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Muslims pose with Nazi gestures at the memorial to the Battle of Poitiers in France

A group of Mahometans in France desecrating the memorial to the Battle of Poitiers of AD 732 in which the Duke and Prince of the Franks Charles Martel defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, the Islamic governor of Muslim-occupied Spain, halting the advance of Islam into Western Europe. The Mahometans are essentially saying, “we are here to reoccupy Europe”. [thanks to all who sent this in].

Translated from French via Bing with some minor adjustments for readability.

Des musulmans profanent le site de la bataille de Poitiers

Muslims desecrate the site of the battle of Poitiers

POITIERS (NOVOpress) – Islamization Observatory reported on August 8 a new Muslim provocation. A group of Mohammedan are photographed desecrating a place of French identity: the site of the battle of Poitiers. The ‘rogue’ pose proudly in front of a memorial sign of the victory of the Franks against the Islamic invaders in 732.

Three men, a bearded Islamist and another wearing a t-shirt to the glory of islam (photo), make the [Islamic version of the] Nazi salute. Popularized by comedian Dieudonné, the downpointed Nazi salute gesture means to deceive someone, to humiliate him. Imagine the immediate indignation of the Socialist Government if individuals were showing a picture on the internet where one would see them make a Nazi salute of honour in front of the Paris Mosque…

15 thoughts on “Muslims pose with Nazi gestures at the memorial to the Battle of Poitiers in France

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  3. How many non-Muslims have even heard of the Battle of Poitiers, its significance and the catastrophic outcome for Western civilisation and human progress if Muslims had won the battle? Most people think it all started with the Crusades.

    The memorial should be the size of the Great Pyramid.


    • This may be a long shot and probably would require confirmation with the Papuan Embassy, but it is conceivable that there still exist cannibals on the island of New Guinea.

      We could, ya’ know, send’em a few, and they could let us know what they think, right? Like, test marketing? I mean, if KFC can do it, right?

      Just a thought.


      • JAKE-A -RUNI,

        It’s conceivable, but highly unlikely, I’ll pass on your suggestion to the PNG embassy. The eastern side of New Guinea is an Indonesian province, God knows what goes on there. The only recent reported incidence of cannibalism that comes to mind, was in Syria, by one of Mahommet’s barking-mad believers.


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  5. Bless them, they must have spent all their welfare money to pay for the trip out there.
    At least by being there they acknowlege the fact they had their ASSES KICKED by Frenchmen on that glorious day, and it will be so again.
    Plus, that fellow with the merkin on his face looks quite fetching in that dress….his friends must be well satisfied with his “skills”….ahem…


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