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When will Turkey stand in war tribunal for the Armenian genocide of Christians?

Ishaq:552 “The Quraysh had put pictures in the Ka’aba including two of Jesus and one of Mary. Muhammad ordered that the pictures should be erased.

Tabari IX:86 “Don’t seduce the Jews or Christians for incumbent on them is to pay the jizyah protection tax.”

Qur’an 5:72 “They are surely infidels who say; ‘God is the Christ, the Messiah, the son of Mary.”

Can someone answer why Muslims have never been made responsible to acknowledge and at least apologize for 14 centuries of slavery, raids, booty? They have not even been made to acknowledge this past (and present) crimes to human rights of theirs.

Why have Arab states not been taken to court for war crimes against Christians in 2013, when they managed to kill over 100,000 of innocent people? Not a single Muslim dominated country raised an objection or interfered.

Why have Muslims not been taken to task for persecution and slaughter of the Hindus?

Why have Muslims not been taken to task for persecution and hate crimes against the Buddhist people?

Is there some kind of “special law” for Muslims that gives them some magic immunity from international law while awarding them with contracts and investment arrangements?

In its earliest days, dating back to the year 1299, the Ottoman Empire grew to span a gigantic region in what is today over 40 separate countries. From 1915 to 1923 it is now believed that over 1.5 million Armenians met their ‘untimely’ deaths. This number, in spite of the inability of making a true count, is over half of the 2.5 million Armenians who then called the region home.

The impact for survivors was ‘more than devastating’ say human rights advocates, especially for Armenian women who were trapped in a war zone where protection for themselves and their families had all but completely vanished.

“…[m]utilation, violation, torture, and death have left their haunting memories in a hundred beautiful Armenian valleys, and the traveler in that region is seldom free from the evidence of this most colossal crime of all the ages,” said United States General James Harbord in a testimony given before the U.S. Congress in 1920 while the genocide was still in process.

A terrified Christian survivor of the Armenian Genocide. Over 1,5 million starved to death in Muslim effort to exterminate Christians from Turkey. They have never apologized, paid compensation or stood trial for these crimes. On the contrary, they deny it and demand to be members of the EU.

This New York State Board of Education teachers guide, (pp. 4268) provides handouts and a plan for high school students to learn about the Armenian Genocide. The manual also contains copies of the Ottoman government’s deportation documents. Published, 1985.

The haunting portrait of an Armenia woman with tattoos on her forehead where Muslims believe the word ‘kfr’ is suppose to appear (like the Muslims zebibah/zabiba). The names of her present and previous owners are tattooed on her face, as she was a forced wife and sex-slave during the years of the Armenian Genocide. Image: AGMI

This telegram, protesting the “race extermination” of the Armenians by the Ottoman government, was sent to the U.S. State Department by the American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, on July 20, 1915.

The Turkish Minister of Interior sent directives to various government agencies, a list of edicts regarding the treatment of the Armenians, which were never fully followed by the Turkish troops. A few Turks sheltered friends and forewarned them of the coming expulsions. However, due to the many years of government¥initiated hatred against the Armenians, the Turkish masses welcomed the oppression against the Armenians and contributed to the atrocities. The reproduced documents include fifteen articles outlining regulations related to the settlement and board and lodging and other affairs of Armenians relocated to other places because of war conditions and emergency political requirements; and thirtyfour articles outlining regulations concerning the management of the land and properties belonging to Armenians who have been sent elsewhere as a result of the state of war and the extraordinary political situation. (May 28,1915)

Roots of Oppression, Seeds of Change, a never published curriculum proposed by the New York City Board of Education on the Armenian Genocide (pp. 1-10), reproduced headlines from the New York Times to illustrate the enormity of the crimes against the Armenians by the Turks.

Tatoo marks on a rescued Armenian slave showing the names of all of previous owners.


1. Fact Sheet on the Armenian genocide. The University of Michigan-Dearborn
2. The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

6 thoughts on “When will Turkey stand in war tribunal for the Armenian genocide of Christians?

  1. If you look at this you can see that the turks/ottoman empire conquered and of course pillaged, killed, raped and oppressed Christians in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine etc. Never apologized, never went to trial, never did anything and yet they blame Christians for the Crusades which were a response to their jihad.
    And now they want to join the EU. No way I’m just going to stand and accept that.


    • Every country invade one or another. EU invaded each other etc. If a Empire conquered that much. Never blame the country. I want to point it out for Armenian genocide. Armenians did genocide to Azerbaijans Turks. Did they ever got trial for it? No. It was the past. What happened is happened stop living in the past and be a more mature person. EU raped its self as a christians. Invade each other raped innocents. When muslims done it OHHH its big issue. Look your own history and remind yourself 30 year wars. Peace out girl scouts. Turkey is not a big fan of EU after all majors leaving it. Bye bye England bye bye France.


      • You don’t get it, KEKman. We want you expelled.

        You cultural is an abomination that demands removal.

        Bye, bye Worshippers of Muhammad. There is no Allah. There is only an army of criminals and inbred savages. Islam offers nothing more.


  2. “…who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians ”

    Adolf Hitler !939.

    From an inscription in the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D C.


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