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Irish Citizens Stand Against Muslim Invasion

The Irish Resistance

No green burkas in Ireland.

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Read the original letter sent to mosques in Ireland (PDF): Threat letter

Many Muslims in Ireland are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring a war against them. They should be shocked that it has taken as long as it has for people across the world to start standing up against their campaign of intimidation.

Gutless politicians don’t stand with the people anymore. In seemingly every country across the globe, the political positions are occupied by self-serving, pandering wimps. This letter is clearly born out of a frustration with a lack of positive action on the part of government officials and a willingness of the Irish to defend their nation by taking matters into their own hands. After all, the people are the ones who are chiefly affected, not the bureaucrats.

The anonymous letter has made the rounds of Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin.

While the Muslim groups have and will try to negatively label it otherwise, it is a call to arms for the Irish citizens to recognize the impact of the invasion and the deliberate efforts to supplant the Irish people, their culture, and their traditions with Islam and Sharia law.

The language of the letter is described as intimidating and extremely violent. The obvious neglect to mention the Islamic violence is so outlandish that it is barely deserving of a comment.

A rapid, demanding and threatening spread across the world towards their caliphate is a much publicized goal of Islam. Yet the non-Muslim citizens of the world still continue to ignore the truths that the Islamists themselves acknowledge.

25 thoughts on “Irish Citizens Stand Against Muslim Invasion

  1. Here in France, it’s the same issue. For the first time in history, all european people have a common ennemy : islam. But our politicals are traitors who murder our countries. Lets unite all european people and take our destiny in hand.


  2. As an Irishman I have to agree with ABDULAMEER. This letter is not written by any Irish person/s. There is no need to rejoice. The enemy is preparing it’s troops for action in the face of a growing awareness among Irish people of the real nature of Islam. This letter,as ABDULAMEER says, is a self inflicted provocation to portray the Muslims as victims. Particularly it is,in my opinion, meant to dampen a growing opposition to the construction of the MEGAMOSQUE in Clongriffin,Dublin North.


  3. Don’t break open the champagne just yet. This may even be a provocation just to make Moslems look like victims. One letter is not a movement.


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  5. Nice to see some people escaping from the politically correct brainwashing and seeing reality. This needs to spread worldwide. Cultural Marxism and left wing POLs are behind this immigration flood. It is official policy of the EU as well.


    • Yes, it’s great that some countries are starting to stop the muslim invasion. America is not joining other countries to safeguard Americans. Obama is handing our country over to them……..


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  7. rather extreme, and ca’t support its rhetoric…and whoever wrote it can’t even spell, but I hope that the message gets across that Islam needs to be addressed by politicians, not as a religion but as an evil political force to be faced intelligently and with resolve.


    • I believe the message states they are fed up with the politicians and being politically correct. This is about attacking and attempting to change and do away with a Culture and Christian beliefs and has no place in politics. Self proclaimed intellectuals as yourself who nit pick spelling always revert to politicians while you sit on your butts and are afraid to stand up and defend against this invasion or any other invasion.


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  10. Congratulations to the Irish people on their courage and determination to stand up to the scourge of Islamic darkness and unreason. I only hope that the down to earth Irish people translate their resolve into action so that it sets an example to the whole of the West where politicians and most citizenry are in a state of paralysis and unconcern when it comes to facing the Muslim reality.


  11. Please God the Irish will roll to destroy this scourge in their beautiful country. The Irish are a lovely people and need NOTHING from muslimes.


  12. I tried enlarging that sign/letter to different sizes but I was unable to decipher the words. Is there any way to show us the text of that letter? Thanks


  13. Thank the Good Lord that people are starting to stand up and get the mussies out of their countries. America take notice. We must stop the islim horde. We need a Crusade or at least some politicians with power to stop them from taking over America.


  14. Oh dear ! heads will roll,….literally. Not wise to upset the religion of peace. but what is the easy option ??Does Ireland want mosques in every village, Muslim parades threatening death and murder, girl children enduring F.G.M….female genital mutilation/muslimisation. The howl calling the ”faithful” to prayer every day, girls being murdered because they refuse to marry men chosen for them, bombs in cafes,schools,buses ,trains,planes,markets…the list in endless unless you end Islamic immigration then reverse it…totally.


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