to a whole other level. Last year, Harriet Sherwoodinitially referred to the 104 pre-Oslo Palestinian prisoners who are to be released by Israel as a good will gesture to the PA as “political…

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One thought on “Shocker in London: Guardian reporter refers to some Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ (without quotes)

  1. Why is it called ‘The Guardian’ ? This third rate comic has sold the English race to the Koranderthals , Islam can do no wrong in their dim eyes. The paper is Muslim romantic, I wonder how much the Saudi Arabians donate to the Guardian coffers annually.


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