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Video: Muslim Climbs On Cathedral Roof And Shouts Islamic Call To Prayer

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A Muslim nutcase  climbed on the roof of Moscow’s Kazan Cathedral in Red Square and began shouting the Muslim call to prayer. According to the reports he was detained by police and sent to a mental hospital. I cant see the Russian authorities handling him with to much care like they would in the UK.  Especially after the two terrorist attacks last week in Russia committed by Muslim extremists.

Cathedral-Climbing Muslim Preacher Sent to Psychiatric Hospital

08 January 2014 | Issue 5286
The Moscow Times

A man who climbed on the roof of the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square and shouted a Muslim call to prayer on Russian Orthodox Christmas Eve has been sent to a psychiatric hospital, a news report said.

The man, whom tabloid news website LifeNews identified as a Guinea native who is married to a Moscow woman, appeared to be trying to preach something to the crowd below during his Monday appearance, but most of his words were inaudible.

Police and medical teams took the man to a psychiatric…

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