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Muslim jihadi wears concrete shield to protect genitals for his 72 virgins

No, this is not a joke. This is how utterly insane and stupid these Moslems are.

He doesn’t even realize how futile this is. The oldest Quran in the world from Sana’an never even mentions virgins but describes Janna (Muslim heaven) as a pleasant after-life with the wife and a bundle of grapes. Except for terrorists who will never see Janna.

Syria: FSA “rebel” (who we found is a British jihadi from Birmingham) is wearing a concrete block around his frontal areas as a shield to protect his “genitals” in order to keep it safe for his promised 72 virgins.

27 thoughts on “Muslim jihadi wears concrete shield to protect genitals for his 72 virgins

  1. Nobody ever says where the virgins come from, especially since they marry girls off at age 9. Who’s left? Do the math.


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  3. He just don’t want a song after him like hitler ( has only one ball) you all know it lol Ahmed has only got one ball the other is in the Catholic Church and so on


  4. bloody basturds jihadis these basturds will defintely go to hell after they die because they are killing innocent people…. who the hell are they to decide the fate of humans when we don’t want to folloew Islam it’s upto us why are you forcing and killing people to accept this barbaric religion … God has made human and only he has the power to kill or decide that whether a person desrve hell or heaven who are these basturds they will definetly be burnt in hot oil on the day of judgement for killing innocent people , they have closed their eyes and blindly faith on following Islam they are brain washed they should understand that no religion is above or below every one is equal before god and humanity is the only religion …we must love each other and leave in peace these terrorist deserves hell and let him cover his penis but i am 100% sure god will chop his penis for his deeds of killing innocent people …may god open his mind and show him the true path


  5. this basturds are brainwashed by their masters they think that they will really get 72 virgins …. common this is a joke who knows what happens after death what matters is your deeds and for sure you will not get rewarded for killing innocent people and such basturds will definetly be punished by that almighty because they are killing and destroying the creation of that almighty ( god)…


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  7. Who is he trying to impress?

    I noticed that he’s not protecting his brain, perhaps there wasn’t a piece of concrete small enough.


  8. WTF? Admin, please remove one. Thanks.

    BTW, aren’t you running the risk of getting whacked? These people aren’t kidding.


  9. Clearly, this is a man who takes matrimony seriously. He is saving himself for marriage!! Stop mocking him!!

    It’s not his fault that the shelves were bare of custom-fit concrete codpieces!! Don’t you appreciate there is a war on? Cannot you applaud his innovation? He wanted the full wrap-around style, like Portland Depends, but there is a weight issue. I mean, even if he gets his ass shot off (literally), he still won’t be applying for a divine dildo.


    • I cant believe, dumb @$$ like these still exist in Islam. I blame the dumb preacher’s for putting garbage in the heads. Then again, cant blame them for proper education since their countries are bombed persistently for almost 70 years. I dont think the children there can comprehend the definition of peace.


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