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Muslims Disrespect Christians Around the World by Mocking the ‘Last Supper’ of Christ

sharia unveiled

Muslim Last Supper

A Muslim woman by the name of Fatima Ali and her friends from the Islamic Center at NYU have crossed the line of disrespect by posing in a mocking photo of the ‘Last Supper of Christ.’

One of our readers pointed out the fact that there are “only 12 people” in this picture, where there should be 13.  The 12 disciples and Jesus.  The 12 disciples are represented but Jesus is not.  We believe that this omission of Jesus is intentional.  The Muslims are essentially making the claim that Jesus did not exist.  Credit: Angelos Gavriel

Editorial Footnote:  If the Christians had done a mocking photo of a Muslim sacred event, the Muslims would be in the streets right now slaughtering Christians and burning their churches.

Well, more than they do on the average day anyway.


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19 thoughts on “Muslims Disrespect Christians Around the World by Mocking the ‘Last Supper’ of Christ

  1. You are in no position to provide social commentary when you’re incapable of providing evidence to substantiate your claims. Firstly, you still haven’t answered the question on how you tabulate your ‘facts’ on education. Literacy rates are a good indicator of education, and according to the CIA World Factbook (a US Govt source), there’s NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD with literacy rates below 20%, and most Middle Eastern countries don’t even come close. If you have an official and credible source that isn’t a hate-site to back yourself up, I suggest you make an attempt to validate your outlandish claims.

    Speaking of outlandish claims, there’s a failure of logic in your comments regarding Christian deaths at the hands of Muslims. “In this century alone”, (your quote, not mine), there have been 14 years by the western calendar. If indeed there have been 35 million deaths, that calculates to 2.5 million per year. Yet you go on to say that there were 100,000 in 2012. Why the 2.4 million shortfall? Your statements make absolutely no sense, and cannot possibly be verified.

    According to the World Heath Organisation, the top 10 causes of death are as follows:

    Ischaemic heart disease
    Cerebrovascular disease
    Lower respiratory infections
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Diarrhoeal diseases
    Trachea/bronchus/lung cancers
    Road traffic accidents

    Nowhere do I see ‘Islamic Murder’ on the list.


  2. And where does the ‘80% are uneducated’ figure come from, anywhere credible or once again from your own mind? Literacy rates in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran are OVER 85%, and most other countries are not even close to having such a poor level of literacy that your vague figure may suggest.

    All of you hate & fear filled xenophobes really need to do some research on all the fairytale ‘facts’ that you present or comment on. It doesn’t bolster your cause when most of what you all say is baseless propaganda.


  3. OK Admin, no problem, we can play it any way you want. Please list for me the number of Christian deaths at the hands of Muslims, then list for me the number of Muslim deaths at the hands of Christians since 9/11. There’s a LOT of blood on the hands of the US Government, and it’s ludicrous that you lot would even think that ‘murder of infidels’ is more than a drop in the ocean compared to the 21st century ‘Crusade’.

    That’s the problem with one-eyed opinionists, they refuse to see the bigger picture because it destabilises the weak platforms upon which they like to shout from


  4. Harry, I would like to see a citation to substantiate your claim that a single person incited ‘millions of muslims’ to commit crimes. A credible reference from an unbiased news reporting agency please, not one of these fringe publications.

    As for the proliferation of hate websites, I implore you to do rely on your own observations. Within the wordpress portal alone try and find 10 christian-identifying authors with an anti-Islamic agenda, then try to find 10 muslim-identifying authors with an anti-christian agenda. I assure you that you’ll complete your list of 10 Islamaphobic hate sites within about two minutes, whereas it will take you an hour or more to find your second ten.


    • Within the wordpress portal alone try and find 10 christian-identifying authors with an anti-Islamic agenda, then try to find 10 muslim-identifying authors with an anti-christian agenda.

      But add to those the Arabic, Pashtu and Urdu sites monitored by MEMRI. And some of those translations, absolutely not intended for Western consumption, are stunning.


    • This is late in the posting, but here is a tidbit regarding that elusive respect for non-Muslims that the open-minded among us find so thoroughly endearing:

      Ash-Shams[ad-Din] Ar-Ramli [d.1004 A.D.] said in [his book of fiqh] Nihayat al-Muhtaj: “It is impermissible to use respected books like those of hadith and fiqh for anal cleansing after defecation (al-istinja’,الأستنجاء ), but non-respected books like philosophy, Torah and the New Testament, which are known as corrupt and which do not contain exalted names, can be used for anal cleansing after defecation.”


      As Daniel Pipes points out, this is not a fringe opinion of an extremist cleric. The Shari’ah permits this, and specialists on Shari’ah have through the centuries discussed its legitimacy.

      So the Motel 6 may not have a bidet, but if the Gideons have stopped by, your precious multi-culturalism has been provided for.



  5. FWIW,, which is based in Qatar and I don’t more than that, reported several months ago that there were some hundred contra-jihadi websites worldwide, but some ten thousand urls serving jihadi interests. I was curious about the hundred to one ratio, but casual perusal revealed neither confirmation nor refutation of it. I assume that many jihadi sites are monitored by the Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI).


  6. Lauren – I’m not sure how you can justify your stance that ‘no one can mock Islam’. Take a look around this very hosting service of WordPress. There are countless vitriolic anti-Islam hate sites, but I’m struggling to find a similar trend in pro-Muslim anti-christian web pages. Most certainly they exist, that’s without a doubt. But the Islamophobic sentiment is most prevalent. MANY people are mocking Islam, and misrepresenting the majority of adherents to the Quran, who are in the most part a peaceful faith, who are as much against global terrorism as American christians.

    Considering that the US Government has actively funded Islamic Militant groups for the past 30 years in Afghanistan (see my blog), have significant ongoing economic ties to Saudi Arabia and have had intentions to install ‘cooperative’ leaders in middle eastern positions, it’s somewhat ironic that the most hatred agaisnt Islam is still coming from America. If anyone has voted either Republican OR Democrat in the past 30 years, then you have actively supported a Government that supports the radicalisation of Islam (as over-hyped as the reality of this situation may be)


    • Pandemicservitude. The internet gives a certain level of anonymity to anyone posting anything anti-Islamic. The others that write about it are usually in Western nations that provide some measure of buffer against the Islamic reactions. You have obviously forgotten however that one somewhat idiot in Florida who is considered a nobody by just about everybody managed to get millions of Muslims throughout Asia and the Middle East to burn down churches, loot and pillage christian homes and villages and torture and then slaughter Christians. So even if the person posting on the Internet may not get attacked, their posts are often used to justify inhumane actions by Muslims.


  7. So what’s the big deal with that photo? You seem to be clutching at the smallest, insignificant news reports to justify your pointless hatred for humankind. .. followers of the Bible are mocking pre-Christian Nordic faiths by claiming that the birth of Jesus was on the 25th December and his death being at Easter which is stolen from pagan solstice observation. That photograph is a one-off incident, but the disrespect and dominance of the christian faith are committing crimes against historic fact every year !


    • Why would I be surprised that a person who is into paganism would post anything different…the point being made is why Christianity and its founder Jesus Christ proves its the true path to God….there will be no rioting in the streets no attacks against Muslims but many Christians praying for those who showed such disrespect to our Lord. But its peaceful Christians who are being attacked and murdered for their faith which was prophesied by Jesus as how things would be just before His return.


      • Where was it stated that i’m “Into Paganism”? You Islamaphobes and extreme fundamentalist extreme christians truly are incapable of comprehending facts, preferring instead to create your own strange course of events rather than observe the evidenced history. The fact (yes, fact, not my opinion) is that Jesus could not have possibly be born in December, and instead the church adopted the date of what we now know as xmas, from a pre-existing celebration.


      • It’s clear to me now.

        Isn’t it true that the reason the Sheppards saw the divine star of the Messiah (or whatever it’s called) was because they were caring around the clock for the sheep in foal? Don’t sheep go into foal in March and April? Would not weaving facts from one cultural tradition into the celebrated history of another culture be considered an exercise in the dialectic, wherein an original hypothesis transforms into a synthesis? Was not Dialectic Materialism a cornerstone of Marxist ideology?

        See? There ya’ have it!! Simply revealed, in flagrante delicto, the old caught red-handed!!

        Excu-use my gloating.


    • I’m guessing the big deal is that while most Christians would barely react to this, if there’s even the slightest criticism of islam muslims will riot and want to “slaughter those who insult islam”. muslims can mock other religions, but no one can mock islam. Get it?


  8. This should point out the difference between Islam and Christianity and the weakness of western leadership, and betrayal of western values especially freedom by our leaders in the west. To Muslims and our leadership in the west, tolerance, civility and respect is a one way street that only westerners are required to follow because Muslims will riot, kill, burn, rape, shout, threaten, bomb, whine, and riot if there is any, even the slightest perceived criticism of Islam.


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