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Video: Hear what Rohingya Muslims are up to in Myanmar / Burma

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Myanmar borders Thailand, where they have another Muslim problem with Buddhist people raped, beheaded, torched on a daily basis. The media calls the Muslims separatist as if they are some segregated group from the normal Muslim community. Why call them anything else than what they are: practicing Muslims? No need to pretend they are some obscure minority when they actually represent the Muslim faith, attitude, and culture as a whole.

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Muslims seek to destroy yet another country and culture, and force their presence on a people who are not permitted to be left in peace from them.

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The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar originate from Bangladesh and are Muslim separatists, with the object of advancing a legal claim to ethnic grouping of the Union of Burma. The British, who ruled the Indian Empire, named them Chittagonians after the Chittagong District of East Bengal, wherefrom they originated. The term Rohingya, therefore, is synonym of alien Chittagonian separatists or jihadist Mujaheed.

They are terrorising the Buddhists in Burma, harassing them, raping them, threatening them, killing them, committing arson of their properties, destroying their Buddhist monuments, stealing from them and crowding them out of their own areas. But now the Buddhists are hitting back.

Muslims endlessly play victims and are running endless propaganda campaigns about “Myanmar persecution of Muslims” in efforts to try and pressure the Myanmar government to accept more and more Muslims into the country, so they can occupy it and turn it Islamic like they did in Indonesia. They use images and videos of Buddhist’s killed by Rohingya’s and portray them as Muslim victims. The real persecutor is the same who killed almost 200,000 Christians last year, and who are threatening and killing people in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia, China, Africa, – you name it.

In 2013 Qatar tried to send 3,500 terrorists into Myanmar. They bragged that they had tried many times to infiltrate the country with terrorists but had failed. Thereafter Obama put pressures on Aung San Suu Kyi to stop military intervention on Muslim attacks and invasions on the Island. Obama is apparently more keen to have Muslims slaughter them and force them to bend to Islam, than to protect their own country! And when Muslims start the same behavior in America, then what will he advice?

This Buddhist woman gives testimony how the Rohingya Muslims behave in her country.


The Muslims in Myanmar are from Bangladesh and Bengal. Muslims in these countries have horrid human rights violations against Buddhist people and other minorities:

–  Bangladesh ‘persecution’ panel reports on 2001 violence
–  UNHCR report: The treatment of Buddhists in Bangladesh:
“Discrimination against members of religious minorities, such as Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists, existed at both the governmental and societal levels, and religious minorities were disadvantaged in practice in such areas as access to government jobs, political office, and justice.”
–  UNHCR report: The treatment of Hindus in Bangladesh:
“Attacks on members of religious or ethnic minorities or their properties, including thefts and vandalism at Hindu temples, continue to be a problem, although it is difficult to distinguish criminal intent from religious animosity or other possible motives.”
–  UNHCR report: Bangladesh: The Ahmadiyya Community – their rights must be protected:
“21 October 2003, an estimated 100 people including women and children belonging to 17 Ahmadi families in the village of Uttar Bhabanipur in Kushtia District were declared “excommunicated” by a local Islamist leader opposed to the Ahmadis.”

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20. Bangladesh, where the illegal ‘innocent Burmese Rohingya Muslims’ are from, is on a slaughter spree of Hindus
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19 thoughts on “Video: Hear what Rohingya Muslims are up to in Myanmar / Burma

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  2. KKK, Christians. Natzi, Christians. Child raping slave masters, Christians. But no body blames your religion. Every faith has it’s bad apples and you all know that. But you all talk like theres only one view on a population of a billion people. It’s Christian hypocrisy. A blanket racism.You guys are horrable people to. I was a horrable Christian. Who has probably done more for this country than most fingerpointers here talking.


    • I am a hindu and believe me its not christianity but Islam we should watch. This religion alone is responsible for 90% killing all over the world. If you can’t do anything then please make people aware of Islamic evil.


  3. They should all be slaughtered, men, women and the male kids, at least.
    This is a specially poisonous vermin species of muslim rat.


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  5. Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

    2014.01.12 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Jihad car bombers murder eight Iraqis at a bus station.
    2014.01.12 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two people on a bus.
    2014.01.10 (Hama, Syria) – Sunni terrorists detonate a car bomb outside a school, wiping out eighteen innocents.
    2014.01.09 (Mardan, Pakistan) – Two caretakers at a Sufi shrine are gunned down by sectarian rivals.
    2014.01.09 (Baghdad, Iraq) – A suicide bomber murders over twenty young police recruits waiting to register.
    2014.01.08 (Kayamula, Nigeria) – Islamists walk into a village and shoot nine residents to death.


  6. Today, the problem was highlighted in the media showing the Danish Crown Princess Mary touring a refugee settlement for “persecuted” Burmese Muslims. The princess walked around the dirty ground smiling and shaking hand preferably with smiling children. – As it is today the Danish Public Television (like the Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, and British) are biased as nausea. Their angst of reality (the Muslim aggressiveness) causes them to close their eyes and pretend that it’s the Buddhist as terrorists.


  7. There’s going to be a war on Islam, eventually… just like the Crusades. That day needs to arrive soon and we need to get every muslim animal there is, out of our great USA before it’s too late. Our own constitution allows these animals to move here, but they refuse to integrate. They only seek to change us, just like what’s going on in this lady’s country.

    Islam is worship of Satan’s ways. There is no other way about it. We either demand our politicians do something, or we will eventually have to, on our own.

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  8. Hey admin, your given number of Christians who were killed by the islamists is incorrect. It is a 100 times less. The real victims last year were the civilians arround the world who were maybe arround 200.000, but mostly allawites,ahmadis and budhists in the local civil wars and conflicts. Although, officially, there were only 2000 Christians, victims of the jihadists,that is still a lot of innocent people and there is no need for exageration. The informations on this site shoul be sollid in every aspect.


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