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Saudi Royalty in trade: ‘Trade in European child sex slaves is epidemic with the al-Saud family’

The opposition against the Royal families across the Middle East is what feeds the Caliphate movement. It’s hard to tell what is worse: the terrorist funding Wahhabi Sunni Saudi royal family, or the terrorist lead Caliphate (Khilafa) movement?

Therefore, criticism of the royal family or the desire for their removal is not necessarily a good decision.



Herbert K. Mallard ( was once a successful business executive in Boston.

But in 1979, after two workers he had sent to Saudi Arabia were allegedly starved and virtually enslaved by their Saudi supervisor, Mallard took up a new career–that of self-appointed human-rights crusader.


Princes Nayif, Sultan and Abdallah are old men who run the family business Saudi Arabia. These men are stale in their ways and have little use for innovation.

Although Abdullah does use a computer he relies on his minions for most work. They fail to comprehend the growing magnitude of the Internet. The young Arabian Peninsula Arabs controlled by the Saud family are not only computer literate but know the power and influence of Internet. We are told the dexterous young research and translate different web pages for their elders who then orally communicate with each other.

We know through our emails that there network is well aware of our web sites. In fact, a senior Saudi Arabian government official and reliable source is the one who suggested we obtain more web sites related to Saudi Arabia. They are popular within the Arabian Gulf. In general, we receive a 99% positive response.

We found the Saud family have very little credibility among the youth they control within the Arabian Peninsula. We commented in an earlier issue that the Saud family was censoring the internet communications coming into Saudi Arabia. We have received many queries from youthful internet users from Saudi Arabia who say it is getting difficult to keep one step ahead of the Saud family communications sensors.


The London Times reports:

“The world’s largest modeling agency has launched an investigation into allegations that senior staff pressured girls as young as 13 into sex and drugs. Several senior executives at Elite Model Management, which represents the super models Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, have been suspended following the allegations, filmed by an undercover BBC crew.

The MacIntyre Undercover programme on BBC1 on Tuesday night showed Gerald Marie, the European president of Elite, saying that he was planning to have sex with girls in a modeling competition final. The average age of the girls was 15.

Mr Marie, the ex-husband of Linda Evangelista, was filmed propositioning Lisa Brinkworth, an investigative reporter, when she was posing as a model. “I give you one million lire (£300) if you sleep with me,” he is said to have told her.

The documentary claimed that two employees had been suspended after boasting about their sexual exploits with younger models. John Casablancas, the chairman of Elite, issued an “unreserved apology” for the behaviour of his staff captured in the documentary, saying that it showed “some of the darkest aspects of the modeling industry”.

… Marilyn Models, a French agency, had attempted to prevent the documentary from being screened, but a court rejected the agency’s argument that it breached privacy laws.

Casablancas does not mention the selling of models to Saudi princes as probably the “darkest aspects” of his business. As we mentioned in issue #12, John Casablancas was accused by Ilene Ford from Ford Modeling Agency of introducing young models to “Arabs”. In respect for the Arab community we must say this is a euphemism for Saudi princelings.

Again, we see the entire Arab community tarnished for the degenerate behavior of the Saud family. Reliable sources have told us the trade in European child sex slaves is epidemic with the Saud family being the top of the line purchasers.

In Issue #13 we told of Prince Sultan’s “old Swedish whore” procuring young Swedish girls for him through a Paris modeling agency ruse. Obviously, the disappearance of Swedish girls cannot go unnoticed by Swedish authorities. We do not know if there is complicity of the same Swedish authorities in this sordid matter as in Prince Sultan’s other Swedish business relationships.


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    • Obama, Clinton and her Muslim Brotherhood intimate “friend” facilitated the booting out of Mubarak in order to install the Muslim Brotherhood pupped, Morsi.

      Thanks to the Whites and Jews – hating Obama, the enemy is well established within the West.


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