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Muslims killing Muslims: Syrian children traumatised by conflict, warns Save the Children

Syrian children traumatised by conflict, warns Save the Children

As Save the Children warns that Syrian children are suffering trauma after witnessing killings and torture, Catherine Carter, who gathered the testimonies, says that the accounts that she has heard are only “the tip of the iceberg.”

11:25AM BST 25 Sep 2012

Untold Atrocities, a collection of testimonies from refugees in Save the Children projects, has revealed that children have suffered attacks, torture and have seen the deaths of family members during the Syrian conflict.

Save the Children’s Catherine Carter, who collected some of the testimonies from children in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, says that she has heard some “incredibly distressing” accounts of what some children have been through.

“I’ve heard of some children being tortured aged 11, and I’ve heard of children who have had to pull dead bodies out of the ground with their bare hands.

“I think what we’ve heard is just the tip of the iceberg. Goodness what else is happening in Syria.”

The charity is working to help children deal with the devastating psychological impact of the experiences. Social workers are providing specialist support to children who show signs of distress, including nightmares, bedwetting and self-harm.

The charity is calling for the UN to increase its documentation of violations of children’s rights in Syria so that the crimes against them are not committed with impunity.

TMI: This little Syrian girl was living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria, bordering Iraq. She did not live to tell others how traumatized she was watching her own parents being brutally slaughtered. This is a photo of her desperate cries taken by Sunni the “Free Syrian Army rebels” of her while the murders of her mother is happening in front of her eyes. After finishing with her parents they cut her heart out while she was still fully conscious. This photo was later used as propaganda by the Qatar and Saudi funded “rebels”, who pretend they are an oppressed minority, to try and raise international anti-Assad funding in their Sunni genocide of kafirs. If it’s not the Jewish people the Sunni’s target for their hatred and genocide, it’s the Shiites. If it’s not the Shiites, it’s Christians. If it’s not Christians it’s Buddhists. If it’s not Buddhists it’s Hindus…. And of course Muslims always blame the Jews for all their own evils, who are as much victims as all other non-Muslims.

The Arabs have convinced the West that if it “helps” to Sunni purpose, the Arab world will have peace and democracy. In fact, they’ll even pay for the military action (on their enemies) as long as the West do their dirty work! What peace and democracy has any Muslim country EVER achieved or strived for?

11 thoughts on “Muslims killing Muslims: Syrian children traumatised by conflict, warns Save the Children

  1. Loool this website is against Muslim so what do you expect them to bulshit about?? ISIS are terrorist group who call themselves muslims. It wont make sense why a muslim would kill another muslim!!! Anyone with brain beleives god exists but it doest matter to him of you beleive it or not!! May Allah save Syria from the hand of tyrant and terrorist and those who like to watch kids being killed and do nothing!!


  2. war crime, against children and human being.. whatever, however and who did… ISIS or other rebel’s group.. no mercy for them, wanted by death,they must go to hell…


  3. May God guide your ways, so you may excuse yourselves from all this wickedness and treachery and deceit and all other forms of sinfulness


  4. ISLAM is a peace-loving, terrorist who killed this girl.
    ISIS is a terrorist and murderer, Islam is a religion of love and peace.
    May Allah destroy ISIS. THEY ARE murderers, animal brain


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