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(Video) Jihadi Leaders Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Acknowledge Sending Western Fighters to Syria


Jihadi Leaders Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Acknowledge Sending Western Fighters to Syria

[TRANSCRIPT]  Following are excerpts from a report on British Islamist Anjem Choudary and Jihadi cleric Omar Bakri, which aired on LBC TV on November 27, 2013:

Reporter: According to British reports, British sheik Anjem Choudary is accused of sending European mujahideen to Syria. These reports say that he belongs to the same group as Sheik Omar Bakri Fustuq.

We headed to Tripoli to look into it. Bakri says: “I am the Emir of the global muhajiroun movement, which calls to establish a Caliphate and which has 16 branches worldwide. Choudary is my disciple and the emir I appointed in Britain. The movement’s name changed to Al-Ghuraba, and then to Al-Atba’. However, the leadership committee has not changed.”

Omar Bakri: I am the Emir of the Muhajiroun movement. I keep a commissioner in each country. Choudary was commissioner in Britain, and now he is the deputy of the new commissioner I recently appointed. This was because I needed him for other tasks, since I had to leave.


Anjem Choudary is now calling me…

Bakri’s phone rings and he answers

Omar Bakri: Salaam alaikum.

Anjem Choudary: Alaikum asalaam. How are you doing, Sheik?

Omar Bakri: Sheik Anjem, how are you?

Anjem Choudary: Thank God, I’m fine.

Omar Bakri: I am speaking with you loudly. I have got with me LBC TV in Lebanon.

Reporter: We asked to shift the conversation over to Skype. Choudary, who in the past spent some time in Lebanon, said that he was proud to help Muslims around the world. He said that people who want to go to Syria can get help from him.

Anjem Choudary: Secondly, of course, as Muslims, we must be very proud of our own brothers, when they stand and are willing to give their lives to defend their own fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and to defend their honor. They say there are maybe 200 or 300 [foreign fighters in Syria]. I believe that the figures are much bigger than this. They are concerned about the many people – in fact, really, in their thousands – who are traveling from Britain and Europe to help their brothers overseas. This is unstoppable.

Reporter: Sheik Omar Bakri says that his movement has been sending mujahideen to various parts of the world.

Omar Bakri: We have supported, and we continue to support, the Islamic nation, by sending aid to Muslims, wherever they may be. We have sent young men to Kashmir, to Bosnia, to Chechnya, to East Turkestan, to Somalia, and even to Palestine.


Reporter: Bakri says that four Britons carried out suicide operations in Syria a week ago, and that he and Choudary vet people volunteering to join the Jihad in Syria, and then, the volunteers are sent to Turkey, and from there to Syria. […]

2 thoughts on “(Video) Jihadi Leaders Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Acknowledge Sending Western Fighters to Syria

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  2. Choudary is quite safe in Britain and he knows it. He can plan and order as much slaughter here as he wants.. There is not a single British man with the balls to stop him. The English men run for cover when the Muslims march by with placards which say..”ON YOUR KNEES ENGLISH THE MUJAHIDEEN ARE COMING”. It will have to be a grieving English mother that kills the bastard when one of her children is killed by one of his followers.


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