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Your Daily Muslim: Erdi Kilic

Your Daily Muslim

UK-based Islamic activist/evangelist Erdi Kilic, who goes by Ali Dawah, is a real piece of work. When not conning people out of money to pay for his African vacation (he claimed it was for religious missionary purposes), the half-Kurdish, half-Turkish Muslim is jihading it up on Facebook. Kilic is one of the Muslims responsible for the removal of multiple Islam is Shit pages thanks to an Islamic hobby known as report jihad. Basically, report jihad is when a bunch of Muslims see something that offends them, be it a Jew, a counterjihad page, or bacon, and mass report it. Facebook’s administrators then see the huge volume of reports against the page and remove it without review. This is how innocent counterjihad pages get taken offline all the time.

Here’s Kilic getting Islam is Shit taken down:


Kilic, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, is a raging seventh-century idiot…

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