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The Women of Al-Qaeda


After being largely absent from militant activities, women are now beginning to play an increasingly active role
Somali women carry weapons during a demonstration organized by the Islamist Al-Shabab group which is fighting the Somali government in Mogadishu, July 5, 2010. (AFP Photo/Abdurashid Abikar)

Somali women carry weapons during a demonstration organized by the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab group which is fighting the Somali government in Mogadishu, July 5, 2010. (AFP Photo/Abdurashid Abikar)

Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat—Although the fighting in Syria has been accompanied at every stage by warnings about the spread and growing influence of jihadist groups, it has shone a spotlight on a development which has taken everybody by surprise: the increasing involvement of female militants in the activities of Al-Qaeda and its offshoots.

Sisters in arms

The most famous example is perhaps that of a Saudi woman, Nada Ma’id Al-Qahtani, also known as Ukht Julaybib in reference to a female martyr and companion of the Prophet Muhammad, who reportedly went to fight in Syria along with her brother.

In the wake of Qahtani’s announcement via social…

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4 thoughts on “The Women of Al-Qaeda

  1. Austrian MP Ewald Stadler Blasts Turkey

    (HCS)–Recently the Turkish ambassador in Austria, Ecvet Tezcan, gave an interview in which he told the Austrian home secretary to “stop intervening in the integration process.” He then claimed Turks were treated like a virus and blamed the Austrians for all the problems surrounding the non-integration of Turks. These remarks met a strong response from BZO parliamentarian Ewald Stadler. He called for the dismissal of the Turkish ambassador to Austria, funnelling the anger and frustration of local voters at Turkish workers and diplomats. MP Stadler’s entire speech, delivered in parliamentary chambers amid near continuous applause, appears on the Internet as running English subtitle to the live videotape in German, captured by camera and posted for an international audience on YouTube.

    Ewald Stadler:
    “Mr. Federal Minister, I want to make a request–and knowing that this debate will be followed closely at the Turkish embassy, I will give it in the exact wording:

    The federal minister for European and International Affairs is requested to declare the Turkish ambassador Kadri Ecvet Tezcan ‘persona non grata’ and demand his immediate dismissal. Gentlemen of the Turkish embassy, I am not gonna [sic] be as polite as my colleague van der Bellen falling on my knees speaking of your ‘excellency.’ No, ‘gentlemen’ of the Turkish embassy, there are no ladies there. . . .’Gentlemen’ of the Turkish embassy, members of parliament, let me begin with a murder case.

    [On the] 3rd [of] June 2010–not that long ago, federal minister, in the city of Iskenderun, Archbishop Luigi Padovese was stabbed 8 times into the heart by a 26-year-old Muslim, Mural Altun, screaming ‘allahu akhbar,’ ‘Allah is the greatest!’ The archbishop ran from his garden onto the streets calling for help, in vain. Here the perpetrator cut off his head, leaving it to hang from the body on a piece of skin. Many priests have been murdered in Turkey since 2008. One in the year 2008—[Ewald turns to side in response to remarks made by others] What did you say? ‘What’s with the drama?’ I know that you do not care for this drama. These are your friends! You should be ashamed, that’s why you don’t like it! That’s the reason! I have been waiting for this. Your devotion to freedom of religion is nothing but pure hyprocrisy! When a Catholic archbishop’s head is cut off, there is no reaction.

    Read about murder of Archbishop Padovese
    in Turkey. Photo Fed’n Pro-Europa Christiana.

    And now let me address the gentlemen of the Turkish embassy. I can’t even imagine the uproar if somebody touched a Muslim imam or some other religiously esteemed Muslim–it doesn’t make sense to call them ‘spiritual’ leaders anyway. Never has a representative of your religion been assaulted [in this country], but this happens every year in your country. Take note of that, ambassador. We did not ask you to send us all the illiterates of Anatolia. Turkey sent them here. We haven’t asked you to send up your stone-age Islamists from Anatolia, either, people who bury their 16-year-old daughters alive for having ‘extramarital relationships’ as it happened 2 years ago. We did not ask you to do that.

    Ms. Muhltonnen, do you have any compassion for this 16-year-old, who was buried alive? She wasn’t a Catholic, so you ARE allowed to feel sorry for her. We did not tell you to send them here! The Turks sent them up here. And then he (the ambassador) complains that they are not integrated, while at the same time telling them not to integrate. All the while Erbakan travels around European countries declaring integration and assimilation ‘a crime against turkishness!’

    That’s how it is, ladies and gentlemen from the governing coalition. With your romantics of tolerance and ‘devotion’ to human rights. Do you know there is a law in Turkey–§301 in the Turkish lawbook–which means that if someone had said the things the ambassador said, only directed torwards Turkey, he would be convicted as a criminal? §301 criminalizes belittlement of the Turkish nation, state, republic, institutions,’ [actions] which will lead to betweeen 6 months and 2 years imprisonment. This is the Turkey, now telling us what to do.

    Mr. Ambassador, enter the Orient Express and go back to Istanbul, your wonderland! I am telling you [that] this country is not exclusively made up of tolerance romantics. There are also people sick and tired of the oneway-street tolerance babble which you feed on, Mr. Ambassador. You are exploiting it, [is it] not [so]? And I have to tell you, a few people in politics will not accept this. And the voters outside, do not accept it at all, I can tell you that for sure


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