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Muslims killing Muslims: Al Qaeda Takes Over A City With A Population of 300,000 In Iraq

Al Qaeda Takes Over A City With A Population of 300,000 In Iraq

The black flag of death, invasion and murders.

by The Columnist

Yesterday Al Qaeda forces stormed the city of Fallujah, which has a population of more than 300,000 people, and which was the epicenter of a strategic battle in 2004 during the Iraq War between insurgents, and coalition forces. Hundreds of people are reported to have been massacred, and the terrorists have announced the formation of the Independent Islamic State of Iraq.

This Al Qaeda offensive is yet another blow to the globalists who think we can export our democracy abroad. The fact of the matter is that they can’t, because these people in the Middle East fail to comprehend basic democratic values, regardless of what we teach them.

Billions upon billions of pounds have been spent on improving the lives of the people of Iraq, yet they care not, for their religious fanaticism is paramount to all of that. Otherwise, why is it that a city of more than 300,000 is under the complete control of thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists?

What we are observing is the collapse of the Iraqi State, which may eventually lead to a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, for the Sunni and the Shia have shown that in fact they cannot coexist with each other. With barbaric Sunni Islamists in the Arabian peninsula, and fanatical Shia Islamists in Iran, fighting over Iraq and Syria for control over the Middle East, it is evident that a collision point will come about in due course which will make the chaos that we currently see in the region as insignificant compared to the mass genocide that will occur.

This is why it’s imperative that the western governments take immediate action, by cutting off all foreign aid to the Muslim world, and further guaranteeing that Israel has the resources not only to defend herself, but to all annihilate all those who stand against her in the region, without using her nuclear stockpile.

War has shown itself never avoidable in the Muslim world, due to the fanatics in their religion, who have no respect for the rule of law, women’s rights, and freedom of speech. As women are persecuted, gays killed, adulterers stoned to death, and all those who speak out against the “religion of peace” are butchered, we see the perils of religion wielded by those who wish to destroy secular society as we know it.

Therefore we must pull out of the Mid East, and instead focus on the immediate deportation of all Islamists from the Western Civilized world, and the closure of all mosques where hate preachers are permitted to roam free. A prime example of a hate preacher given free reign is Anjem Choudary.

Now why is it that the Muslim fanatics can preach hate in the streets, but if someone says something racist, no matter how horrible it is, they get arrested, but the terrorists don’t? The answer is political correctness. This British government has succumbed to political correctness, just as every EU member state has done by letting such despotic people run amok, not only in London, but throughout the entire European Continent spreading their Jihadi call to arms. Choudary lives off the taxpayer, yet has called on Buckingham Palace to become a Mosque, and for the Queen to wear the veil. Britain would be better off not just to hang him for treason, but to do the same to all of his friends that are instrumental in the aid of Sunni Islamists in Syria, who butcher Christians and Druze for sport.

As cities and countries fall to the terrorists in the Middle East, it should be a dire warning to our people. With two million Muslims in Moscow, and more than a million in London, where at least 40% wish to implement the Sharia that Al Qaeda holds dear, we should only expect the same carnage on our streets that will dwarf the murder of Lee Rigby by a thousand fold. We either ban them from coming into our nations as Geert Wilders proposed, or we let them kill us all, as they killed thousands of Christians in Syria. Once the Islamists are a majority, they will strike in the aim to slaughter us, and we must not let that happen. Humanism prevails.


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