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Marseilles is now 30-40% Muslim. Excessive violence, riots, and rapes has made it the most dangerous city in Europe

Marseilles is now 30-40% Muslim. Excessive violence, riots, and rapes are turning it into a third world city in the heart of Europe

Posted on December 28, 2013 by ifnm

France is probably the worst affected of all western nations by immigration, since it is on the brink of losing its European identity to the insistent Muslims increasing in numbers within French borders. As they grow in population, they come to believe they can impose the will of Islam on the French people, and when they don’t get their way, they often resort to violence.

A number of extraordinary stories have come out of Marseilles in recent weeks. Collectively, they attest to the fact that the city is sinking rapidly into the third world. It has been massively colonised by Muslims, and they are now reproducing there the conditions found in their home countries.

The first bizarre incident to make the headlines was a Wild West-style train robbery. Shopping carts, rocks and bits of metal had been placed across a railway track, forcing a passenger train to stop. A cargo train arrived some time later and found its way barred by the passenger train. Around 20 hooded jeunes (youths) [this is the code the French elite use for Muslims, much like ‘Asian’ in the British media] then appeared, broke into the cargo train and made off with some of the boxes it contained. According to the news reports about the incident, this was not the first time it had happened.


In September 2011, at between 4 and 5 am, around 15 people “apparently in a state of drunkenness” broke into the barracks belonging to a military fire service, shouted at the firemen on duty there then began firing shots at them. 7 firemen were wounded, of whom 4 were taken to hospital. The party of “jeunes” had apparently come from a bus chartered by a group of Cape Verdians in Nice to travel to an “Africa night” in Marseilles.

A week later, a bus driver was attacked by passengers when he refused to allow two burka-clad women to travel on his bus. It is illegal in France to wear the burka in public. When one of the women tried to board the bus, displaying a bus pass bearing a photograph, the driver insisted that she unveil so he could verify her identity. She refused to do this and, after some discussion, decided to leave and wait for the next bus.

Angry passengers (“jeunes”) then took the side of the women and beat up the driver, accusing him of being a “racist”. They then invited the burka-wearing woman to re-enter the bus. But when the police arrived, they scattered. Police booked the woman for wearing a burka.

In reacting to the incident, the president of the Marseilles Transport Authority, which operated the bus, appeared to sympathise with the woman rather than, as might have been expected, his own driver. The driver’s reaction was “inappropriate”, he said. The explanation comes with this “president’s” name: Karim Zéribi. An invader.

Muslims have now set up unofficial checkpoints in various parts of Marseilles. Anyone entering “their” area has to stop and submit to inspection. Last week, the driver of a van belonging to a food bank, which distributes free food and drink to poor people, was stopped by a group of “jeunes” when trying to enter the Marseilles district of “Air-Bel”. The road had been barred with concrete blocks and bins filled with sand. They searched his vehicle “like policemen applying the law in their territory” in order to “check there weren’t any policemen inside”. When they saw he only had milk, they let him pass through.

Jacques Ansquer, president of the local Food Bank was indignant. “Before, they were attacking policemen, firemen, bus drivers. Now they’re attacking those who are bringing help to the most disadvantaged!” He lodged a complaint with the police, but many people have contacted him urging him to withdraw the complaint because they feel that pursuing it would complicate the Food Bank’s operations in future.

“Politicians and administrative officials must assume their responsibilities for re-establishing republican order,” Ansquer insists. “These zones of non-law are becoming zones that are governed by laws other than ours, a kind of customary law.”

Valérie Boyer, a local UMP (main right-wing party in France) deputy, says that these “checkpoints” have “more or less always existed” but not with the “scope and regularity” they have now. She says the town is a real “draughtboard” where peaceful areas rub up against “enclaves” that are less safe. “

We need to close our eyes a bit to it here because, afterwards, we’ll have some issues with the drug traffickers”. She speaks openly of a “territorial war”.

More resources have recently been allocated to the police in the area but a spokesman for the police trade union says it is nowhere near enough faced with “over-armed drug traffickers”. “We’re not playing in the same league,” he says, complaining about the lack of personnel and equipment. “Faced with a Kalashnikov, we are basically powerless.”

When the European War for Survival starts later in this century, I predict it will either be in Brussels or Marseilles that it kicks off.

71 thoughts on “Marseilles is now 30-40% Muslim. Excessive violence, riots, and rapes has made it the most dangerous city in Europe

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  5. This is a silly problem to have. France is a modern country in Europe, but somehow the french have allowed this to happen. They have stood quietly, watched and done nothing. This is the fast and easy fix; send in the military, kill everyone. Done. Problem solved. But let`s do it the difficult way instead, let`s watch as barbarians rape France and then later, maybe, we`ll start thinking about maybe doing something later. Maybe. This is not a Disney movie, this is real life. Eat or be eaten. There is no diplomatic solution to this problem because the enemy understands only one thing; violence. That`s what they know, that is what they do. So this problem is easy to fix, but no one has the balls to actually fix it. Instead they watch and hope it will get better and the criminals rape, murder and steal some more and only gets worse and more hardened. Eat or be eaten. Kill them or allow them to kill you. Your choice, Marseilles. You pathetic french cowards.


  6. I have two sisters and one brother living in Marseille. One of my sisters (she is 77 y) is persecuted by the Arab/Corsican mafia who tries to kick out almost everywhere elderly people from their apartments by terrorizing them in all ways. The reason of this persecution is quite simple. It’s all about real estate speculation and drug money. She has tried to get help from the police and other public authorities but all attempts have been unsuccessful. This is not surprising in a town which has been invaded by Arab and African migrants and has a record score of killings and drug related problems. The police is very much corrupted and the municipal administration has been taken over by the local Arab/Corsican mafia which controls everything. Nobody cares about elderly people in Marseille, they are like preys to all kinds of predators. Sad but true.

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  14. Marseeilistan: Any huge influx, of any kind that changes the demographics suddenly will change the entire sociographics and natural cultural evolution of a people. Consider how the descendants of those who were Hindus prior to 1921 have become a persecuted minority in what remains of their home land, That the proportion of young men entering Europe is high, when it would be natural in the case of the western dupes to send their women and children to safety first is in line with the complete stupidity of an effete society. Germany (Reich Chancellor Angela Merkel) came down on Greece (Greek Orthodox Church) but favours sheltering an inflow of Islamic rapists, murderers and vandals (aka Moslems) . the US (William Lewinsky Clinton) bombed Yugoslavia (Greek Orthodox Church) for 84 days to force the hand over of Kosovo and Bosnia to Islamic Rapists, Murderers and Vandals (aka Moslems) there is something more to this than meets the eye. Apart from the White Hice beginning with Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger being on Sheikh Yamani’s pay roll and the Bush Bandits founding their fortunes under the Tent of Saud and the White House throwing one country after another (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and so on) into the maws of Sunni Islam.


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  28. & cancelling it’s membership to the EU, thus giving it powers again to control it’s borders and REMOVE ALL NON-FRENCH citizens.
    If you can’t live in a civilised western society and all you want to do is steal and live off state benefits and not integrate into western society then you need to go back home.

    Have a nice day, tick tock, tick tock…


  29. This is June 2014 and the Right Wing Party has won.
    They want the immigrants repatriated and the borders closed.
    Have fun.


    • The “right wing party” has the defining characteristic of not want France to become a third world slum. Am I correct in presuming that the left prefer the Islamist way to the French way? And don’t you DARE call the coming war on Islamists a “civil war”. It will NOT be a civil war. It will be a war against Islamist invaders.


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  50. This is terrible. The UK is falling fast to immigration but it sounds as thought Marseille has fallen further into the grip of Islam. The native British have been displaced in London and many other areas by a range of different immigrants so that we are totally losing our identity and our culture. If you come to London or many other areas in the UK you will hardly see a native Brit – just a mass of various immigrants shouting loudly in their own language! It is very sad for anyone who loves Great Britain and who’s ancestors loved the country. The liberal elite has betrayed the British natives and they have ‘given away’ our land to immigrants without once asking us! But many Moslems want to impose their will on all of us. You can see it already. When that happens a few years/decades down the line I wonder what the liberals will be saying then. How will the liberals feel when gays are persecuted, when women’s freedom is undermined, when we’re forbidden from drinking alcohol and wearing cosmetics and when we’re all forced to eat Halal meat. This is not fiction. I see signs of this happening already in my own life and in a few decades time, with a larger Moslem population, it will be much worse! The liberal elite encouraged immigration for all the wrong reasons, they betrayed the people and this situation will come back to bite them sooner or later!


    • See my comments below, the tide is turning not necessary for the better but changing. I can see the UK leaving the EU over immigration.





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  54. Perhaps the Infandous Muslim conquerors of Napoleon’s brave old France. will allow the frightened French descendants who refuse to convert to Islam to live in a small ”Infidel French only” ghetto,separate from the New Islamic caliphate…..It might be called Kafir Vichy…..


    • Perhaps; or perhaps the world will grow tiered of this gangrene called Islam and amputate the infected areas. Look up Gangrene definition. It is remarkable how similar it is to how islam works


  55. fuck islam………..the religion of destruction, no rights, producitng and inventing absolutly nothing, sucking off infidels, and death to all infidels………..please, name anything islam has invented or improved in the last 100 years, and two any free country that has prospered thanks to the religion of christianphobes?????????????


    • James ” please name anything islam has invented or improved in the last 100 years and ….” Yes Islam / muslims have invented one thing for sure . and that is ” Bomb Belt” used by suicide bombers. Only that comes to mind . But if you read muslim websites they say islam has invented Maths, Medicine and Astronomy and so on. All lies by muslims,


      • They invaded cultures populated by intelligent people and stole what they found useful while destroying the rest. They are more like locusts than humans, and the shit hole the made out of Marsailles and other unfortunate western cities proves it. These are people who marry their first and double cousins. Sometimes two sets of twins from closely related families will marry and produce children who are genetic siblings who will in turn marry. This leaves their native lands with an average IQ of only 85, and the highest birth anomaly rates in the world. Add that to the medical risks of FGM, and you also have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates as well. These are people who claim they invented medicine, but they believe the ravings of a madman over years of study in human and population genetics. They are beyond pathetic.


  56. How much longer until the military is deployed to round these savages up and dump them in the deserts in Saudi Arabia, where 1) the country is wealthy enough to support them and 2) they can have the barbaric sharia law they so desperately want? And when will the rest of Europe stop bowing to the unreasonable demands of dark ages barbarians?


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