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Al-Qaeda hides black flag to petrified and suspicious Iraqi civilians in Fallujah

These poor people… Have they not suffered enough?

George Bush committed an unspeakable evil on behalf of the Saudi’s. That is why Saudi presence was protected in the U.S. following 9/11. It is of Saudi and Qatari interest to keep conflicts flowing in the Muslim world. They themselves are protected from it. But these efforts of theirs helps to remove their enemies – especially Shia’s who they don’t want anywhere – and to spread Wahhabi Islam because Moslems will then have a valid cause to seek asylum – meaning many will be taken into the West through human rights laws. Of those who pour into the West many are terrorists and thus the Caliphate expansion can progress.

Say what one may of evil dictator Saddam Hussein, but he had no tolerance at all of terrorists and ruthlessly kept them out of his country. Now, security in the country has fallen apart. The black flag with the shahada inscribed in white is used by terrorists and their supporters.

Why can’t Muslims live like normal people and stop persecuting not only each other, but the rest of the world?


Video Iraq Falluja fighting

Charm offensive can’t hide fear in Fallujah

Deborah Haynes, The Times, January 07, 2014 12:00AM

AL-QA’IDA fighters have launched a charm offensive in the key Iraqi city they seized in recent days, extending friendship to local people and being discreet about where they pin their black flags, according to residents. Zaher Mustafah, 28, a shopkeeper in Fallujah, said the militants had told him they were there for his protection. “When they first got here they tried to raise their flag over all the buildings and cars but they later took them down because they thought that people were scared,” he said.

The married father-of-one sad that he was not fooled by the masked gunmen. “It seems that they are planning to contol and after that will raise their flag again,” he said. “They pretend they are nice but they will get their revenge on us one by one.”

Fear has returned to Fallujah, a city in western Iraq that came to symbolise the horrors of al-Qaeda during the sectarian violence that followed the US-led invasion in 2003.

Yassor al-Wani, 33, a businessman, said that the main road running through the city was controlled by al-Qaeda militants, some armed with RPGs, others with AK47 rifles. He also said that he saw snipers. Al-Qaeda fighters were even patrolling in police cars, he said.

The resurgence of al-Qaeda, fuelled by the war in neighouring Syria and which last week saw its fighters seize Fallukah and Ramadi, poses the most serious challenge to the Iraqi Government since US troops left in 2011.

Some local tribesmen are sympathethic towards al-Qaeda, fellow Sunni Muslims, after suffering years of neglect and ill-treatment by the Shia-led Government [*we doubt this. This is merely an excuse. Sunni Muslims are response for most terrorist attacks and activities], which was last night preparing to launch a major military assault to reclaim Fallujah.

“We can’t trust the army because the soldiers come here to settle sectarian scores rather than serve the country and restore security,” said one man in his 20s who asked to go by the name Yussuf.

Mr al-Wani said that more than half of the families in his neighbourhood had fled the fighting. “Everybody is scared about the [Iraqi Army] assault,” said Mr Wani, who lives with his wife, three children, parents and two sisters. “I am worried that if I leave my house the militants might use it and then it might be targeted by the Iraqi military in the airstrike.”

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